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This week, get ready for a general fight withJohn Wick Parabellum. For the whole family, Aladdin is back. Fiction is in the spotlight with Batwoman,Men in Black International, Black Mirror 5, Stranger Things 3, etc. Tarantino’s next film is also unveiled :Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

John Wick distributes mandals, Will Smith grants wishes

John Wick returns for new adventures in Parabellum, the third opus of the saga. The action takes place just after the second part, when he breaks a fundamental rule: ” he killed inside the Hotel Continental. Excommunicated, all services related to the Continental are closed to him and his head is priced. John is left unsupported, hunted down by all the world’s most dangerous killers “.

On a different note, Will Smith (aka the genius) is starring in Guy Ritchie’s next film: Aladdin. I don’t need to tell you the story, it has been seen and reviewed many times before. Mena Massoud plays Aladdin, while Naomi Scoot plays Jasmine and Marwan Kenzari plays Jafar. 

The best years of Lelouche, the radicalization of Ahmed

On the French film side, we have Les plus belles années d’une vie by Claude Lelouche. The sequel to Claude Lelouch’s Un homme et une femme, Palme d’or at Cannes in 1966. The pitch of this dramatic comedy: ” they knew each other a long time ago. A man and a woman, whose dazzling, unexpected love story, captured in a parenthesis that has become mythical, will have revolutionized our way of seeing love. Today, the former racing driver is getting a little lost in the paths of his memory “.

Finally, the Dardenne brothers propose The young Ahmed : ” In Belgium today, the fate of the 13-year-old Ahmed, caught between the ideals of purity of his imam and the calls of life . As a reminder, the two directors have twice won the Palme d’or for Rosetta and L’enfant

Batwoman and MIB International working in the shadows

Superheroes are far from being dead and DC Comics won’t say otherwise. After an appearance in a few episodes of the Arrowverse, Batwoman gets its own series. The bat man’s cousin is played by Ruby Rose ( xXx: Reactivated, John Wick 2).

In Men in Black International, the heroes remain in the shadows with a black suit, but without the cape. Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson Rebecca Ferguson and Liam Neeson are in the cast of this spin-off: ” A team of Men in Black secret agents, based in London, is confronted with a mysterious murder that sends them to the four corners of the globe “. The release is scheduled for June 12. 

Let’s continue with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino’s latest film in official competition at Cannes, which will be released on August 14th.  He already has a five-star cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Kurt Russell, Al Pacino, etc. 

Pitch: ” In 1969, television star Rick Dalton and stuntman Cliff Booth, his long-time understudy, pursued careers in an industry they no longer recognized . Their path will cross that of Sharon Tate (Roman Polanski’s ex-wife) and the infamous Charles Manson. 

Downton Abbey (the film) and Westworld III: two eras, two atmospheres

On September 25, Downton Abbey will be released on the big screen This is obviously the film adaptation of the TV series. We follow the tribulations of the Crawleys and especially their servants, who are preparing to welcome the royal family for dinner. 

On the playoff side, HBO is preparing for the third season of Westworld, with Aaron Paul. To the Brain Damage music of the Pink Floyd, we discover a world at the antipodes of the famous amusement park of the first seasons. The decors are neat, in line with a Minority Report orI, Robot. It will still take patience to learn more. The release is scheduled for 2020.  

Disney has a new trailer for Toy story 4. All of Woody’s team is mobilized to try to find Forky aka Fork, with a new ally: Duke Caboom. Here’s the summary: ” Woody has always put the joy and well-being of his young owners – Andy and then Bonnie – and his companions first, not hesitating to take all the risks for them, however inconsiderate “.

Three trailers for Black Mirror 5 episodes

On the Netflix side,Black Mirror is in the spotlight with a fifth season coming up on 5 June. It will feature ” three new stories about the future that we should have seen coming “. After a first global trailer, videos for each episode were put online.

Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson/The Falcon in Avengers) is present in Striking Vipers, Andrew Scott (Jim Moriarty in Sherlock) in Smithereens and finally the singer Miley Cyrus in Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

Disenchanted, Stranger Things 3, Leila, etc.

The streaming platform also announces the continuation of Disenchanted. New episodes for the first season will go online this year, with 20 more coming in 2020 and 2021. This is a reminder of the series directed by Matt Groening, the father of Simpson and Futurama.

Let’s continue in the successful series with the third season of Stranger Things. One watchword: ” Summer has arrived in Hawkins, Indiana “. But we won’t know any more than that for now. The release is scheduled for July 4. 

In 10 days,How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) will be available on Netflix : ” Thanks to the drug-dealing business he’s setting up online with his best friend Lenny, Moritz will soon be coming out of his geek period”.

For her part, Leila depicts the struggle of a mother to find her daughter: ” In a future obsessed with purity, a woman refuses to undergo the ordeal of oppression. What allows him to advance into the abyss of hell is his daughter, Leila “. The episodes of the series will be online on June 14.

Finally, in a different genre, The San Francisco Chronicles with Laura Linney and Ellen Page will be online on June 7.  This series is inspired by Armistead Maupin’s books: ” Back in San Francisco today, Mary Ann (Laura Linney) is reunited with her adopted daughter Shawna (Ellen Page) and her ex-husband Brian (Paul Gross) whom she had left twenty years earlier to pursue her career.

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