On August 12, 2015, you were told that the Lion King’s adventures would continue under the name of The Lion King’s Guard: A new cry and you were very numerous to wait for it to arrive in France. Today, we are entitled to a trailer in France and especially its airing date!

Trailer of the Lion King’s Guard: the Sequel to the Lion King Finally Lands in France!
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So when will it be available in France?

Wednesday, January 27 at 6:30 pm, you will finally be able to discover Simba’s son Kion and all his friends in a 90-minute TV movie broadcast on Disney Junior. For the most impatient among you, it was already broadcasted last fall in the USA!

what’s this new scream about?

In this TV movie called The Lion King’s Guards..: A New Scream, we will also have the pleasure to meet again our favorite characters. This is an introduction to the television series entitled: The Lion King’s Guard, who will tell us, you will have understood Kion’s adventures.

Trailer of the Lion King’s Guard: the Sequel to the Lion King Finally Lands in France!

You will become attached to Simba’s youngest son, who will do everything to protect the land from Lions. To do this, he’s going to surround himself with a great team…

Trailer of the Lion King’s Guard: the Sequel to the Lion King Finally Lands in France!

Which Lion King character are you?

Find out what kind of Lion King character you are by answering these questions:

Personality test: Which Lion King character are you?

Question 1/10 – If you were a cardinal sin?

 Greediness Envy Laziness Laziness The orgeuil

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Question 2/10 – It takes dedication to go shopping

 You send someone in your place. Okay, but first you rest. You’re already in the car. You call for delivery.

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Question 3/10 – Your relationship to hygiene

 A shower in the morning is perfect A washcloth under the armpits and it’s good Water is bad for the skin Don’t touch me, you’re making me dirty

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Question 4/10 – On an island, you have to eat worms to survive.

 If you have no choice, you gobble up two or three of them with a grin Ok, but I prefer the fleshy ones You let yourself die Worms, eyes, spiders, stones, you eat it all.

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Question 5/10 – How are things going with your family?

 You feel like you’re being avoided a little right now. You’re close to your mom. It’s complicated. You’re more friend than family.

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Question 6/10 – It’s nice weather this weekend, what are you going to do?

 Hammock with a packet of chips Stay home Sport, restaurant and bars A small hunting party

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Question 7/10 – How does it go with girls/boys?

 Without bragging, you’re on top You talk a lot, but you don’t act too much You’ve decided to leave it to others You’re a little insecure

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Question 8/10 – If you had a wish to be granted by a genius

 Having unlimited wishes Bringing back a loved one Not having to work all your life Changing something about your appearance

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Question 9/10 – Your biggest phobia

 Your big, strong cousin who treats you badly. Spiders, snakes, sharks, flies… No matter how hard you look, you can’t see anything bigger than you…

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Question 10/10 – Your favourite cartoon character

 Sid in The Ice Age Baloo in The Jafar Jungle Book in Aladdin Robin Hood

Send my answers ”

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