Since 4 February and until 3 March next, the European Affairs Committee of the National Assembly has been consulting French citizens on the issue of the time change. For this online consultation, the National Assembly announces that 94,000 responses have already been registered.

This national consultation follows a public consultation on summer time arrangements which was launched last summer by the European Commission, but for which French participation was low. Only 0.59% of the French had indeed given their opinion.

Of the 4.6 million responses from the 28 Member States, 84% of respondents had voted for Europe to abolish the half-yearly time change. An experience experienced as negative or very negative by more than three-quarters of the participants who highlighted negative impacts on human health, the increase in the number of road accidents, the lack of energy conservation.

The National Assembly writes that European transport ministers are considering the date of 2021 to abandon the time change system. Following coordination action, each Member State will then have to make a choice between summer or winter time.

The European Affairs Committee of the National Assembly wished to consult you on this subject. Your replies will be analysed and presented to the Commission and then relayed to the European institutions.

End of the time change in 2021? Daylight saving time or daylight saving time? Answers are expected.

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