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This is a list of the ten best pets in Castle Crashers ranked. I’m going to start with number 10 and work my way down.

The “best pet castle crashers insane mode” is a game that has been released for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and the Wii. The game was released in 2008. In this game, you play as a knight who must fight his way through hordes of monsters to save princesses. This list will detail the top 10 best pets in Castle Crashers (Ranked).

Pets, also known as Animal Orbs, are animals that may be discovered all across Castle Crashers’ environment. They’ve all been given special skills.

There are 29 of these Pets ready for you to take on your adventure.

You may locate them by using one of the following methods:

  • Purchasing them from stores
  • They may be found in the wild.
  • Defeat your foes and win them over.

Since you may only carry one pet on your excursions, here’s my recommendation for the greatest pets to look into.


Giraffey (nine)


Orange Knight and Giraffey purchasing wares from a thief / Castle CrashersA thief’s products are purchased by Orange Knight and Giraffey.


Girrafey is one of the most interesting pets in Castle Crashers.

It can’t attack or give you a stat boost, and it can’t attack anybody. However, it may grant you a 10% XP bonus.

Although Girrafey is very beneficial early on in the game, by the time you’ve reached max level, you’ll no longer need the XP boost, encouraging you to seek for another Pet.

How to discover Girrafey: Dig on a “X” on the “Desert” level to find Girrafey. Before you can safely dig him out, you’ll have to clear a wave of Royal Guards and Scarabs.


Scratchpaw (nine)


Scratchpaw following Orange Knight to battle / Castle CrashersScratchpaw is fighting with Orange Knight.


Scratchpaw is a late-game tiger that may be discovered. It doesn’t have many powers, but it does provide a twofold stat increase of:

  • Strengthening +1
  • (+2) Agility

Scratchpaw is ideal if you like sprinting and bashing adversaries in the head faster than the rest of the game’s players.

However, as the game advances, more options will become accessible.

Scratchpaw may be found in the “Sand Castle Interior” level; just carry two explosives with you while looking for him.


8. Poultry


Orange Knight has a chicken floating behind him. / Castle CrashersOrange Knight has a chicken floating behind him.


Is Chicken a name you’ve heard before? That’s because he was created to resemble The Behemoth, the company behind Castle Crashers!

The Chicken may assist you in balancing your characteristics by enhancing the following:

  • Strength +1
  • Defense +1
  • Agility +1

Evenly distributed points across other traits isn’t encouraged, since it’s much preferable to have points on a single metric to optimize its potential benefit, putting Chicken at #8.

Bring your trusty shovel and start digging in Medusa’s Lair’s X’s to discover Chicken.


7. Spiny


Spiny following Orange Knight after purchasing it in the Volcano Store / Castle CrashersAfter acquiring Orange Knight from the Volcano Store, Spiny pursued him.


If you’re playing with a group of pals and one of them asks you to be the “tanky” one, Spiny the horned lizard may assist you by providing an enormous boost in the form of +4 Defense points.

The capacity of a knight to outlast everyone else in combat is a fantastic trait.

However, the lack of additional stat increases places Spiny in the bottom part of this list, since there are considerably more effective choices available.

How to obtain it: If you have 300 gold, you can purchase Spiney at the Volcano Store.


Bi-Polar Bear is number six on the list.


Orange Knight and Bi-Polar Bear standing outside a cave / Castle CrashersOutside a cave, the Orange Knight and Bi-Polar Bear stand.


Do you desire a pet that can assist you annihilate both your allies and your foes?

You should get a Bi-Polar Bear as a pet!

This pet can assist with a number of tasks:

  • Attacking an allied player with 11 or fewer HP and an adversary with 8% HP
  • Inflicting damage with a special effect dependent on the player’s chosen weapon.

This bear is a Pet with a low risk and a great payoff. He’s very effective against bosses with a lot of HP.

It’s quite unlikely that you’ll be assaulted by another player; as long as you keep an eye on your HP meter, you’ll be OK.

Bi-Polar Bear may be found near the conclusion of the “Snow World” level. He’ll come out if you blast your Horn outside the cave.


5. Piggy


Orange Knight buying Piggy at the Swamp Village Store / Castle CrashersAt the Swamp Village Store, Orange Knight purchases Piggy.


A player that is short on health will continually be on the lookout for food. However, with Piggy around, the food you pick up will almost always be tripled when consumed, allowing you to stay on the battlefield for longer.

When the terrain you’re playing offers guaranteed food, Piggy is extremely beneficial. These are some examples of these maps:

  • “Wedding Crash” is a film about a wedding crash.
  • “Word of Snow”
  • “Lava World” is a video game about lava.

How to obtain it: This pink ball of pork may be purchased for 290 gold at the Swamp Village Store.


Burly Bear (#4)


Burly Bear floating behind Orange Knight with Rammy nearby / Castle CrashersWith Rammy close, Burly Bear floats behind Orange Knight.


Burly Bear, a brown bear that can give the player a couple of massive boosts, is one of the finest pets you can earn early in the game.

If you’re solely interested in Burly Bear’s strength, there’s another pet that can assist you in doing a better job.

However, you should stay with Burly if you want a more balanced build with a single point boost in defense.

How to obtain: The level “Tall Grass Field” has Burly Bear. All you have to do is complete the following steps:

  • Please bring a sandwich.
  • Remove the stumbling block.
  • Enter the building.
  • Two explosives should be thrown towards the cracks in the wall.


3. The Eye of the Beholder


Orange Knight is being watched by Beholder. / Castle CrashersOrange Knight is being watched by Beholder.


I strongly advised the Beholder as someone who enjoys using magical attacks.

The added +4 Magic skill points gives you the ability to spam your magic attacks at a considerably higher pace, which is ideal for magic users.

How to obtain: The Beholder may be found in the Animal Ark behind a barred door. To open it, you’ll need the following items:

  • Your Pet is a Cardinal
  • Have him search the “Full Moon” Level for the Key Sword.
  • Put the Key Sword on your person.
  • Return to the Animal Ark and use the key to open the entrance.


2. Take a look at the Elephant


Orange Knight is being pursued by the Elephant. / Castle CrashersOrange Knight is being pursued by the Elephant.


Having Snoot as your primary pet may make your journey to the final fight a breeze, since Snoot offers +4 Strength to the player, allowing your melee attacks to cause massive damage to adversaries.

Snoot does massive amounts of damage that no other Pet can match.

That’s all there is to it.

As a result of his inability to accomplish anything other than give you strength, Snoot is ranked #2.

Snoot the Elephant may be encountered at the beginning of the level “Cyclops’ Fortress.” You can locate inside the hole by throwing two bombs towards the break in the wall.


Hawkster is number one.


Orange Knight and Hawkster visiting the Blacksmith / Castle CrashersThe Blacksmith is visited by the Orange Knight and Hawkster.


Hawkster is by far the finest pet in Castle Crashers, since it allows you to stay in the game longer by picking fruit off dead adversaries, enabling you to replenish HP.

Hawkster’s armament now includes inflicting damage when the adversary is down.

It’s a pet that assists you on attack by doing damage to adversaries and on defense by providing you with an item that restores your HP.

What more could you ask for?

How to obtain it: Hawkster may be found rather early in the game. Simply go to the “Tall Grass Field” level and do the following:

  • Make sure you have a Horn in your inventory.
  • Look for a mud cottage with a sign that says “Horn.”
  • Hawkster will come from the hut if you blow your horn.

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