Top 5 Most Memorable Scenes From the Attack of the Titans (Season 1)

Shivers, shivers… Season 2 of The Attack of the Titanshas just resumed, but it’s hard to forget the first one. This series will have rather well bristled our hair, so here is the top 5 of the most striking scenes to my taste of this season 1. Believe me, it was extremely difficult to select only 5 and the choice was very long because everything is so epic in this anime. The distributor having asked us to delete the videos of these scenes we still leave you with the images of them (nothing prevents you from going directly to YouTube to see them). And something tells me that you’re going to want to do all those adrenaline rush passages again…

#5 – When Mikasa is saved by Eren in titan mode

This scene in episode 7 where Mikasa is saved by Eren is simply shivering. Indeed, while she thought he was dead (the rest of us who know the truth are laughing about it now) and that she decided to abandon everything by giving herself up to the titan in front of her, another titan (rather well gruffed for a titan by the way) appears in front of her to massacre his titanic aggressor. A titan fighting another titan? Mikasa wasn’t at the end of his surprises…

#4 – Eren’s transformation to the article of death

Eren Transformation

It has to be said that with the beautiful peak of music at the time of its transformation it is rather difficult not to have the hair that bristles. Go ahead, play the video again and you’ll see that it will spike again. This transformation when all seemed lost and Eren was impaled by a huge stake, almost dead, takes place in the penultimate episode of the first season. This magnificent finale is at the same time the death warrant for the female titan, whose name will be kept secret (Annie Leonhart).

#3 – When Eren gives his life to save Armin

Eren saves Armin

This passage is so strong and so moving that it is quite difficult to take it out of your mind when you think back to Season 1. So yes, Eren can lose limbs ad infinitum, they will always grow back, but at that moment, not a shadow of a doubt about it. And yet he literally gives his life to save his best buddy:. Armin. This symbol is really powerful because he had really accepted his spell by taking the place of his childhood friend in the mouth of the titan so that this one could discover for both of them the outside world.

#2 – The first win

The first victory

Tatakae! Tatakae! Impossible to use these words without having this scene in mind now. The tension was so high during this scene where everyone was helping Eren, a titan, to plug up the wall. More than one gave his life to create a passage for the hero that day. A hero they had despised and feared earlier in the anime.

#1 – The death of Eren’s mother

The death of Eren’s mother is clearly for me the most striking scene of this season 1. Indeed, who could recover from seeing their own mother being devoured before their very eyes? Nobody! And this scene takes place right at the beginning of this season. The author’s message? To show us at the outset what awaits us in this breathtaking anime. Especially since he gives us false hope by proposing Hannes as a hero! Well, no…

BONUS: the least important scene

Miss Potato
There is one scene in particular that is not really bad as it is rather comical at the moment, but it takes away from the serious side of the anime. The famous potato scene, with Sasha (which will earn her the name of Miss Potato by the way) who eats the potato she stole, and who doesn’t seem to understand the reason of her superior’s anger…

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