UFC President Dana White Named as Sex-Tape Extortion Victim: Report

Dana White, UFC Chairman


UFC President Dana White is named after the victim of a $200,000 sex film extortion program that began in 2014 and 2015. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, White’s name was mentioned in a lawsuit filed in the Clark County District Court against UFC President Ernesto Joshua Ramos, who served 366 days in prison for the crime.

The first criminal case was opened after a secret meeting in October 2014 between an anonymous businessman, who turned out to be a white man, and a stripper. According to an FBI complaint against Ramos in 2015, White, married, has been dating a stripper for over two years. The president of the UFC gave the stripper about $200,000 so she could dance and have sex with him in a private room.

In October 2014, a stripper who was friends with Ramos and lived with him on her cell phone recorded how she and White made love in a hotel room without knowing it.

FBI agents exchanged money on a videotape between white men and Ramos after the latter tried to extort $200,000 from white men to prevent the unveiling of the sex film. In January 2015, FBI agents arrested Ramos in Las Vegas…

In September 2015, Ramos was indicted by a federal grand jury. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, he pleaded guilty in November 2015 in a case that used an interstate medium to facilitate blackmail and was then sentenced to imprisonment. He’s been in prison for 366 days and is now free. As part of the agreement reached in the criminal case, Ramos was ordered to hand over the tape and destroy all copies.

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Ramos sued the whites for offering money to plead guilty.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Ramos filed a civil suit against the whites on Friday for breaking an agreement made in April 2016 to pay Ramos $450,000 not to reveal the names of the whites after the criminal case was closed.

Ramos also claims in his lawsuit that he did not ask for White’s money and claims that White’s lawyers gave false information about him to the FBI so they could investigate. The civil suit also alleges that White and his legal team offered money to Ramos to plead guilty before the trial. But when he admitted his debt, they stopped paying Ramos.

The Las Vegas Review Journal contends that White’s actions were misleading and despotic of a civil suit and were intended to encourage Ramos to plead guilty so that he could negotiate a substantive settlement that would prevent him from disclosing his actions in court for the personal benefit of White and his related businesses and interests.

Dana White hasn’t responded to these accusations yet.

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