Tyranid Invasion! The Step-by-Step Guide to Infestation.

A quick guide on how to conquer the Tyranids with your friends.

The “tyranids 40k ” is a step-by-step guide to the Tyranid invasion. The book is written by a veteran of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and includes everything you need to know about how to take on the xenos menace.


The Tyranid Invasion is carried out by the Tyranid creature, which has the unique ability to transform a planet awash in nature’s bounty into a bleak sphere of dead rock.

When a Tyranid Invasion attacks a prey planet with a Hive Fleet it does so in phases to strip it of its life.

Each wave of the invasion releases a fresh menagerie of biological creatures, each one meticulously designed to cause mayhem and destruction.

In a few solar days, a once-thriving planet gets cleaned of all biological compounds.

The hive fleets leave, momentarily content, in search of their next meal, leaving nothing but an airless mausoleum behind.

tyranid invasionTyranid Raveners by jubjubjedi for Warhammer 40K: Emperor’s Chosen


The arrival of the Hive fleet and its escort vessels marks the beginning of the Tyranid Invasion’s next phase. The Hive Ship is a strong synaptic node of the Hive Mind that has disrupted the Hive Mind’s warp for many light years. When an ast ropathic or other psychic calls for help, it’s usually too late by the time one of these massive void mining beasts arrives.

Even the great bulk of space marines assigned to defend a system under Tyranid attack may be unable to depart the Immaterium if the Shadow in the Warp has taken hold. When the Hive Ship gets close enough to a target planet, it starts showering Mycetic Spores into the atmosphere and onto the planet’s surface.

Some of these pods are home to microbial life. As a consequence of these harmful bacteria, the world’s atmosphere, seas, soil, plants, and animals have all been transformed. Complex organic molecules are deconstructed and reconstituted in swarm Absorption-optimal forms. Other spores contain tyranid creatures that are more sophisticated.

Some of them, such as the various Gaunt and Gargoyle strains, immediately begin preparing for the coming invasions. Other strains start to break through the planet’s surface.

Trygons and Mawlocs are two such creatures. These invertebrates deposit spores that will ultimately develop into Capillary Towers as they burrow. Other species may be able to access a planet’s material wealth and underground life via the tunnels formed by these massive bioforms.

At the same time as this shower of death starts, those Genestealers and Lictors who have already invaded the planet reveal themselves. By exploiting the information they’ve gained and the hybrid fauna they’ve generated, these monsters confuse the defenders. By intentionally targeting officers and communications hubs, infiltrators may easily delay or even undermine a planet’s defenses.

At this stage of the invasion, the defenders of a planet must act fast and decisively, or all hope may be gone. The only way to halt the attack is to stop it at the source. The Tyranid fleet as a whole may lose its cohesiveness and disperse if the Hive Ship is destroyed. As a consequence, the defenders will be able to split and vanquish the remaining soldiers.

While less effective, destroying Mycetic Spores when they descend to Earth may also help the cause. Even the huge mass of a Hive Ship has a limit to its resources. Each spore removed might mean a large decrease in the number of organisms on the ground.

Every Tyranid invasion starts with the Tyranid Hive Mind, which has the power to evaluate and change its tactical position. In rare cases, a fleet encountering unexpectedly heavy opposition may abort the assault and retreat to a new target.

Countermeasures against Genestealers and their relatives are important at this time. With astro telepathy turned off, any more communication breakdowns on the planet might mean doom for the defenders. Extensive security measures must be implemented to ensure the integrity of all communication and command centers.


While the planet’s defenders continue to combat the more aggressive bioforms, others move in on them, plundering any available biomass. As proven by their vast biomass collection, the Tyranid collective has the capacity to expand and adapt.

As a result, the planet’s natural resources are used against it, giving the swarm with new weapons. The vast majority of it is utilized to feed the planet’s Hive Ships. Those massive beasts normally do not feed until the world has been secured.

Thousands of maggot-like Rippers rain down from the sky near the battlefront, creating massive swarms. With fang-filled jaws, they consume anything organic they can find, live or dead.

These abominations slowly pull their bloated bodies towards the Capillary Towers’ digesting pools after they’ve swallowed everything they can. Rather of dropping the digested biomass into the pools, the Rippers jump in, where they will be eaten along with the rest of the biomass.

New Rippers are generated on a regular basis to keep the gluttony cycle running. As the planet’s surface is exhausted, similar bioforms consume all life in the seas and within the planet’s crust. Eel-like rippers attack the waters in massive swarms, destroying all of the indigenous marine life. As they deepen the tunnels produced by Trygons and Raveners, burrowing species devour underground fungi, root systems, and any burrowing creatures.

Mineral reserves have also been exhausted, particularly rare ores that may be utilized to create the exoskeletons of the different weapon biomorphs.

Massive Capillary Towers occur even at the deepest parts of the world’s seas. These structures, which may reach depths of several kilometers, can withstand the crushing pressures of the deep and flourish in even the coldest of settings.

Their massive metabolic filtration systems may change the planet’s tidal flow, sucking in all biomass as they grow. At this point, extermination is the only possible alternative. Planets that the Tyranid invading species has seized can no longer be recovered.

The only way for the Space Marines or another faction to stop the biomass from being utilized to fuel the fleet for additional assaults is to destroy the feeding mechanism.

One silver lining is that the Tyranid invasion swarms may have reduced the planet’s resources in preparation for the inevitable gluttony after the planet’s biomass has been eaten.

Attacking and eliminating the void-dwelling bioforms and the planet may be simpler today than it was earlier in the invasion.

tyranid hive brood invasionLordHannu’s Tyranid hive brood


The greatest way to characterize the early stages of a Tyranid invasion is their complexity. At this phase, the xenos evaluate the planet’s potential for assault and begin infecting the local life forms.

The three Tyranid species that are most active at this time are Vanguard Drone Ships, Lictors, and Genestealers. These bioforms have two crucial characteristics for identifying and invading new target worlds: stealth and independence. All of the species involved have physiological abilities that are oriented toward concealing. These talents are completely employed so that kids may explore the natural environment in a secure manner at first. Because only a few Tyranids are active at this stage out of the total species, these specimens exhibit an exceptional amount of self-preservation.

In order for the invasion to continue, the creatures recognize that they must live and reproduce. These Tyranid horrors vary from the norm in that they can also operate in a stable and self-contained way. The vast majority of known Tyranid species are incapable of coordinated activity if they are not exposed to the Hive Mind’s mental emanations.

Because these creatures must be able to behave even when they are light-years distant from the swarm, they exhibit higher levels of intellect and animal cunning than one would anticipate. This is most evident in the intricacy of their plans, which is often surprising.

Vanguard Drone Ships research new star systems invisibly thanks to their speed, small size, and minimal psychic and propulsion signatures. Before departing the system to survey probable prospects in other systems, a Vanguard Drone Ship would typically dump a portion of its cargo on the surface of a promising planet.

Because of their limited and covert presence in the system, Imperial authorities may be completely unaware of the alarming intrusion. When a drone ship is spotted, it must be considered as the system’s highest priority target, since eliminating it before it can deliver its payload will cause any Tyranid invasion to be significantly delayed.

Lictors are masters at scouting without drawing attention to themselves. These xenos are implanted from a drone ship and begin exploring the newly found planet’s wilds immediately. They use their Feeder Tendrils to assess the environment and mineral supply to determine whether the location is suitable for them. Furthermore, these fierce predators prey on lonely creatures, including people, absorbing their memories as they consume them.

This info is compiled and transmitted back to the Hive Mind as soon as a synaptic node within range is available. Any Xeno invasion will face a serious danger from Lictors. If they can be eliminated before a full fleet is launched, it will reduce the amount of damage that is hurled at you and your people’s planet!

The Genestealers are the most clever of the early invaders. While scouting the planet, they infect the planet’s species with Tyranid genetic material. The Tyranid Hive Mind corrupts the planet’s native gene-code over time, resulting in hybrid native-Tyranid individuals that are subject to the whim of a Broodlord or other Tyranid Hive Mind representative.

Because of their cleverness and subtlety, Genestealers are said to be capable of entering planets without the need of a drone ship. Specimens have been found in Warp-capable ships’ cargo holds and aboard abandoned Space Hulks.

These creatures must be exterminated with extreme violence before they can establish a breeding nest and a society of committed hybrid beings. When the Tyranid Invasion gains a stronghold on a planet, they swiftly change their methods.

After successfully integrating the planet’s biodiversity, these infiltrators send out a mental call to the swarm. A fleet of ships, including a Hive Ship and several hive fleets, are drawn to the system by this signal. The arrival of the Hive Ship and its escorts heralds the start of the second phase of the invasion.

1647566183_573_Tyranid-Invasion-The-Step-by-Step-Guide-to-InfestationZen-Hive Master’s Tyrant


After gaining a foothold on the planet’s surface, the Tyranid invading troops promptly went about eradicating any opposition. Gaunts, Gargoyles, and Genestealers are among the lesser bioforms that wreak havoc in the air, on land, and under the oceans. Carnifexes, Tyrannofexes, and even Hierophant Bio-Titans are among the larger bioforms littered amid these species, causing devastation on the planet.

These varied species generate massive swarms that push forward, producing battlefronts that may span hundreds of kilometers. Behind the battlefront, tens of thousands of meters tall Capillary Towers burst from the planet’s bedrock. The swarm’s previously devoured biomass is concentrated in these towers, which is subsequently utilized to create new creatures to help in the attack.

Despite their resemblance to Tyranid plants, the towers are as as dangerous as the more mobile bioforms. Capillary Towers extend out tendrils that may absorb native species such as plants and other tiny, slow-moving creatures from all over the world. While doing so, the towers filter the planet’s atmosphere, absorbing microbes and small flying animals.

Termagants use their ranged weapons to destroy opponents on the battlefield, and Hormagaunts fight anybody in close combat. Swarms of hundreds of these xenos, as well as other Gaunt genus types, may be discovered, commanded by Tyranid Warriors.

When mere numbers are inadequate, the Hive Mind may send in greater strains of Slividon. On planets with strong defenses, the swarm may create extraordinarily large species. Dominatrix and Hierophant strains have been identified with size and strength comparable to Imperial Titans.

The Hive Mind swiftly adapts its strategies when a defensive point looks overwhelming. Raveners and Trygons are typically used to assault from behind or behind enemy lines by burrowing beneath fortifications. In certain cases, Shrikes or Harpies may strafe from above.

The swarm is ready to sacrifice thousands of bioforms for a single meter of land, but it will not do so in vain. Because the Tyranid invasions are masters of adaptation, they are constantly adopting new tactics. The planet’s defenders are seldom consumed by the battlefront swarms that span the planet’s surface. Rather, they leave a path of debris in their wake, which will be consumed by the next wave of creatures.

Of course, any Tyranid invading creatures that the defenders have managed to fight may be included in this carpet of the dead. Their deaths are unimportant to the Hive Mind. They’ve done their function, and after their bodies have been eaten, they’ll return to serve the swarm.

Gargoyles and Harpies swarm the planet’s sky in such numbers that the system’s star’s light is blocked. They may assist in land-based combat, but they also serve two additional purposes. Like the Capillary Towers, these flying beings devour the biomass of the sky and return it to the Tyranid swarm when they die. They also block any photosynthetic organisms from getting any sunlight.

The atmosphere of our planet is an essential component that provides us with life and breathing air. But what happens if there isn’t any oxygen? This might have long-term consequences for the climate! At this stage in the invasion, the only conceivable alternative is all-out war. The forces of evil have successfully established a foothold on the globe. The damage caused would not be lessened if the Hive Ship was destroyed.

Furthermore, depending on the number and species of creatures on the surface, the Hive Mind may survive. Even if the Hive Mind is beaten and the bulk of xenos are exterminated, the battles to cleanse the Earth completely might span millennia.

Tyranid genetic taint also affects microorganisms, and all of these xenos bioforms are very resistant to biological and chemical poisons. Even the smallest Tyranid creature may generate more dangerous species if given the time and opportunity.

1647566184_663_Tyranid-Invasion-The-Step-by-Step-Guide-to-InfestationMechfan223’s Marine versus Warrior


As though generating an eternal cycle, the Capillary Towers continue to feed the biomass back and forth. The huge living vessels reach tendrils across the atmosphere as they develop to penetrate the atmosphere’s limits, establishing contact with the Capillary Towers.

Biomass is hauled up the towers by a mixture of huge pumping organs and suction. Once the last of the defenders has died, the Tyranid hordes’ remaining monsters dive into the pool, where they digest near the Capillary Towers. Their remains are decomposed and eaten so that the biomass may be regenerated into new species for the fleet’s future conquests.

All of the planet’s native life forms’ memories, genetic developments, and gene patterns are absorbed along with its biomass. After the last remnants of life have been destroyed, the Capillary Towers begin to swallow the planet’s water systems. All of these liquids are absorbed by voidfaring creatures, which may grow significantly in size as their storage vesicles expand to accommodate the additional supplies.

As a consequence, many of the Capillary Towers are broken down, enabling their biomass to be reabsorbed. The planet’s atmosphere is finally consumed by the Hive Ships, followed by the last few massive Capillary Towers.

According to certain Magi Biologis, this might entail even more massive voidfaring Tyranids than ever seen. Others say the spacecraft use previously undiscovered techniques to compress the atmosphere into a solid form. Though the Imperium is unsure of the precise method, the end outcome is certain: the Imperium is left with nothing but a barren, airless rock of minimal value.

As it moves between systems, the Hive Mind studies the new genetic patterns it has uncovered. Some of these could be useful in the creation of new bioforms. Naturally, these new strains may take some time to emerge. The Hive Mind may preserve them for later use when a fresh strategy is required. The Tyranids’ long-term existence and success are clearly predicated on their capacity to adapt.

At this moment, the war is virtually lost. Any defenders arriving too late will be too late to Save The World They have no choice except to disseminate the word to adjacent solar systems in the hopes that they will arrive before the Tyranids. Attacking the void-dwelling bioforms shortly after they’ve devoured a planet means going after them when they’re at their most powerful.

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