Three Kingdoms Review Bombed After Final Update

The reviews are in! Three Kingdoms is a strategic game with unique gameplay, a great tutorial, and a very compelling story that you can play for as short as 10 minutes, or as long as you like. It will be a hit with gamers, casual or hardcore.

As time passed by, the reviews for Three Kingdoms finally dwindled away and the game’s score plummeted. From 8.8/10 down to 7.6/10. It’s as if that final update was the final nail in the coffin—or a metaphorical nail at least—of the game’s reputation.

A review bomb happens when a very positive review of a product is followed by a very negative review of the same product – a dramatic reversal of expectations. This has happened to us with Three Kingdoms: after an overwhelmingly positive review from a very positive reviewer for iPhone, we were hit by a devastating review from a very negative reviewer for iOS.. Read more about total war 3 kingdoms and let us know what you think.

News Total War Three Kingdoms reviews exploded after the announcement of the latest update. Total War Three Kingdoms was bombarded with an overwhelming amount of negative reviews after the game received the latest 1.7.1 update. Creative Assembly has announced it is suspending production to work on the new game Three Kingdoms. Fans of the game did not take it well, as the game was bombarded with criticism after the update was announced and released. On the game’s Steam page, recent reviews of the game are mostly negative, although the overall review of the game is mostly positive. Being bombarded with criticism is nothing more than a way for players to show their displeasure with controversial announcements. But you have to wonder why fans have gathered to show their displeasure. And it has everything to do with the developers’ promise to expand the northern region that has never been fulfilled. Some fans also claim that the game never explored the Three Realms it was named after. However, the update brings some changes and additions that were previously promised by the developers. This includes moving Song Mountain and Hulao Pass to their proper locations. Check out the full patch below: CHANGES TO THE MAP

  • Move Song Mountain and Hulao Pass to their correct positions.
  • Addition of impassable sections on the Yellow River to prevent completion of certain passes.



  • Reduced AI appearance when selecting faction missions that generate raiders.
  • After the Han rebuild, your faction name will be changed to Han Empire and your flag will be changed to Han Empire.
  • Favor boost for positive social order removed and some boosts adjusted based on diet.
  • Xiangyang came into the possession of Liu Biao in the year 200.
  • The friendship between Mi Ru, Sun Qian and Liu Bei was added in 200, as was the family relationship between Lady Mi and Mi Ru and Mi Fang.
  • Zhou Tai now heals 0.2% of his maximum HP every second, 5 times slower than before, and can no longer use his heals while sitting on an elephant.
  • Governors can now restore Han (or declare independence) if they control the Emperor when they reach the maximum prestige level.
  • Fixed two desynchronization errors with Cao Cao in co-op and at the beginning of game 190.
  • Fixed the fact that running the game with Chinese IME caused the loss of keyboard and mouse control in the game in some versions of Windows 10.


  • Error with annexing Yellow Tulband colonies as Han resolved.
  • Fixed a bug when retrieving a spy when leading an army
  • Fixed bug related to annexing settlements and the number of remaining action points in the annexing army.
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when approaching a colony under siege.
  • The Yellow Turban rebellion can no longer be invited to join the empires.
  • Move Han’s dilemma to Emperor Xian’s adulthood to make sure he can’t become a faction leader while still a child.
  • Removal of double-housing buildings on Black Mountain in Campagne 194
  • Fixed problem where if a faction in an alliance left the alliance, peace was automatically made, but a faction remained in the alliance war and could not leave the alliance.
  • Fixed an issue where the trade zone feature was not always working properly.
  • Fixed problem where you could annex the territory of a faction that had left your realm.
  • Fixed an issue where nothing was happening when you attacked a vassal of a member of the government; now the correct diplomatic popups appear.
  • Fixed an issue where a player would get two pop-up messages when the target of a mercenary contract was a vassal of the contracting faction.
  • If the faction executing the mercenary contract is in vassal dependence, the contract ends now and the mission expires next turn.
  • Fixed an issue where minions didn’t always have access to the option to ask permission from their master minion to declare war.
  • Nunman’s rebels can no longer make diplomatic treaties outside of war, this only applies to new campaigns.
  • Vassalization of the Neman faction through the option to occupy colonies, as the Neman faction will now properly make peace with it.
  • Fixed an issue where Nanman’s diplomatic options with Han factions were not always working properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the loyalty requirement for Nanman incorrectly unlocked the minion skill of the Han faction.
  • Problem solved where Yellow Tulband factions could not always progress and therefore could not access more diplomatic treaties.
  • Fixed an issue where Dong Zhuo couldn’t access Liu Hong’s special diplomatic option to incorporate subjects of the empire.
  • Fixed an issue where Yu Jin left Cao Cao during the first turn of the Legendary 194 campaign.
  • The pin of the Emperor of Xi’an in the 200 Campaign was moved to Xuchang to match the location.
  • Liang’s rebels in Mandate of Heaven are no longer influenced by imperial favor.
  • The Han Empire and factions like Liu Hong, led by the current/former emperor, now enjoy imperial favor.
  • Veteran units of the Northern Army now have unit hats that match the main units of the Northern Army.
  • Fixed several instances of characters appearing in the 200 Campaign when they should have already been dead.
  • Problem solved where Liu Xie could be born into each character with his unique art.
  • Xun You now has access to all the skills in his tree, allowing him to use his rotation skill.
  • Modified the text for Lu Bu’s personal victories and momentum to indicate that he gets both by defeating enemy generals in battles rather than duels, since many AI generals don’t want to duel with him.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sister Qiao event for Sun Ce was not going off.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a duplicate of Liu Xie to appear when the non-Han faction executed the Emperor.
  • Fixed an issue where the Iron General title was not unlocking properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Nunman’s children stole a weapon and riding stock from the available factions at birth.
  • The Shanyue in 200 were in harmony with the bandit culture, but the Han military group, their military group now matched their culture, allowing them to recruit more units.
  • Fixed an issue where Lu Bu did not always join the player when playing Dong Ruo in Mandate of Heaven, due to a bug in the associated events.
  • The conditions for unlocking the Liu Chong trophy, which required 15 infantry units with a spear, have been improved.
  • Fixed problem where rice fields did not produce food when raiders were bred.
  • Fixed an issue where the increase in spy slots was not applied if the campaign was not saved and reloaded.
  • Fixed an issue where Imperial units were not correctly unlocking technology in the Eight Princes campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where Lu Yan/Lu Zhang level 6 settlements were incorrectly giving a +50% bonus to faction-wide trade revenue.


  • Fixed problem that caused some settlement maps to have limestone dryness as soil type.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Yu Jin to have different abilities in custom battles and in the campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where several characters who had nothing to do with Yuan Shao had a Family Conflict ability, and added a Yuan Shu ability.
  • Fixed an issue where the faces of Nanman units could appear black at certain angles/light conditions.


  • Fixed an issue where some previously researched technologies were not displaying correctly in the Nunman tech tree.
  • Fixed an issue where the player was getting notifications and pop-ups about the Imperial Intrigue before the feature was active.
  • Fixed an issue where the notification of the first round was not always displayed on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where more than 11 admin posts didn’t fit in the court user interface added scroll bar.
  • Fixed an issue where the King of Kings user interface for Meng Huo was not updating with the correct duration.
  • Fixed an issue where some character names were displayed in lowercase when loading in battles.
  • Fixed an issue where the Faction Discredit option was sometimes available in conditions that were not valid.
  • The outdated overlay information for Cao Cao and Yuan Shao has been removed.
  • Solved a problem where a diplomatic offer to renounce the emperor had the wrong description. It was wrongly assumed that the faction offered abdication would abdicate, not the one making the offer.


  • Fixed an issue where start position processing was not performed correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Total War Three Kingdoms keep crashing?

Total War 3 Kingdoms Publishing is a UK-based company that has released a semi-sequel to the popular Total War series of games. This time around, they’re releasing the third game in the series, but, unfortunately, it’s not working quite right. So far, the game has been plagued with constant crashes and poor performance, and the company was forced to release a new patch to fix the problem. The game’s been out for a little while, so the company was hoping that they’d be able to patch things up at some point, but that’s not going to happen in the near future. Three Kingdoms is one of my favourite games – especially since its been patched to work with both Windows and Mac OS – but after the final update, it keeps crashing every single time I play. I know its a bit of a long shot, but if anyone has any advice or historical knowledge about this game, I’d be really grateful.

How do I fix the Three Kingdoms in total war?

After the release of the Chinese Three Kingdoms Strategy game series, the series has been bombarded with negative criticm on every possible online review site. The internet had become flooded with negative criticm. The recent review bombing has been attributed to the removal of a popular mod for the game, the “Three Kingdoms: Final” mod. The mod was popular due to the fact that it was a direct version of the first three games, with both the map and roster of both the Shu Han and Wu Lin factions. Both factions were based on the historical records of the Three Kingdoms. The Three Kingdoms, a turn-based strategy game with a very goofy name, is up for review on our site. This is our first time playing the game, and we’re looking forward to diving into it and sharing our impressions after the review is complete. Unfortunately, unfortunately, unfortunately.

Is Total War Three Kingdoms historically accurate?

In the West, the game has been marketed as a recreation of the historical Three Kingdoms period of China’s history, and it’s received positive reviews. However, that’s not what the developer means. While the game is based on the Three Kingdoms period, it doesn’t follow the actual events of China at the time. Total War Three Kingdoms has been a long time coming to Steam. For a long time we’ve been teased and teased with screenshots and trailers. For a long time we’ve been promised that this game is the game we’ve all been waiting for. The game we’ve all been waiting for that will finally give us the strategy game we’ve all been waiting for. The game we’ve all been waiting for that is finally going to be the game we’ve all been waiting for. The game we’ve all been waiting for that will finally give us the most historically accurate Chinese history strategy game we’ve all been waiting for. The game we’ve all been waiting for that will finally give us the game we’ve all been waiting for. The game we’ve all

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