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Tips On Buying Used Cars Syracuse For Your Business Vehicles

Tips On Buying Used Cars Syracuse For Your Business Vehicles

Buying a used car is practical nowadays, it’s way cheaper, and as useful than brand new ones. However, its practicality ends when you’ve purchased a good for nothing used car. Some people may be gleeful when purchasing a cheap used car but will end up spending more on its maintenance and repairs.

To buy a great used car, check out these tips:

1. Research on the car’s model and price

Depending on the type of business you have, a car may come in handy. If a vehicle is a necessity to develop or upkeep your business, then buying a used car can be a better, and cheaper, option. However, you must research about the car model you’re planning to buy in order to assess whether it can fill the needs of your business. For instance, if your business is into delivering, then a car with large storage space will suffice. However, if you only need a car to meet clients, then a compact car is more suitable than larger ones.

You can check the dealer’s website for available vehicles that fit your criteria since you can have lots of choices to choose from.

Also, consider the model of the car you’re about to buy. You must familiarize yourself with its price range, its features, and current trade-in value.

To have an effective research, you must focus on each and not do it at the same time. Either focus on the models and makes first, or the current prices of your prospective car. When you familiarize yourself with the model you’re about to buy, you’ll have bargaining power as you know whether you’re getting the value of your money. Moreover, it can also be valuable in getting the best car deal.

2. Research on the Car’s History

Knowing the history of the used car you intend to buy for your business is an essential tool to verify its status. You can search the internet on the vehicle’s repair history and ownership through a vehicle history report or VHR.

However, the free information you can get on commercial sites only cover the general information of the car such as the following:

  • General summary of the full report
  • Engine power, engine site, its origin of assembly, and chassis type
  • Model
  • Manufacturer

This information might not be enough to assess the state of the car. To have a full report on the used car, you must purchase or pay a fee on commercial sites such as the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) and the like. The following are what you’ll get if you purchase one:

  • History on flood repair or accident repair
  • Rental or lease history
  • Maintenance records
  • Periodic odometer readings
  • Ownership verification and history
  • Clean title

For a price, you’re able to get the information you need so that you won’t regret your purchase afterward. A history report is also essential to verify a mechanic’s statements about the car.

3. Invest in a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Another step you need to take is to let a professional auto technician or mechanic to conduct a PPI or a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle. A PPI assesses the safety, mechanical, and cosmetic condition of the car.

If there are previous repairs, a mechanic will determine if it’s correctly done. The mechanic is also responsible for pointing out potential issues and existing conditions of the car. When a thorough inspection of the used car is done, you can be confident to decide whether it’s perfect for your business needs or not.

The PPI assesses a damage previously disclosed by the dealer whether it’s still safe to drive the car or not. However, if the damage is not indicated or the seller has disclosed no damage history, then consider it as a red flag.

4. Test Drive the Used Cars

A thorough inspection is not enough to validate that the car is in good condition or not. Your business will be affected if you’ve purchased a vehicle that can break down during your drive. To avoid such circumstances, a test drive is essential.

Moreover, take your time in test-driving so you’ll really get the feel of the car’s condition. A short test may not be enough to discover the underlying conditions of the vehicle. Usually, a 10-mile drive can be sufficient.


Buying a used car in Syracuse for your business needs can be practical only if the right tips are applied before closing a deal. It’s vital that you are equipped with enough knowledge before looking for a used car. Moreover, as long as you know what needs are necessary for your business, then it will be easier to pick the right vehicle to check, test-drive, and inevitably, purchase.

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