Tom Hanks’ Wonders That Thing You Do! Will be reunited for a live event

The Wonders from That Thing You Do! are back together again this week for a special live event. Tom Everett Scott, Jonathan Sheh, Ethan Embry, Steve Zan and Liv Tyler and some special guests will watch the 1996 movie live and comment on YouTube. A fictional group once again raises money for MusiCares, which supports musicians and tour operators who are currently not working because of the current situation in the world. They also pay tribute to the late Adam Schlesinger, who created the legendary work That Thing You Do!

Tom Everett Scott, Jonathan Sheh and Ethan Embry were reunited in 2017 as The Wonders to perform that thing you do in a damn comedy jam with Bill Burr. Steve Zan was unable to attend the performance. The other actors have not communicated with each other for a long time. That’s what Amber should have said about what you’re doing! A reunion.

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We haven’t been together for over 20 years and we wanted to organize it to honor Adam Schlesinger’s gift to us through his music. That’s why we chose MusiCares to draw attention to what they do for professional musicians at times like this. It’s gonna be so much fun.

This Friday the 17th there will be a special event live from Wonders. April, at 16:00 PST (Pacific Time) and 17:00 EST (Eastern Time) Ethan Embry and the rest of the cast have promoted the event on social networks and want fans of the film to prepare their copies for a live broadcast. We don’t know if the director of the film, Tom Hanks, will be part of the party, but for now he has nothing else to do. On Saturday evening Hanks surprised the audience live at the weekend with a monologue from his kitchen.

Tom Hanks wrote and directed That Thing You Do! about a fictional band called The Wonders. Although it’s not a real band, its story has been told countless times by real bands who fired their shots at once and then secretly disappeared. To tell the story of a band that tried this in the sixties, Hanks needed a song that he could play over and over again in a movie so people wouldn’t get tired. The front man of The Fountains of Wayne, Adam Schlesinger, gave up his song and didn’t expect an answer.

Tom Hanks and producer Jonathan Demma loved what Adam Schlesinger wrote for That Thing You Do! and it’s a title track that was later nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. After the release of the film, the song entered the charts all over the world and to Schlesinger’s big surprise it became a real hit. Tom Everett now pays tribute to Scott, Jonathan Sheh, Ethan Ambry, Steve Zan and Liv Tyler Schlesinger and informs musicians who are not currently working. You can subscribe to the official Wonders YouTube channel and watch the live broadcast of the event this Friday.

On this Friday the 17th. April at 19:00/4:00, VERY FIRST lonely friends gather for the public party That Thing You Do! We have the whole band AND @LivTyler + a few more surprised guests live with fundraising commentary for @MusiCares!

– Ethaan Embryo (@EmbryEthaan) 13. April 2020.

Collect your copy of the film, log on to the YouTube channel ⬆️ and we’ll all watch That Thing You Do! TOTHER!
In honour of Adam Schlesinger, who wrote and recorded the title song, we are going to raise money for COVID @MusiCares!

– Ethaan Embryo (@EmbryEthaan) 13. April 2020.

Join the group and special guests at the LIVE #ThatThingYouDo Observation Evening in support of the @MusiCares#CovidReliefFund this Friday the 17th. April, at 16:00 19:00 @[email protected] Instagram
@steve_tooth_for_realzie an.

Click here to register and come to

– Jon-a-on Sheh (@JohnSchaech) 13. April 2020

I appeal to all Oneder fans! !!
Join the group and special guests at the LIVE #ThatThingYouDo Observation Evening in support of the @MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund this Friday the 17th. April at 19:00EsT/4pmPST on our YouTube channel.

– Tom Everett Scott (@TomEScott) 13. April 2020.

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