Tuto: How Do I Upload a Youtube Video to Watch It Offline?

The YouTube application for Android offers, in some countries, the ability to save videos for later viewing. Unfortunately, this service is not available in France and it is therefore necessary to use roundabout means to download videos from the streaming platform in order to watch them offline. If you want to watch videos in the subway, follow the tuto!

In the absence of official channels, there are several ways to upload YouTube videos to play them offline. Here are a few that will certainly be of service to you.

Online Services

Many sites offer to download YouTube videos and convert them to the format of your choice. One of the most effective is certainly ClipConverter, which is fast, does not require Flash Player and has a clear interface and not too much drowned under the ad.

The first step is of course to find the link of the video you want to save for later. To do this, go to the YouTube application and navigate to the video in question. Click on the share button in the top right corner, then in the window that opens choose “Copy URL”. It also works by copying the URL from any browser.


Once the link is retrieved, go to ClipConverter from your browser and paste the link into the corresponding box with a long press and press Continue. Select the definition that you want based on your device and connection, and then click the Start! button. Note that if you only want to extract audio for example, you can convert the file to MP3, M4A or AAC.

A new window will open (two, counting the advertising pop-up that you can immediately close). Then click on the Download button and wait for the file to load until it finishes. Once the operation is complete (download progress is available in the notifications), you can then simply launch the resulting file with any video player, whether it is natively integrated into your phone or obtained from the Google Play Store.

TubeMate: the download application

Apart from online services, there are also various applications that achieve the same result. Among them is TubeMate, for example, which is available free of charge on its publisher’s website.

First of all, it is important to activate the installation of unknown sources. To do this, go to your phone’s settings, then to the security section and activate the option Unknown sources. Once the option is enabled, go to the TubeMate website and download the application (the big green button is hard to miss).

When TubeMate is installed, launch the application. You will see an interface very close to the official YouTube application, with an integrated Search Engine Find your video, start playback and click the Green Arrow at the top of the screen. As for ClipConverter, choose the format and click Download.


As with the first solution, the file can then be viewed offline using any compatible media player. This will make your public transport journeys much more enjoyable without making your bill explode.

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