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ludovic cruchot wrote on 18/05/2009 09:01 :

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At any time!

As it is the habit in computer maintenance (and it is

in a way the case), it is necessary to be up to date to benefit from the

new updates.

TomTom will therefore first ask you to update your map at the

time you subscribe (x quarters) and then you can subscribe to the quarterly

day updates.

The other solution, is to buy a new full card when you think you need it. The advantage is that if your TomTom has a

Europe map, you can buy a France map alone (depending on your needs

compared to mapping outside France) which may be

cheaper than Europe updates. There are frequent

promotions on the cards, just watch for them.

You don’t have to do the updates either. If the card in your

possession suits you, why change it? How often did

update your paper maps? In this case you may not have

access to future news that may be related to


It’s up to you to choose according to your needs and means.

Gilles COSTA, Géomètre-expert

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