Top 5 of the Best Goose Flesh Stories Written by Robert Lawrence Stine

When you were little, you were more like I like to read, Tom Tom and Nana or Gooseflesh (or all three)? For my part, I had a soft spot for Tom Tom and Nana but the Goose Flesh collection had a very special place, because I must admit that these books sometimes gave me nightmares.

On the occasion of the DVD release of the movie Goose Flesh with Jack Black, we offer you our little Top 5 of the best Goose Flesh stories written by Robert Lawrence Stine.

5- How my head shrunk


Invited on the island Baladora Marc discovers with amazement that his aunt has disappeared. Does this disappearance have anything to do with the magical power that haunts the islanders? Marc is conducting his investigation in the land of head reducers. What if hers is next?

Here the title is a mistranslation of the original version How I Got My Shrunken Head which means “How I Got My Shrunken Head”, actually a talisman.

4- The Curse of the Mummy


Mummy, dummies and clown squat on this horrific show. In this opus published in 1993 (and 1995 in France) Gabriel got lost in a pyramid. His cousin Sari, who was in the gallery in front of him, mysteriously disappeared. But Gabriel feels like he’s not alone. Who’s there with him in the darkness? Is it safe to disturb the thousand-year-old resting place of Priestess Khala?

3- The House of the Dead


That book really scared me when I was little.

Released in July 1992, Welcome to Dead House, its original title, is the sixth opus in the Goose Flesh series. In this book we follow the adventures of Jimmy and Anna whose parents have just inherited a new house.

But Jimmy and Anna aren’t too thrilled about leaving their friends. And the arrival in this new house doesn’t delight Anna either, quite the contrary: apparitions, whisperings… quickly leave her with the unpleasant impression that she and her family are being watched. As for the town they live in, Tombstone (Dark Falls in American film production), it is strangely dark as its sinister name suggests. The inhabitants of this town are both welcoming and behave strangely. And why does Pat, their dog, constantly start barking at the locals and Anna and Jimmy’s new friends? Anna and Jimmy will learn the dark secret of their new home…

2- The haunted mask


This one had also marked me, certainly because I hate spiders and because the haunted mask chosen by the heroine swarms with these little bugs that will go so far as to become embedded in her skin. Brrr

“This one will do,” thinks Carolyn as she chooses the most horrible mask for the Halloween party in the trick and treat shop. But why is it that once the mask is put on his face, it suddenly comes to life? Why does Carolyn’s voice suddenly become deep and threatening?

This book has a sequel, The Return of the Haunted Mask.

1- Dangerous wishes


Poor Sam! Tall and clumsy, she misses everything she sets out to do and serves as a whipping boy for Judith. How do we stop this plague from harming him? What if the strange stranger she met at the bend in the road helped her wish come true? A wish that could change Sam’s life… or turn it into hell.

This story was as gripping as it was scary and offered a little final lesson: you can’t have everything in life and sometimes it’s better that way.

And you, what are your favourite goosebumps and why?





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