Two more members of family test positive for coronavirus after 4 relatives die of disease


Grace Fusco, 73, (center in white dress) died Wednesday of Covida-19 after her eldest son and daughter died of illness. Their son Vincent Fusco died Thursday. [Facebook buzzing]

Two other members of a family devastated by the coronavirus tested positive after four of their relatives died from the disease.

Elizabeth Fusco recently tested positive for her novel on the coronavirus after her mother Grace Fusco, 73, sister Rita Fusco Jackson, 55, and her brothers Carmina Fusco and Vincent Fusco, 55, died last week in New Jersey.

Fusco said her daughter, who had a previous health problem, also tested positive for the deadly virus, according to the New York Post, although she specified conditions she said were not serious.

Cousin Grace Fusco and the family’s lawyer, Rosanna Paradiso Fodera, told the New York Times that the spread of the disease in a strong family apparently began at the dinner they had together earlier this month.

Despite the origin of the disease in her family, Elizabeth Fusco said she still plans to cook for her loved ones after learning that she tested positive for Covid-19.

Rita Fusco Faxon, 55, was the second person in New Jersey to die last Friday from the new coronavirus. (Photo: Facebook)


On Wednesday, Carmine lost Fusco to Covid-19. (Photo: Facebook)

I have a family. My mother cooked in her worst years when she was scared or felt bad. So, guess what I’m doing? I’m cooking, she said in the mail.

I’m very sad. I lost my family, but I still have a family to feed. I remember my sister and my mother when I was cooking. There is no promise in this world for tomorrow. No one can bear anything.

Fusco repeatedly stated that she and her daughter were asymptomatic and isolated from themselves.

Government officials believe infections are linked in the family to John Brennan, 69, who was the first person in New Jersey to die from the disease. It’s been reported that Brennan has a relationship with her family.

Family from New Jersey

The authorities believe that the Fusco family infections were linked to John Brennan, 69 years old, who first died of the coronavirus in New Jersey. (photo: USTA)

About 20 other members of the Fusco family were quarantined after hearing the first positive results from their relatives and mourning the loss of loved ones behind closed doors, Paradiso Foder said.

If they’re not connected to a respirator, they’re quarantined, Fodera said.

It’s so pathetic. They can’t even mourn like you.

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