Time Change: the French Have Voted to Keep the Time


The European Affairs Committee had launched a wide-ranging survey of the French people concerning the time changeover and their preference between summer and winter time

Farewell to the change of heure ?

The European Union had introduced the time change in order to save energy and France had introduced it in 1976. The next change will take place on March 30 and October 27.

Since then, many opponents have been explaining that this has a detrimental effect on our health, not to mention the fact that there is no real energy saving.

Recently, the Committee on European Affairs asked the citizens of each country to decide on the continuity of the time change and their preference. Countries are also asked to choose their time zone definitively.

In France, the National Assembly announced that more than 2 million people voted. The result is indisputable, the French no longer want the time change and want to keep daylight saving time and get rid of winter time. The low participation rate in this survey is noteworthy, but this will have no impact on the next votes, is only a consultation with European citizens.

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