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Synopsis and plot of the film

In a dystopian future, THX 1138, LUH 3417 and SEN 5241 try to escape from a society that has eliminated sex and individuality through mind control. When THX 1138 stops the drug and gets LUH 3417 pregnant, the authorities arrest them both and force them to plan their escape.

THX 1138 Film Extract

The following is a summary of the spoilers.

In the 21st century, the government began forcing people to take psychotropic drugs to erase human emotions, sexual ties and any notion of family. In addition, the government required everyone to wear the same uniform and shave their heads bald to ensure equality. They only gave benefits to police androids who wore black clothes and robbed the monks. People no longer had last names, but the government gave them a three-letter prefix followed by four digits for their ID cards, which they always wore on their badges until they died.

The film begins in the central video control center, where SEN 5241 (Donald Pleasence) and LUH 3417 (Maggie McOmie) are touring the city. LUH’s roommate, THX 1138 (Robert Duvall), works in a factory that makes androids for the police. When THX leaves the factory, speakers come to the plant to improve workplace safety. They are congratulated for losing only 195 workers in the recent period, while the competing factory lost 242.

On the way home, THX stops by the confessional to share his thoughts and prayers with the partygoers. On the way home, state-sanctioned deity OMM 0000 (James Wheaton) gives us some inspired words, “You are a true believer. Blessings of the state, blessings of the masses. You are an object of the divine. Created in the image and likeness of man, in the image and likeness of the masses, in the image and likeness of the masses. Let us be thankful that you have a profession to fulfill. Work hard, increase production, avoid accidents and be happy”.

Once home, THX takes his drugs and then watches a few holo shows, as befits a good “act”. When LUH secretly substitutes THX pills, he becomes violently ill and suffers a nervous breakdown. This substitution treatment also leads to illicit sex with LUH and THX.

Later, SEN arranges for THX to become his new neighbor to separate him from LUH. However, THX is not happy about this and files a complaint against him for illegally changing his residence. At work, THX fails at a critical moment due to a lack of medicine in his system. The control center sets up a mind block that allows THX to make the necessary adjustments to successfully do his job. The authorities then arrest THX and LUH, who discovers that she is pregnant.

The authorities then sentenced THX to prison at the same time as SEN. Most of the prisoners in the cell do not want to escape, but THX and SEN do. Using a hologram named SRT 5752 (Don Pedro Colley), they find a hidden exit and escape through it. As they escape, police droids chase them until SEN separates from the other two. THX and SRT then get stuck in the control center. There, THX learns that the government has used LUH and given its name to fetus 66691, which is in the growth chamber.

The SEN manages to find a place reserved for WMO monks. However, one of the monks notes that he has no ID card with him. The SEN has no choice but to attack him. He then flees to the children’s ward, where he interacts with the children until the police arrive and arrest the androids.

Meanwhile, THX and SRT steal two cars, with police androids hot on their heels. SRT crashes into a concrete pole, but THX reaches the city limits. He jumps out and escapes into a ventilation shaft.

With the police and androids still chasing him, Central Command ordered them to cease the pursuit. They claim that the cost of capturing THX is 6% over their budget. Only then do we learn that the city from which he escaped is completely underground. THX ends up on the surface of the planet, where it sees the sun set for the first time in its life.

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