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Top 9 Instagram Tools Every Online Entrepreneur Should Use

Building an Instagram audience and establishing a strong customer base doesn’tcome so easily for many brands and marketers out there. However, the few most successful of this lot have the same story to tell: Choose Instagram marketing tools that are perfectly in line with the goals you have clearly defined.

That said, here is our round-up of the Instagram tools we found most useful in building a following, increasing engagement and monitoring performance:

Hashtags For Likes

Basic: Free

Premium: $38 per month or $15 per week

Hashtags For Likes features an advanced search engine that lets you single out relevant hashtags quite easily. The advanced software is super useful in discovering social media insights and analytics regarding all the hashtags that pick your interest.

Social Rank

Basic: free

Premium: $49 per month

Digging through your followers isn’t easy if yours is a business with a massive following. Social Rank provides an excellent follower search engine that lets you reach out to specific individuals. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with your customer base by getting to know your follower singly.


$7-$59/mo (billed annually)

Iconosquare is a leading social media management and analytics tool that lets you obtain details about followers, hashtags, engagements, among other metrics. Iconosquare is super handy when you want to build your business through IG.


Starts at $15/month‎

Happy customers will post pictures of products they use on Instagram. This is one authentic way to market. Yotpo allows your brand access to these pictures with the highly relevant posts it gathers. It also has the ‘Shop Now’ feature that allows users to reach out for the products they see from their feeds.


$4.99 a month

This a tool by Instagram, which helps users make short and compelling videos. The app takes a series of snapshots and turns them into a video. This is a great way to create and publish short, engaging content.

Social Gone Viral

$13 per week

Social Gone Viral comes handy if you’re looking for organic growth. This tool employs targeted marketing algorithms to enable you to get followers, likes, comments, sponsorships, etc. Social Gone Viral will help you achieve trending posts.


Price: 3-day trial. $9.95/mo

A tool that enables you to schedule Instagram posts seamlessly right from your computer. Grum is at your service if your computer holds great content that can’t be accessed easily on a tablet or smartphone. Additionally, advance scheduling of posts, comments, and captions using Grum enable you to run a smart editing strategy.


Cost: Free, with Pro Plans starting at $19/mo

This is another tool that will help you with your Instagram content scheduling. First, have your captions for posts, attach some media you want to include and assign the dates you wish them published. Hootsuite will post them right to your Instagram feed as scheduled. Additionally, the tool lets you monitor and track your user activities and measure performance.


Cost: Free, with premium plans starting at $9/mo

Later comes with scheduling features and media storage perfect for marketers. Go for Later if your marketing team needs to come up with a highly structured Instagram content schedule. Chrome extension, for instance, is a content management feature that allows for searching and re-posting Instagram content.

You’ll find piles of Instagram marketing tools everywhere you look, but first, the step to an excellent choice is understanding your goals. From building a following to increasing engagement and measuring performance, the knowledge of which tool you need for which purpose is paramount for a quality pick.

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