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On Saturday, the UFC made history by hosting their first Women’s Championship bout. The match was a thrilling back-and-forth battle that saw Amanda Nunes defeat Cris Cyborg, putting an end to her epic nine year undefeated streak. Many expected this fight to headline the card for months and change how women are treated in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

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Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal did not exchange gloves at the outset of their UFC 272 main event on Saturday night which is a typical display of sportsmanship and respect between athletes when their prizefights begin.

But there was no way that was going to happen for these two warriors, former colleagues and roommates whose relationship had degenerated in the most intimate of ways.

That is unlikely to have bothered anybody inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas or anyone watching the pay-per-view show. Fans who had been waiting for this grudge bout with rapt anticipation scooted a bit closer to the edge of their seats, if sitting was even an option.


All bouts from UFC 272: Covington vs. Masvidal will be available to watch on ESPN+ if the pay-per-view is bought.

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On ESPN+, you can watch the whole game.

What about the combat itself? It didn’t live up to the raging hype. Sure, at the conclusion of each round, harsh looks were exchanged. The fight seemed like it would evolve into a striking duel for a short minute in Round 4, when Masvidal hurt Covington with a punch and left him staggering towards the ground. But, for the most part, what transpired in the moments leading up to their heated exchanges between rounds was Covington’s complete dominance, as he utilized six takedowns and positional mastery to win by a landslide decision (50-44, 50-45, 49-46).

Covington was on top as the bell rang to close Round 5, throwing huge punches. The boxers got to their feet slowly, Masvidal a little stumbling, and they didn’t embrace. The competitors yapped at each other from afar while athletic commission officials ran into the Octagon to assure that fisticuffs were over for the night. Masvidal continued to yell. Covington snatched his athletic supporter with his mouth.

For a bout in which both men promised unrelenting savagery, the conclusion was disappointing. Masvidal wanted to maintain the battle on the ground, where he felt most at ease and where he could inflict the most harm on Covington. Covington landed a few huge punches, but he ultimately retreated to a tactic he knew would win him the fight.

At the very least, the aftermath confirmed that this grudge was as genuine as it gets, to use a phrase from the early days of the UFC. Anyone who thought the two former roommates had concocted a relationship gone wrong angle only to sell pay-per-views was incorrect.

From the minute Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington stepped into the Octagon on Saturday, security was on high alert, moving inside the cage as soon as the last bell sounded and keeping a careful eye on the decision being read. Zuffa LLC/Jeff Bottari

And why would anybody doubt the bad blood’s sincerity? Covington’s greatest triumphs, after all, have been based on bravado and pretended hatred. Do you recall what happened after his second bout with Kamaru Usman? After mocking the UFC welterweight champion relentlessly in the buildup, Covington embraced Usman and stated, “I’m just trying to sell it to you, you know…. It’s all based on love.”

Despite the fact that the Covington-Masvidal feud was not the result of a marketing plan, it was the fight’s most compelling selling element. There was no championship on the line, making this a one-of-a-kind pay-per-view event. And the fight wasn’t even an eliminator to determine who would try for the belt. Covington has suffered two losses in his previous three fights, both of which were against Usman. Masvidal came into Saturday’s main event on a two-fight losing run, including two defeats against the champion.

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Covington’s victory maintains him towards the top of the 170-pound class, but he won’t be facing the champion anytime soon, unless that belt is held by Leon Edwards, who has been guaranteed the next UFC welterweight championship fight. If Usman stays on top of Mount Welterweight, Covington will have a long climb back up the mountain.

While there is little room for advancement as a result of this triumph, the stakes were huge. For a warrior, resolving a genuine grudge is crucial. Despite being built in a more organic hatred, the buildup of Covington vs. Masvidal was tedious in contrast — in part due to the nature of their grudge and how deep it extends. While the press conference on Thursday was packed with constant noise and the two guys yelling over one other for what seemed like an eternity, we really got to hear what they had to say when each combatant sat down for an interview over the week.

Colby Covington continued to irritate Jorge Masvidal by sticking out his tongue and pulling his athletic supporter as security personnel pulled him back after the bout. Zuffa LLC/Chris Unger

However, it’s possible that we would have been better off if we hadn’t heard. The heinous remarks crossed the boundary into civility. The worst part was that Covington, who is infamous for dragging the sport through the dirt with him, including Masvidal’s ex-wife and children in his obnoxious trash talk.

Masvidal, on the other hand, sought to portray himself as a voice of reason on occasion. During an interview with commentator Michael Bisping, an ex-fighter and ex-trash talker in his own right, he remarked of Covington, “You don’t have to be that man.” “You don’t need it, especially in our great sport that we have. It’s already been decided that two men or two women will be confined in a cage and beaten to death.”

That’s a good point. But, less than two minutes later, during the same interview, Masvidal dug into the same dirt, bringing up family feuds and suggesting Covington had improper relations with a coach’s family.

Covington attempted to continue the shambles at the conclusion of UFC 272. During his interview inside the Octagon, he added, “I simply took care of Miami street litter.” “It’s now time to clean up the Louisiana swamp rubbish. Dustin Poirier where have you been?”

Poirier, like Masvidal, trains at American Top Team in South Florida, the same gym where Covington trained until being ejected in 2020. Poirier, a natural lightweight, would be Covington’s next ATT conquest.

The summons may come as a surprise, but what else does Covington have to do? Covington has been boxed out of championship contention at welterweight, and although a move to middleweight could be appealing, UFC president Dana White has already put an end to any speculation that he might go up to 185 pounds and fight Israel Adesanya right away. So Covington summons a lightweight for another grudge bout in which the stakes would be high, and Covington would be the clear favorite going into the fight.

While both Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal landed a few flush blows on the feet, Covington used his grappling to get the fight to the ground and under his control for the bulk of the battle. Zuffa LLC/Chris Unger

Is it truly necessary for us to return?

This isn’t to suggest that there isn’t room for fierce rivalry amongst athletes fighting for a title, a better rating, or even a larger bank deposit. Rivalries flare up in many sports, not just the boxing ring. For many people, sports are a way to get away from the real issues that cause mistrust and ill will in today’s divided society.

Nowhere is combativeness as ferocious as in the fight industry. That’s all right. Everything does not have to be gentlemanly or ladylike. Personal grudges, on the other hand, that drive trash talk beyond the bounds of decency and safety are not good for MMA.

But the fact is that Covington may not be able to sell a bout in any other manner until he has a clear crack at the championship. Returning to his tried-and-true script may be the only option, but clashes of this kind often leave the audience with an unsatisfying sensation. Masvidal’s hatred may not be satisfied by a simple sporting match. When two competitors who have been beating the snot out of each other for half an hour hear the final horn, the violence stops and they embrace out of respect, this nasty game is elevated to something nobler. And what we witnessed between Covington and Masvidal at the conclusion of the night was everything but that.

UFC 272 is an upcoming mixed martial arts event that will be held on February 11, 2018. The event will take place at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, United States Reference: ufc 272 how to watch .

Frequently Asked Questions

Who won the UFC 272 fight?

A: The fight, which was a heavyweight bout between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou ended in a draw.

What time is the UFC 272 main event?

A: The UFC 272 main event will happen at 10pm Eastern Time.

How much did Drake bet on Jorge Masvidal?

A: Drake did not bet on Jorge Masvidal.

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