Top Celebrity Looks for Ultimate Jacket Inspo

Free Man Wearing Black Full-zip Biker Jacket Stock Photo

Nowadays, celebrities and influencers are omnipresent in the media and on Social Media platforms. Their outfits are analyzed, ranked, and imitated by many.

Celebrities and influencers outfits are so closely observed that they have become a source of inspiration for many individuals. Their outfits can influence others’ fashion styles and create new trends.

Jackets are some of the most popular fashion outfits worn by celebrities and influencers. The variety they come in and the different style each jacket conveys, make them an endless source of inspiration.

We will now present some examples of male celebrities rocking a jacket in a stylish way.

After Tom Hardy wore a cockpit USA RAF Bomber Jacket for a photoshoot ahead of his film Dunkirk, sales increased with several sites advertising it as “Tom Hardy’s Leather Jacket”.

The actor’s charisma and his role as a Royal Air Force pilot in Nolan’s movie Dunkirk (2017), brought the jacket to life and gave it more emotional value.

Hardy’s use of leather jackets echoes that of Marlon Brando and James Dean. Both actors also rocked black leather jackets back in the day.

According to one source , Marlon Brando was actually the first male celebrity to make leather biker jackets popular. Indeed, the actor donned a black biker jacket in the cult movie classic The Wild One (1953).

Apparently, his look inspired James Dean who began to wear similar jackets afterwards.

Leather jackets are particularly popular in films and Pop culture in general. Other examples of iconic celebrities wearing different types of leather jackets include:

Celebrities also wear trench coats. One of the most popular celebrities to have worn a trench coat is David Beckham. The British soccer player even modeled for Burberry, the trench coat brand par excellence.

Beckham is an expert in pairing and balancing his trench coat with a light pop of color and a more neutral color palette.

His fashion style has inspired many of his fans to buy trench coats. The increase in sales has even prompted the creation of “David Beckham Trench Coat” sales on eBay.

Metallic puffer jackets are also a favorite, worn by rappers and actors alike.

The famous rapper Drake was photographed wearing a silver, metallic puffer parka. His outfit was noticed by fans and mentioned in a Vogue article .

Drake is no stranger to puffer jackets. Several years ago he massively increased Moncler’s sales after donning the brand’s orange puffer jacket in his viral music video “Hotline Bling”.

As you can see, there are different types of jackets available. Finding the one that is right for you can seem difficult.

Here are some tips to help you find your type of jacket.

You can start by thinking about your own body. Are you comfortable in a leather jacket?

Are you looking to draw attention to a particular part of your body?

Leather jackets can make you look more muscular or bulky. However, because they are usually mid-length, they might make you look shorter than you are.

If you wish to appear taller and sophisticated, trench coats could help you achieve that. Their longer cut can give the impression that you are taller and slimmer than you might actually be.

However, the most important aspect is that you feel comfortable and confident when wearing your jacket.

Select a jacket that suits your needs, your lifestyle and matches the impression that you want to give.

You can look to celebrities who have worn iconic jackets, as mentioned earlier, for inspiration. Celebrities and influencers can keep you up to date about the latest fashion trends.

After looking to these celebrities for ideas, make sure to try on those jackets to find the one that suits you. Pick one that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and self-assured.

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