Tony Stark Lives in Fake Thor 4 Script Taika Waititi Used to Troll Marvel Fans

Taika Vaititi flipped through the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans with a fake target script page: Love and thunder. Fans took a short screenshot and saw Donnergott talking to Tony Stark But the fans also noticed that the director touched them skilfully and that his favorite character Stark was still alive. So everyone expected to see Thor live: Ragnarok left last night because Vaititi likes to do things her way.

Taika Vaititi shows the scenario and conceptual art of the Torah 4.

– Expected Korg’s appearance
– Doesn’t choose Big Thor but feels like he did
– Scenario consisted of 4-5 versions of
– Didn’t know Loki would die in the Infinite War.

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– Random (@getFANDOM) 10. April 2020

Tony Stark is still dead in the MCU and will certainly not appear in the Torah: Love and Thunder, it’s always worth checking out a fake script page. The scenario is:

POWERFUL: First Thor: Art Love and Thunder opens a new Asgard and a new make-up.

Thor: Tony?!

Tony: Wazzuuuuuurp!

Thor: You’re back!

Tony: In the bag, baby!

Although this is humorous enough in itself, trolling is still going better.

Thor: But how? I saw you die.

Tony: Science. By the way, Tanos is back.

Thor: Frigg’s mother, no. So, uh… Are we getting back together?

MCU fans probably laughed a lot when they read a fake script with Waititi. You can read the last part below.

Tony: Again, again. It’s time for action. Anyone who died comes back. And this time we get more than ever. From now on, we’ll be known as… The Avengers.

Tony Stark’s death is still hanging over the MCU. A lot of fans still can’t believe he’s really gone and keep hoping he’ll come back somehow. Tyka Vaititi knows it very well, that’s why he made a fake page with a script by Thor: Love and thunder. He also showed conceptual works that may or may not be real. If that’s the case, Mike will look completely different.

Tyka Whiteytie spent an entire career doing things his way. For anyone who thought Thor was still alive: Ragnarök was supposed to be a question and answer session color by color, unfortunately they are wrong. Meanwhile, Tessa Thompson and Mark Ruffalo appeared in a live chat room to hang out with fans and cook with Waititi, although they all practice social distance.

Galaxy Director James Gunn and the Taiki Whitititey Conservatives have given a live online demonstration, so it will be interesting to see who’s next. The Russo brothers are lucky to have some kind of Captain America civil war because they’re probably still tired of talking about the Avengers: Game over and endless war. John Favraux would also be a good candidate, although he is probably working on the post-production of the second season of the Mandalorian Empire. We have to wait and see who’s next. Last night’s live chat took place on Tyka Vaititi’s Instagram page and will only last a few hours, so feel free to watch it. You can see the false Torah: Love and Thunderscript page below.

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