It’s hard to stand apart from the crowd when you’re running a business. That’s because, for each product available, there are hundreds of businesses selling the same thing. In order to make gains and sales, your business needs to do something different. You need to constantly think of ways to be innovative. You also want to do whatever you can to make sure your customers feel valued. Shopping with your company should be fun and easy. An online survey is a great tool to utilize. Here are the six reasons why your company needs a mobile survey app.

1. Let Your Customers Be Heard

When a customer shops at a business, they want to feel that they can vocalize their concerns. Sometimes, customers have a problem which needs resolving. Many people are nervous to speak straight to management yet email isn’t quick enough. If your company has an online survey app, customers will be able to easily log on and discuss what’s wrong. They won’t feel pressured because they can use your survey mobile app at their leisure.

2. Creates a Closer Connection

Sometimes, customers want to tell a business what they’re doing great. They like to do this because it helps them feel closer to the business they’re patronizing. They want to feel like more than just a customer, they want to feel like someone who is valued. If they can log on and leave comments, it gives them a feeling of enlightenment. If your company receives a comment from an online survey, you need to respond back. This creates a tighter connection and more loyal customers over time.

3. Learning From Your Mistakes

People will always have complaints about whether or not you’re doing everything in your power to make things perfect. That’s because things occasionally go wrong, it’s human and business nature. Depending on what your business is, you’ll see some common complaints:

  • Temperature of food
  • Level of customer service from associates
  • Unable to find product
  • Broken items
  • Things weren’t as aspected

A survey is a great way where you can identify problem areas. If multiple people are having the same issue, your business can pinpoint problem areas and fix them. Often times, businesses don’t hear all of what’s going on because people are too shy to be vocal.

4. Helps Prevent a Social Media Fiasco

If people are angry enough, they take to social media to write a scathing review. They’ll either do this on their personal pages where it can become widely shared or in the review section of a business’s social media or website. People are allowed to voice their opinions. From a business standpoint, it’s hard to meditate the situation once the post has already been made. That’s because it will spread like wildfire. People will see that someone had a bad experience, and it might prevent them from ever wanting to use your services or buy your products. Before it gets to that point, you need to give customers an outlet where they can voice their complaints. If they fill out a survey with what’s wrong, they’ll feel that they’re actually being listened to. This will stop them from having to take to social media.

Social media is typically a last resort when people feel they haven’t been able to contact the business in any other form. Social media is huge for businesses. It’s a great tool to use to gain new customers. It’s also a double-edged sword. You want to do what you can to make sure customers are happy so that they don’t tarnish your reputation online.

5. Gives Customers Instant Gratification

When customers fill out a survey, they receive instant gratification. That’s because they feel that there is a channel of communication that they can utilize. It helps them feel if they are being listened to. Surveys can also be fun for customers. You can give them the option to enter to win a prize and you can write a thank you message to make them feel valued. Surveys are something that helps both the business and the person individually.

If you think about it, most people run to their friends or family when they have a problem somewhere. They want to talk about it. They want to be heard. Ultimately, they want to know their concerns are valid. A survey is the same thing but in mobile form. It gives them a way to voice their complaints that isn’t harmful to the customer or the business. It helps your business’s reputation because harmful words aren’t being spread from person to person.

6. Appealing to a Younger Demographic

People are all different, especially when it comes to their preferred form of communication. Some people love face-to-face interaction which is why there is always the option of a contacting a business by phone or speaking with a manager. Some people prefer to head home and type out a long-winded email. There are some, typically a young demographic, who love to do everything from their phone. Most surveys are mobile friendly, giving them the option to log right on and get it done. When someone is angry, they want answers right away. If they feel that they can just pull out their phone and fill out a survey, they might feel better. Surveys are typically easy to figure out as well.

All your business has to do is create an app or provide a link where a person can fill out the survey. Businesses are in charge. They can find specific questions that they want an answer to. They also can leave boxes where customers can type in all of their thoughts and opinions. Overall, this helps both the customer and the business work together to identify and fix problem spots.

Conclusion: Tackle Problems Head On

An online survey or survey app isn’t just something that will automatically fix everything. But it will help a company see exactly what needs to be fixed. This also helps to target problem areas at certain stores. Do you have multiple locations and some are getting complaints and others are getting rave reviews? Compare the two and see where there are inconsistencies. Are there certain geographical locations where customers want more of a certain item and less of something else? If they have the option to voice that on a survey, a business can take the steps to make them happy.

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