Top 15 Amazing Sporty Girls to Follow on Instagram in 2019

Isn’t it time to drop a few pounds or get in better shape? But getting the right body for summer shorts and bathing suits isn’t easy. Luckily, Instagram has evolved to become the hotbed of the best in fitness motivation. Here everyone from celebrity trainers to weightlifters, make their way to show off their workout routines and diets. Even such a reliable expert in trainings and everything that concerns sports as would recommend to take into account their tips.

So, here are some of the sporty queens you should follow on Instagram for good workout vibes.

Top 15 Amazing Sporty Girls on Instagram

These Instagram workout queens will set you up with beautiful photography both from inside and outside the gym. Here, let’s get started.

1. Krissy Cela- From her tones of workout ideas, beginners and pros can find working out both fun and approachable. In addition, she has a fitness and meal planning app called Tone & Sculpt, which provides one of the best workout and diet scheduling programs.

2. Melissa Alcantara- Melissa is a go-to trainer for most of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities and powerhouse athletes. Seriously, this fitness guru has what it takes to inspire you to push yourself beyond your perceived fitness limits.

3. Katie Sonier- For the best in hip-thrust exercises and glute-focused weight-training, follow Katie on Instagram. Apart from glute-based fitness training, she also posts pull-up sets, and warmup stretches. In essence, it’s all inspiration to get into shape.

4. Natacha Oceane- If you’re looking for health, fitness, and diet inspiration from a scientific point of view then Natacha is the sporty girl for you. After all, this Insta Queen did study biophysics. Not only you can follow her on Instagram, but also YouTube, where she posts a treasure trove of pictures and videos, for all to see and experiment.

5. Brittne Jackson- If you’re a daily Instagram user, then you might have come by her Instagram account This Instagram fitness goddess is famous for posting a killer workout session both at home and at the gym. Above all, she’s a one-stop-shop for motivation and fitness ideas.

6. Lauren Simpson- This former world champion bikini competitor, is a favorite Instagram fitness queen, because of her balanced approach to fitness. Besides, Lauren also gives her loyal following a glimpse at her healthy and sustainable diet ideas.

7. Amanda Bisk- Amanda is a yoga instructor and former pole vaulter. Her Instagram page is littered with fitness stretches, body tuning poses, and a picture of her healthy meal plan.

8. Hannah Bronfman- If you’re looking for a sporty Insta queen, with excellent music taste, then Hannah is your girl. She is a DJ after all. She also posts on workouts and healthy diet recipes.

9. Tone It Up’s Karena and Katrina- These two besties, started a fitness empire that stretches out to the vast digital community on Instagram and YouTube. If you’re looking to be part of likeminded women, looking to motivate each other to achieve fitness goals, join the Tone It Up community.

10. Caitlin Turner- She travels the world, practicing yoga, and giving her loyal Instagram following motivation to try out her yoga poses.

11. Kayla Itsines- This bikini bodied fitness queen will give you the incentive to workout and a program to abide by, so follow her on Instagram. Besides, you’ll also find before and after pictures, from testimonials who have followed her workout program.

12. Jessamyn Stanely- Jessamyn shares tones of yoga poses and healthy living tips, which you can employ to get fit. Moreover, she is the host of her podcast and author to a book about yoga.

13. Kaisa Keranen- If you’re starting or about to begin your journey to the ideal body, Kaisa’s account will provide you with a guide and tips on tackling workout routines.

14. Emily Skye- She is the founder of the Fitness Inspiration Transformation (FIT) program. On Instagram, Emily shares how-to videos on her workout routine, images of her fitness gear, and pictures of her abs. After all, you’re looking for motivation to get fit. Beyond that, she also offers tips for expectant mothers who are looking for pregnancy-friendly workout programs.

15. Anna Victoria- Anna is the founder of The Fit Body Guides, which shares photos of healthy diets, motivational fitness quotes, and more content to inspire you on your fitness journey. Besides, you’ll also find before and after picture of testimonials, from her 12-week training guide program.


These sporty girls have Instagram feeds, which will get you super excited to start and remain consistent in your fitness journey. In essence, pick any of this fitness influencers to follow on Instagram for fitness motivation. You can even gain insights for a balanced and healthy fitness program from the experts to add value to your workout routine.

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