Tokyo Ghoul: in What Order Should We Follow the Series?

With three seasons under his belt, a feature film but also FVOs, there’s something to lose with the adaptations ofTokyo Ghoul, a manga still being published since 2011, conceived by Sui Ishida. As the third season has just started in Japan, we have decided to give you the best order in which to follow the series. Please note that this article contains several spoilers.

#1 – Tokyo Ghoul (season 1)

The people of Tokyo have been living in fear since the appearance of ghouls, creatures that feed on human flesh. Ken Kaneki is a mere student until the day he is attacked by one of these creatures. In order to survive his injuries, Kaneki receives a ghoul graft, making him the first half-human hybrid, half ghoul, a one-eyed ghoul. Torn between two worlds, the young boy must find his place in a conflict between the GCC (Gullible Control Center) and the gullible factions, while trying to understand and master his new powers. Here is the pitch of the first season which introduces all the characters of the manga, which makes us discover the mythology of the ghouls, and which takes a close interest in the fight of Kaneki who transforms himself against his will.

#2 – Tokyo Ghoul, the live movie

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It’s not an obligation, we can follow the series without necessarily watching the movie directed by Kentarô Hagiwara. His feature-length film takes up in broad outline the beginning of the manga and retraces the story of Ken Kaneki who turns into a ghoul after being attacked. It’s another way for spectators to dive into this universe without having to watch the whole first season.

#3 – Tokyo Ghoul vA (season 2)

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Tokyo Ghoul vA picks up directly after the events of the first season, but departs a little from the manga. After being tortured by members of the Aogiri Tree, a ruthless ghoul organization, Ken Kaneki finally accepted his ghoul side. The character becomes darker in this sequel and feels less guilty about eating human flesh. Kaneki transforms (his hair goes from black to white) and joins the cause of the Aogiri Tree, even if it means betraying the trust of his friends. If you want more violence and bloody fights, you will be served with this second season, not to mention the final fight between the ghouls and the CGC. 

#4 – Tokyo Ghoul: Jack / Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto (OAV)

Tokyo Ghoul Jack and Pinto

Tokyo Ghoul: Jack and Pinto are two prequel OAVs that take place before the series and the manga. Jack is dedicated to meeting the two inspectors Taishi Fura and Kisho Arima while they are still in high school and shows us how the latter became a member of the CGC. This derivative is quite interesting because it allows you to learn more about this character and gives some clues about season 3. The same goes for Pinto, which brings more precision on Hori, a rather important character in Tokyo Ghoul:re. This FVO focuses on the encounter between Shu Tsukiyama and Chie Hori in high school

#5 – Tokyo Ghoul:re (season 3)

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Two years after the events of the original series Tokyo Ghoul:re introduces us to a brand new team within the CGC, the Quinx Squad, led by Haise Sasaki, an inspector who is half gulp, half human. His team is on a mission to hunt down a ruthless ghoul posing as a taxi driver. All the members of the Quinx Squad are humans with the peculiarity of being equipped with Quinques, weapons created from ghouls captured by the CGC. Tokyo Ghoule:re has been on air since April 3 in Japan and will consist of 12 episodes. 

If you like this series, we really advise you to read the manga that deepens the world of ghouls and reveals even more. 

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