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UA TriBase™ Reign Cross Training Shoe Review — Hit or Miss?

UA TriBase™ Reign Cross Training Shoe Review — Hit or Miss?

Useful fitness athletes and cross coaching shoe followers prepare, Beneath Armour has created their first ever cross coaching shoe. The Beneath Armour TriBase™ Reign is UA’s first ever shoe designed particularly for cross coaching and practical fitness athletes. Heads up Nike and Reebok, Beneath Armour is coming in scorching.

At present, Underneath Armour makes a wide variety of footwear designed for various sports activities, but they have yet to create a cross coaching shoe particularly made for useful fitness athletes/CrossFit athletes. The UA TriBase™ Reign has a release date of December 26th 2018, and we’ve pushing their capabilities during the last two weeks. I’ve reviewed the market’s greatest cross training footwear, so it was really fascinating comparing this shoe’s efficiency to fashions which have fourth (Metcon) and eighth (Nanos) iterations launched. 

Since this mannequin is Beneath Armour’s first swing at a cross coaching particular shoe, I went into this evaluate with an open mind. In any case, a primary move (draft) could be very hit or miss in respects to development and performance. In all honesty, I was a bit of stunned at this shoe’s development, specs, and performance — learn on to study more.

UA TriBase™ Reign

The UA TriBase Reign includes a Micro G Midsole, ripstop and mesh development, together with Beneath Armour’s signature TriBase outsole.


Writer’s Notice: We may have a video for this shoe momentarily! I needed to place them via yet one more week of testing before providing my objective thoughts on the versatility of this shoe’s health club efficiency. 


UA TriBase Reign Outer Materials

Upon first impressions, the material of the TriBase Reign feels totally different than some other cross coaching shoe I’ve tried. The outer development that makes up this shoe includes a ripstop materials and light-weight mesh. Ripstop materials is a kind of woven strengthened development (typically nylon-based) that’s used for sturdiness functions and to stop abrasion from things like rope climbing and toe dragging that may create friction on the shoe. The fabric feels just like what a barely heavier, thinly constructed rain jacket looks like; it’s firm, but light-weight and durable.

UA TriBase Reign Outer ConstructionUA TriBase Reign Outer ConstructionUA TriBase Reign Outer Development

What’s also fascinating about this material is that there’s no defined stitches on this shoe. Every thing is cleanly constructed collectively and there are not any areas the place stitches might probably fray. There’s a rib-like facet near the base of the toes, which assist the toe’s capacity to flex, and I appreciated this function personally. The underside is a little more stiff to interrupt in, so this helped compensate for the break-in interval (extra on that within the outsole part).

In the direction of the mid-foot and heel, this shoe’s material turns from the softer ripstop material to a barely more inflexible mesh. The fabric that encompass the heel and mid-foot could be very thin and barely stiff. There’s a strengthened layer of fabric that extends in the direction of the highest of the boot for the shoe. I favored this as a result of it helped a bit with the shoe digging into my Achilles tendon. Granted, the build of this shoe continues to be fairly low, so that could be a problem for some users with smaller ft/sensitive heels.

UA TriBase Reign ConstructionUA TriBase Reign ConstructionUA TriBase Reign Development

One constructive that I favored about this mannequin, and something I’m a fan of in cross trainers usually is the breathability of the material used and the design. Beneath Armour did a reasonably good job at taking this under consideration and has positioned smaller holes on the toe and mid-foot of this to help the foot’s potential to breathe.

Mid-Foot and Heel

On the mid-foot, there are technically six eyelets that run up the mid-foot of the shoe. The eyelets of this model are very totally different from different cross training footwear. The bottom and prime eyelets have an area where the lace enters and exits twice in the shoe, while the center two are constructed with a few centimeter of loop material. This material on the center two eyelets extends underneath the outer development and hook up with the base of the shoe, which was a cool signal for stability functions.

UA TriBase Reign EyeletsUA TriBase Reign EyeletsUA TriBase Reign Eyelets

From my evaluation and performance exams to date, I’ve two essential thoughts about this shoe’s mid-foot and eyelet development. I like Underneath Armour’s try and make a barely totally different build from rivals, and I actually assume this lacing fashion shall be sturdy, especially with the beefed up material and extra eyelet holes, however there’s a small drawback.

The forefoot’s toe box is made barely wider for toe splay and I found that it’s type of robust to tug the shoe really tight near the forefoot with the double eyelet lacing on the backside. I might have an interest to see if the difficulty would fix itself with a single eyelet on the bottom as a result of I’m a fan of the broader toe field for lifting functions.

Alright, onto the heel, aka the world of cross training footwear most get concerned with. The offset of this mannequin is 2mm, and the heel of this shoe has a strengthened plastic material on the exterior portion in the direction of the bottom of the heel for extra help. It doesn’t sit as high as others available on the market, nevertheless it did a reasonably good job at providing that stable-esque feeling on the heel.

UA TriBase Reign HeelUA TriBase Reign HeelUA TriBase Reign Heel

This shoe could be very low-cut in design and has an inner heel cup that provides another layer of help outdoors of the plastic portion. Granted, it only extends up a couple of inches from the bottom of the shoe, so the highest portion of the boot is pretty versatile. In respects to general stability, this heel functioned high-quality and there have been actually no lapses in the help it offered, but I did discover one potential situation. In case you lack ankle stability, then the low-cut design of this model may be problematic for you.


The midsole of this mannequin is pretty fascinating compared to the opposite cross training fashions I’ve tried. There’s a whole lot of materials on this shoe’s midsole, and I’m still unsure how I feel about that. In the direction of the heel, Beneath Armour has included their Micro G Foam. This foam is used by Beneath Armour to offer their models with a low to the ground feeling with further responsiveness. These could be probably the most reactive cross training footwear I’ve tried, they really feel a bit more “bouncy” in comparison with others I’ve worn.

UA TriBase Reign (Medial Side)UA TriBase Reign (Medial Side)UA TriBase Reign (Medial Aspect)

On the mid-foot, the TriBase Reign’s outsole extends up a bit larger over the midsole, which is a design function to help things like rope climbs, and a bunch of cross trainers present comparable development options. For my part, this development function is impartial for me. I like the thought and quantity the fabric that extends up on the shoe, nevertheless it does look little blocky on the medial aspect, though, that’s only a beauty gripe I have. In respects to the shoe’s development function it festivals completely fantastic.

In the direction of the toe, there’s an identical foam midsole layer underneath the bottom of the toes, then the extended rubber outsole that covers the tops of the toes. I’m all the time a fan of the prolonged outsole that covers the width of the toes compared to a lip. For my part and experience, I feel the toe of this model might be pretty durable additional time and immune to early lipping from toe dragging actions. 


The outsole of this model is one the primary development options really value noting. This shoe’s outsole options UA’s TriBase development, which is so necessary it’s in the identify of the mannequin. In UA’s press launch they state that the TriBase know-how allows the foot to maneuver with ease by way of three areas of flexibility. There are flex grooves across the toe that promote upward and downward movement, whereas the TriBase sides are supposed to help with torsional flexion.

UA TriBase Reign OutsoleUA TriBase Reign OutsoleUA TriBase Reign Outsole

Outdoors of the TriBase materials, this shoe has a textured rubber base that offered a good quantity of grip on both rubber health club flooring and out of doors pavement. That is undoubtedly a nice perk for someone who needs this shoe for indoor and outside workouts. On the toe, there’s a wave-like texture that’s used to advertise the foot’s means to grip the floor underneath weight.


In respect to performance, there have been three particulars that I actually needed to assess with this model (and I’m nonetheless assessing as we converse!). First, how does this shoe’s outsole and midsole examine to probably the most secure choices available on the market. Second, does this shoe’s outer development breathe nicely and provide a superb sense of long-term durability. Lastly, how is this shoe each day outdoors of the health club? Can it’s worn as a day-to-day shoe and workout shoe?

Under, I’ve included a table of consistent check I (we) do on all of our cross coaching footwear. As of right now, I’ve carried out all of these, and I’m still putting these footwear to the check. Since they’re a more moderen mannequin, and a primary model at that, it’s robust to say how these footwear will maintain up with regard to health club performance in a yr from now, although, I’ve some starting thoughts under.

Again Squat (Up to 315 lbs)eight.3/10 — Decently Secure, Restricted-No Compression
Box Jumps and Aspect Shuffleseight.7/10 — TriBase Offered Good Grip & Low-Minimize
Sprints (HIIT Exercise)eight.6/10 — A Little Vast/Blocks On the Toe
Strolling to Workeight.5/10 — Snug, Reactive, and Breathable

UA TriBase Reign Efficiency Perks

When it comes to efficiency perks, there have been two things I feel Beneath Armour did exceptionally properly with this mannequin. For starters, I though the Micro G Foam midsole and TriBase outsole have been a singular mixture that offered satisfactory help beneath weight. They have been definitely not probably the most secure I’ve tried, however they carried out properly enough to the place I’d advocate them for the recreational athlete. Second, the fabric was light-weight and reactive, which is huge for the versatility of this shoe. I felt snug operating, leaping, and strolling around in these footwear.

UA TriBase Reign PerformanceUA TriBase Reign PerformanceUA TriBase Reign Efficiency

UA TriBase Reign Performance Considerations

Onto the considerations, I have one slightly greater challenge and one smaller with this mannequin and it’s going to return right down to an individual’s wants in a shoe. The larger difficulty is how low-cut this mannequin is. The heel didn’t hassle me a lot, but I feel it might easily dig into the Achilles tendon for athletes with smaller ft who take pleasure in sporting low socks. Because the material is skinner and barely more rigid, it’s not as forgiving as a padded material/mesh, which suggests there’s going to be a longer break-in period. My smaller concern has to do with the bottom lace tightening, which I mentioned above in the development.

UA TriBase Reign Durability Ideas

This shoe is model new, so it’s actually robust to offer numerous information about the durability that comes together with this mannequin. What I can do is provide objective thoughts on the construction and activities performed on this shoe that reach off other fashions I’ve tried. I feel the outer development will hold up just positive with the ripstop materials, and the outsole has a robust pretty rubber that doesn’t feel like it can peel off easily. My only actual durability concern has to do with the thinner low-cut heel sustaining its secure nature over long durations of time.

UA TriBase Reign DurabilityUA TriBase Reign DurabilityUA TriBase Reign Durability

UA TriBase Reign Worth

The asking worth of this model comes out to $120.00, which is true inline with other newer cross training footwear available on the market. It’s not the costliest, however it’s undoubtedly not probably the most low cost. In regard to cost, I’d compared this model’s objective and design to the Nike Metcon four and Reebok Cross Nano 8 Flexweave. Based mostly off of these footwear, I feel this worth is decently truthful for this model. It’s designed for heavier lifts and flexibility and it performed fairly properly on a day-to-day foundation, so it has more features that solely understanding.

Wrapping Up

All in all, I feel the Underneath Armour TriBase Reign did an okay job in its performance and development assessment. I feel the shoe itself is way from good with regard to its development potential, however it undoubtedly has plenty of things going for it. In respects to performance, I used to be slightly stunned at how properly this model held its own. It didn’t perform as much as the standards of a weathered cross coach, nevertheless it came out of the gates swinging and I tip my hat to Beneath Armour for this first cross training move.

In case you’re feeling daring and need to attempt something model new to the cross coaching market, then I don’t assume you’ll go improper with the UA TriBase Reign. It’s a strong mannequin for the recreational athlete.

UA TriBase Reign


UA TriBase Reign


  • Micro G Foam Midsole
  • Sturdy Outer Development
  • TriBase Outsole
  • Light-weight

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