This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021

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This week at Bungie, we’ve been hard at work on bringing a little extra fun to the Destiny universe. We are wrapping up development on Rise of Iron, the next DLC for Destiny: Rise of Iron, and we’re also prepping for the second half of Season 2 of the Destiny Player Support team.

Today we released something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. This is a big move for us, but we’re confident that this is the right thing for our community.. Read more about destiny 2 state of the game 2021 and let us know what you think.


We’re skipping Armor Mods and Exotics this week at Bungie.

As we approach closer to launch, I can’t help but think that these introductions should be kept short and sweet. So, with that in mind, I’ll make it short and sweet:

  • Have you had a chance to play Destiny 2 this week?

    • Take a look at the Epilogue. It’s very lovely. There will be no spoilers!
  • Our Destiny 2 Showcase is less than two weeks away.

  • This week, we gave you a sneak peek at several Season 15 Champion Mods.

    • Have you forgotten about it? So, here’s what I came up with:

Guardians, have fun searching for Champions.

Season of the comes out on August 24.

Destiny 2 (@DestinyTheGame) (@DestinyTheGame) (@DestinyTheGame) (@Destin 1425494097259810816?ref bad-src=twsrc%5Etfw - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021

11th of August, 2021

Time is passing us by. We have a lot of ground to cover. Last week, we delivered a large sandbox upgrade for abilities. Exotic armor and armor modifications are the emphasis this week. Let’s get right down to business.


Each Season brings new opportunities for sandbox pieces to travel up and down. Activities and encounters are one element of the jigsaw, offering new challenges for Guardians to tackle with their arsenal of tools. The Armor and Expressions Team has some observations on how a couple of your tools are evolving this week. Some will be somewhat less effective at overwhelming your opponents, but they are still acceptable choices to use in combat. Some will get a little hotter…

Team: Hello from the digital forge, where your devoted blacksmiths are at work. We’re hoping to bring certain Exotic armor outliers back into line over the coming few seasons. Though this may mean that certain high-performing favorites will be pushed to the limit, it also means that we will be able to infuse some enthusiasm into other less popular options. First, we’ll talk about something that’s been on many controller gamers’ minds since the debut of Destiny 2, then we’ll go through the specifics of our forthcoming balancing pass.

Sensitivity and Traction of the Controller

On the controller, the Traction mod seemed essential for PvP, but superfluous on the mouse and keyboard. This seemed more suitable as a balancing option than as an accessibility option. Players (including us) have long thought that the maximum sensitivity on controllers was insufficient, so we’re making some modifications to bring controller input closer to parity with keyboard and mouse input.

  • A sprint turn speed scalar option has been added (allowed values 0.3 to 0.8).

    • The Traction mod has been removed.
  • Additional controller sensitivity settings have been added (1-10 sensitivity is the same as before, 11-20 increases over that).

  • ADS sensitivity modifier was added (allowed values 0.5 to 1.5).

Exotics that regenerate quickly

Image Link 5Rz8LYs - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021 imgur

The first set of adjustments, which will be implemented in Season 15, will concern Exotics that return Super energy. These Exotics, as a group, tend to outperform other Exotic options, particularly in high-difficulty endgame activities. They may sometimes make the content seem trivialized or as if it’s the only logical way to equip your build. The majority of our modifications here are aimed at standardizing how these Exotics operate and putting a limit on how much Super uptime they can provide on their own. Some of the rewards were modified to be more liberal with their refund minimums to counteract these changes. There’s a new addition to the family as well!

Reworks and Retunes

The next round of adjustments aims to give some of the less popular options greater strength and excitement. There are a few Exotics that skipped the boat this time and need extra special attention (such as a particular pair of Hunter boots), as well as a slew of others that might use a push.


Bombardier - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021

Image Link nxgTT6G - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021 imgur

  • The Bombardiers are a group of soldiers that serve in the military

  • Forfeiture of Graviton

    • The extra invisibility duration has been increased.
    • The melee regeneration speed is now affected by the amount of opponents in close proximity.
    • Your Recovery is significantly enhanced when you are invisible, and your weapons reload much faster.
  • Pants of Fortune

    • The Hand Cannon Holster mod was added, and the following functionality was replaced:
    • “For a limited time, each strike against a combatant from a fully-loaded Hand Cannon that delivers Kinetic damage or damage matching your subclass energy type doubles the damage of the following shot.”
      • Hawkmoon won’t be able to one-shot a raid boss with these legs, unfortunately. Other Hand Cannons, on the other hand, will gain a fun advantage in battle!
    • What is the difference between a Hand Cannon Holster and a Hand Cannon Holster mod? A new kind of mod that allows you to reload stored weapons. More on it later…


IcefallMantle - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021

Image Link jvBX11S - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021 imgur

  • Scars that are priceless

    • When you kill an opponent with a weapon whose damage type matches your subclass type, you will now get a burst of healing and additional Recovery.
  • Mantle of Icefall

    • The slower class ability recharge scalar has been removed.


TheStag - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021

Image Link eejr5aM - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021 imgur

  • The Brow of Verity

    • Changed to trigger when you receive a weapon kill with the same energy type as your subclass.
    • The grenade damage boost has been increased to 20% each stack (up from 10 percent ).
  • The Stag

    • Allies who are standing in your Rifts will take less damage.
      • 25% of the time is spent on fighters, while 15% of the time is spent on players.
  • Spur of Promethium

    • Has the following features:
    • Solar weapon kills grant you class ability energy when standing in a Rift.
    • Solar weapon kills drain your class ability energy and create a healing/empowering Rift at the target’s location when your class ability energy is depleted.

Keep an eye out for additional changes that may occur as a result of this. Our aim for the next several Seasons, particularly with the release of The Witch Queen, is to broaden the range of entertaining and powerful options accessible to players in both PvE and PvP.

Oh, the finders, scavengers, and holsters!

We’re also making some adjustments to mods that have an impact on the ammunition economy. In both PvP and PvE, using double ammo scavenger modifications makes it much too simple to achieve 100 percent uptime with special weapons. We think this is a significant influence in how oppressive some Special weapons seem in PvP. Reducing their efficacy is a step in the right direction, and we’re willing to reconsider this based on how it performs in the wild. We’re also working on improving Ammunition Finder to make earning Special and Heavy ammo in PvE a little simpler, as well as adding a new kind of Leg armor mod that reloads stored weapons.

  • Ammunition Locator

    • Have a higher probability of spawning ammunition on main weapon kills, and an even higher likelihood with Exotic Primaries.
  • Scavenger

    • Scavenger modifications of the same kind can no longer be duplicated.
  • Holster

    • This is a new kind of leg armor mod that, over time, reloads stowed weapons of the same class.
      • Multiple copies of the same kind of Holster mod will speed up the reloading of ammunition.
    • Auto Rifle, Fusion Rifle, Grenade Launcher (Power), Hand Cannon, Linear Fusion Rifle, Machine Gun, Pulse Rifle, Scout Rifle, Shotgun, Sidearm, Submachine Gun, Sniper Rifle, and Trace Rifle will all have Holster modifications.
      • Eriana’s Vow is not included in Hand Cannon.
      • Holster modifications will not be available for Rocket Launchers, Breech-loaded Grenade Launchers, or Bows since we didn’t want to impact any weapon with a magazine size of 1.

Cells of Warminds Interlinked.

To put it bluntly, they are presently too strong.

This comes as no surprise. We could tell they were powerful even before they were introduced. That was the goal all along! They were only supposed to survive about a year when they were made, so we could experiment with something interesting and tasty knowing that they wouldn’t be destroying things forever with the power of Rasputin’s exploding fury. They’d have their day in the spotlight, but they’d ultimately fade away to make way for the next big thing. We believe it is essential to lower them down to be more in line with what the rest of the sandbox is capable of now that they can stay viable in endgame content forever. It would create continuing issues with activity design and weapon rewards if we didn’t.

  • Cells of the Warmind Base

    • Warmind Cells’ explosion/effect range has been reduced (10-6 meters).
    • Warmind Cell explosion damage has been reduced (formerly 200-400, now 50-250).
  • Global Presence

    • Increase the Global Reach mod cost to 3.
    • Reduce the radius increase from 20 to 10 meters.
  • Suppression of Cells

    • When employing Cellular Suppression, reduce the length of the suppressing effect (3 seconds 2 seconds).
  • Rasputin’s wrath

    • Bonus Solar damage has been reduced from 100-200 to 25-100.

Wells of the Elements

Two Elemental Well modifications have been updated to make them more competitive with other Combat Style mods.

  • Elemental Armaments now has a higher probability of spawning an elemental well depending on the enemy’s tier.
  • Font of Might’s basic duration has been raised to 10 seconds, and the damage boost has been increased from 10% to 25%.

That’s all there is to it! We’ve covered abilities and armor, so all that’s left is weaponry in the sandbox. We’ll see you next week for the last flight check of Season 15.

Iron Lord Approved

Last season, Lord Saladin introduced several new weapons to the Iron Banner for Guardians to acquire. In the Crucible, Riiswalker was a force to be reckoned with, and Archon’s Thunder has the potential to do the same in PvE. Two new weapons will be available next Season: the Forge’s Pledge Pulse Rifle and the Peacebond Sidearm, both of which will be accessible via vendor packages, bounties, match prizes, and the Seasonal Iron Banner task.

JJ S15 IronBanner Weapons - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021

Image Link VeIX0Tu - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021 imgur

But wait, there’s more…

Saladin hasn’t brought a new set of armor to earn in a long time. These components worn by previous warriors have been retrieved from the depths of forgotten oceans and are once again ready for combat. The Iron Forerunner set is now available.

JJ S15 IronBanner Group 16 9 - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021

Image Link 6wpgROO - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021 imgur

We’ll be adding the Iron Lord’s Pride intrinsic perk via this set starting next Season. When you wear a piece of this armor, you have a tiny chance of getting an Enhancement Prism at the conclusion of an Iron Banner battle. The probability rises with each additional item worn, up to a maximum of four pieces. Use the wrath of an Iron Forge to defeat your enemies. Do not be merciful.

You’ll be able to start collecting all of these new prizes in just a few weeks. Keep an eye out for updates!

Fireworks Bundle – Prime Rewards

The Destiny 2 Showcase will be held on August 24, but we have a few treats for Prime Gaming members to keep you occupied till then. We’ve prepared some holographic fireworks in case you feel like expressing yourself in the Tower after the performance. There’s also an Exotic Sparrow with an explosive contrail for speed, but it doesn’t have time-travel powers, so you won’t be able to get closer to the display.

detail tab1 card1 2x - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021

Image Link c2lfWLF - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021 imgur

  • Exotic Emote: Fireworks
  • Exotic Ghost Shell on the Fast Lane
  • Exotic Sparrow at Vanishing Point
  • Legendary Ship VOR PYL VIII

It’s simple to join! Visit our website to learn more. 360049498571 Prime Gaming Support for Destiny 2? ga=2.56285547.1579588578.1628452028 896716276 - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021

For further information, see the Prime Gaming Support Article, and be sure to connect your account on the Prime Rewards website.

Sandcastles’ Support

D2 DPS Gif - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021

Image credit: imgur

Even on weeks when there are no major game updates, the Player Support Team is ready to jump in and put out any fires that may arise. They have the complete information on a minor glitch with a quest that was addressed this week.

This is the outcome of their investigation.


Players who are having problems in the game are urged to post them in our Help Forums, where other players, volunteer Community Moderators, and Destiny Player Support may assist in answering inquiries and escalating concerns.

Please provide the following information when reporting a problem to assist us in our investigations:

  • A thorough explanation of the problem.
  • What you were doing at the time.
  • Where did it happen in the game?
  • If appropriate, a picture or video showing the problem.
  • If an error code was received, make a note of it.
  • The platform on which you were playing and the character you were using.

Players should also have a look at our 360054863011 Destiny 2 Year 4 Known Issues and Vital Information - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021

Before reporting problems, check the current Season’s Known Issues page to make sure they aren’t already under investigation.


From the PreviousSeason - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021

On’s previous Season page, users may retrieve Season Pass prizes that were left unclaimed during the previous Season. Season of the Chosen players will have until August 24 to redeem any previously earned Season Pass prizes from Season of the Chosen. Season of the Splicer awards will be added to the Previous Season page once Season of the Splicer begins.

Players have to achieve the appropriate Season Pass rank during that Season in order to get prior Season prizes. Players should be aware that they may only claim previously earned Season Pass prizes for the most recent Season; unclaimed awards from past Seasons will become permanently inaccessible.


While we continue to look at different options, 360054863011 Destiny 2 Year 4 Known Issues and Vital Information - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021

known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our ?tg=Help - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021 #Help Forum:

  • The “As Prophesied” quest is available to players who have completed their quest inventory. This quest may be found in the Quest Archive once again.
  • Players should wait for the countdown to finish before pressing anything to watch a cutscene at the conclusion of the latest Override mission.
  • Subtitles and names are missing from several messages in the H.E.L.M. and Eliksni Quarters.
  • Players in a fireteam may sometimes be unable to watch seasonal cutscenes.
  • On Grandmaster difficulty, Champions cannot spawn in the Warden of Nothing’s final boss chamber.
  • While on Europa, the Exo Stranger’s Weekly Challenge erroneously instructs players to destroy opponents by utilizing Stasis. To advance in this challenge, players must fight opponents while not on Europa by utilizing Stasis.
  • After the end of Solstice of Heroes, some players’ inventories still contain Solstice Key Fragments.
  • When you fire The Last Word, the Laconic ornament ejects bullet casings, while the basic weapon does not.

Players may consult our guide for a complete list of Destiny 2’s current problems. 360054863011 Destiny 2 Year 4 Known Issues and Vital Information - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021

Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our ?tg=Help - This Week At Bungie 8/12/2021 #Help forum.

Taking Grandmasters by the hand

Image credit: imgur

Grandmaster level of challenge The arrival of night may elicit a wide range of feelings in our society. Anxiety. Fear. Doubt. Optimism and anticipation. If you’re thinking about taking on the challenge, we have a few members of our community that have spent hours honing tactics and have incredible buildcrafting abilities. The following MOTW winners may be able to assist you in obtaining your first Conqueror title, which we believe is quite cool. Get to work on them now, since your seasonal artifact modifications will be changing in less than two weeks!

And, of course, we couldn’t get through this week without tipping our hat to Guardian, who is bringing back the vintage feelings…

Glassway starring Aztecross is this week’s movie of the week.

The Disgraced with EK is this week’s movie of the week.

Link to a video

Warden of Nothing with Mactics is this week’s movie of the week.

Link to a video

NEStiny 2 is this week’s movie of the week.

Make sure to include your profile in the caption of your films so we can give you a fun symbol in appreciation of your efforts.


Image credit: imgur

This week’s first selection demonstrated some cosplay ability. We haven’t gone to a conference in a long time, and it will probably be another while to keep everyone safe. In any case, we’re happy to see Guardians spend the time by making amazing cosplays.

Uldren Sov Cosplay is this week’s Art of the Week.

My Uldren Sov cosplay is now complete!!

Worked for 6 weeks, 8+ hours each day. I sewed, foam-crafted, and 3D printed everything myself. Once all of my materials come, I’ll provide a hair and makeup update (along with some more beautiful photos) in the coming few weeks! #destiny2 #cosplay #destiny2art

— LilyBlue (communications open!) 9 August 2021 (@LilyBlueArt)

Don’t Be Sad is the Week’s Art!

#Destiny2Art #DestinyArt Avoiding being upset about the epilogue tomorrow by being sorry about Uldren instead#Destiny2Art #DestinyArt

August 10, 2021 — screeby deeby (@screebyy)

When I browse the #DestinyArt / #Destiny2Art hashtags, I’m always startled and impressed. Greetings to this week’s honorees!

There are two more sandbox TWABs to go. We’ll have some interesting information on weaponry next week.

Get ready for Season of the Voop, is all I have to say. No, it isn’t the Season’s official name. I’m simply thrilled that Fusion Rifles will get a Champion mod in the next season. Not to mention the planned modifications to the Fusion Rifle, which we’ll go through next week…

We’ll talk again shortly!



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It’s been one of our staple missions to keep you up to date with all things Bungie. So let’s be honest, the last week or so has been a bit sporadic, as we’ve been working to get a large-scale update to Rise of Iron out to you. We haven’t left you out in the dark, though. We’ve been keeping you informed of our progress via our official Twitter account, and we’ve been posting lots of fun stuff on our official Tumblr, and even sharing some of our scut work on Instagram.. Read more about bungie twitter and let us know what you think.

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