Tips to use the Kona Station as an Attacker in Rainbow Six Siege

The Kona Station is a brand new gadget in Rainbow Six Siege It plays like a Tactical Insertion Device (TID), but it’s a lot better and a lot more fun to use. It’s one of the best gadgets in the game and this guide will show you how to use it to its fullest potential.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular online games around. It’s a tactical shooter where you play as a team of highly trained counter-terrorist operatives who must use their skills to complete missions and Save The World from the clutches of terrorism. But even the most experienced players can sometimes find themselves in a tight spot: sometimes the enemy has more tools at their disposal than you do, and if you aren’t careful you could be caught off-guard. That’s why it’s a good idea to follow these tips to use Kona Station as an attacker in rainbow six siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first person shooter developed by Ubisoft, featuring 5 unique operators and an intense gameplay. In Siege you’ll have to use your operators skills to tactically take out the enemy team in fast paced matches. If you love Siege, you can add some tactical flair to your gameplay by using the Kona Station as an Attacker.

North Star adds a new Thunderbird operator to Rainbow Six Siege. He has an amazing new device, the Kona Station, that cures everyone within its reach once it’s put into action. This of course means that attackers can use it just as often as defenders, and in this guide we’ve gathered some tips to help you do just that.

This is the trap

Image via Ubisoft The first thing to look for when considering a Kona station as an attacker is its location. Generally, players place Kona stations near their allies so that defenders can easily get in and out of range and receive healing boosts. So if you see a Kona station in the middle or corner of a room with no visible sign of protection, it’s probably a trap. Defenders will strategically place them to lure you out of a door or hiding place, into their line of sight, or into an intricate gimmick-based ending. The lesson is that you should always explore your surroundings before heading to a Kona stop. Don’t let the Defenders take advantage of your desperation.

Kona Station Priorities

Image via Ubisoft word-image-8257 Even after conquering a space and defending against the Defenders, you have to understand that Kona Station has its priorities. The defenders are always dealt with before the attackers. Within the ranks of these groups, however, the player with the lowest health is healed first. This means you can camp within a radius of Kona Station and know that your teammates will be healed in a meaningful order. But it also means you don’t have to camp out if you have enough health, so feel free if the competition is to your liking.

Blue display

Image via Ubisoft word-image-8258 The Kona station is equipped with a cooling timer. Defenders can see this countdown, but attackers cannot. Instead, intruders can see a blue cone coming out of the top of the device. This indicates when the Kona station is in the cool down phase. Once the indicator disappears, you can run into the ray and get a health bonus. You should also pay attention to this indicator, because you don’t have to defend Kona Station against defenders as long as the blue cone is visible. No one can be cured.

Track Defender

Image via Ubisoft word-image-8259 Thunderbird has three operational Kona stations. As an attacker, you can use one of these options to follow the position of the defenders on the map. If you secretly try to spot them, or use a drone, you’re more likely to see a Kona station first than a Defender. Keep an eye on the devices and you’ll know roughly where your opponents are. With this information, you can bypass them and meet them in a way they don’t expect.

Capture or destroy?

Image via Ubisoft word-image-8260 The last point is a decision you have to make in any game where Thunderbird is present. Kona Station is primarily a healing center for Defenders. As the attacker, you can deal a fatal blow to your opponents by throwing a grenade at the plane and destroying it. Even if the Defenders leave, they’ll still be in Kona. Kona stations can also be useful for your own team. If you catch one, you can heal yourself with what the Defenders used, and perhaps prevent your own death by coming back to life within its range. Be smart and agree with your team on how to use these devices. If you act fast, you probably won’t have time to use them. But if the game goes on forever, the Kona station makes life much easier.The Rainbow Six Siege Kona Station is a new map in the game that has been added with the Operation Health event.  The Kona Station map is located in Kona, a small fishing village in the South Pacific. The player is located at the Kona Central Security Station, where they are tasked with securing the region from any attackers. This map is ideal for those who are looking for a medium-sized, asymmetrical map with a smaller amount of action in the game.. Read more about tom clancy rainbow six siege and let us know what you think.

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