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Top Reasons Why a Cloud-Based LMS is Your Best Bet for Implementing Corporate Training!

While corporate training is essential for all organizations, if not implemented correctly, your training programs may have to suffer from low ROI.

One of the best ways of ensuring that this doesn’t happen is the introduction of a cloud-based LMS to your corporate training processes.

And how will it benefit your organization?

To answer that, here are the top reasons why a cloud-based LMS can significantly boost ROI for implementing your corporate training programs.

1. It’s Super Easy to Setup and Maintain

One of the best things about using a cloud-based LMS for implementing corporate training programs in your organization is that it’s easy to start with.

While a regular LMS’ server needs to be configured based on the number of users (both learners and trainers combined), for which you may even have to consult an IT vendor, a cloud-based LMS comes ready to use.

You just need to start it off and then to teach your employees on how to access and use it, you can theoretically deliver guidelines.

Also, speaking of the maintenance, a cloud-based LMS provider’s IT team works for you. Although getting to face issues will anyway be a rare affair with these LMSs, if you ever land into a problem, troubleshooting won’t be your thing to look after.

2. Cloud-based Learning Management Systems Cost Less and Deliver more

Whether it’s the ease of access or the quality of customer support, a cloud-based LMS is cordial in both ways. And looking at the useful features and excellent support, it won’t be wrong to say that cloud-based LMSs cost really less.

Starting from as low as $500, cloud-based learning management systems are perfect for brands that are looking forward to providing qualified employee training in a tight budget.

3. Understands your Brand’s Needs and Evolves according to them

If you are shying away from buying an LMS because it may not go hand-in-hand with your company’s growth rate, congratulations! Cloud-based LMSs just unlocked that feature for you.

Another reason why your company should be using a cloud-based LMS to implement employee training correctly is that it’s easily scalable and hence, it can warmly welcome more and more new learners.

The most that you may have to do for this is to get in touch with your LMS provider and make your ask.

4. Knows no boundaries of Time or Distance

Another reason why most companies employ a cloud-based learning management system is the flexible accessibility that it provides.

You may be sitting at the airport, waiting for your flight to arrive or you may be sitting in your home waiting for dinner, if you want to go through the course, you can do it anytime, anywhere.

Now, this is a provision that most learners and trainers in 2019 would appreciate.


Well, living our day-to-day lives, we’ve all become busy to the extent that it sometimes feels too hard to pay attention to only one thing. Having breakfast while driving. Attending calls while working. Listening to music while reading. We are all used to saving chunks of time, wherever and whenever possible.

A limitlessly accessible cloud-based LMS makes our lives easier here.

With the freedom to attend and re-attend training sessions whenever your learners want to, cloud-based learning management systems simply make-the-cut to be your best bet for implementing corporate-training.

5. Makes collaboration easier than ever

While a small or medium sized business may or may not have its team spread across the globe, multi-national giants sure do.

This makes it crucial for them to coordinate their important processes with the concerned teams across the globe. Thankfully, with a cloud-based LMS, coordinating corporate training processes isn’t be a hassle for them.

These systems allow learners and trainers access from anywhere in the world (as mentioned above as well). This enables your corporate trainers and learners to access the program modules from anywhere and hence, to work better as a team.

Final words

As you try to scale your business by providing employee training and development, a number of things can help you speed up and optimize the processes.

One of those things is a cloud-based LMS.

From providing your employees time and location flexibility to helping you boost revenues for your organization, a cloud-based learning management system can do it all. And if you still doubt the potential, this post was targeted to highlight the top benefits of using a cloud-based LMS.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

Also, note that the same way you can also implement compliance training programs in your organization.

If you still have any doubts, you can reach out to an LMS consulting firm or discuss the pointers mentioned in this article with your business friends/partners. That may help.

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