This Week At Bungie 4/08/2021

This week on Bungie, we dive into the details.

The season of the chosen few has entered its second half. You face the law of evidence on behalf of Vanguard. With that, you have ended the growing conflict with Empress Cayatl and her supporters. When you’re not preventing wars, you’ll also take the time to investigate a distress signal from some kind of ghost ship in the Prezige mission, solve the mystery of the missing Guardian and discover the exotic Deadman scout rifle.

Earlier this week, we spent some time with the development team to talk about the creation of Presage, explore the various inspirations behind the activity, and take a closer look at screenshots of their work in development. If you missed the stream, don’t worry. You can watch the full recording here! And don’t forget to read our recent article on the team’s behind-the-scenes stories!

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We now look to the future. We have fun news about the upcoming Kilts for Kids fundraiser, details about Iron Banner and a new set of patch notes for Season 14, also known as the Season.

Kilograms for children 2021

We are always proud to support charitable initiatives that give players the opportunity to become world-class keepers. The head of the Bungie Foundation, Kristin Edwards, announced a new Kilta initiative for kids this week.

Christine: I can’t believe we are celebrating ten years of Kilts for Kids, our annual fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle! This is also our second annual kilt for the kids: Stay home. We show our usual suspects – Christine, Mark and Forrest – keeping their wits about them.

Check out

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Our hearts remain with the children and families who struggled with the disease during the pandemic, leaving many RCMP families isolated and facing economic hardship at a time when community support meant everything to them. Help us reach our goal of $77,000.

Go to the RMHC donation page and vote for Team Bunny by making a donation by Friday the 23rd. April, 5pm PT, donate $10 or more. Each $30 donation allows the family to spend one night in the home.

Do you need a softer stimulus? Check out these bonus rewards* for your donations to Kilts for Kids!

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  • $50 : Get a unique Destiny 2 emblem this year.
    • This emblem is still under development, and the name has yet to be determined. Unique codes will be issued by the 20th. May 2021 shipped to all donors over $50.
  • $100 : Above prize, plus you will receive a postcard signed by our Kilts for Kids team and sent to you.
  • $250 : All of the above prizes plus a digital copy of a unique new artwork created by Mark Flig Bungie himself.
  • $1,000 : All of the above prizes plus an hour-long play session on Destiny 2 with Bungie staff and other contributors of children’s skins**.
    • Dates/times will be mutually agreed upon after the fundraiser is completed.
  • $2,000 : All of the above prizes, as well as the top three donors over $2,000, will receive one of three hand-painted Destiny Vinyl Goblin figures representing the past, present and future.
    • The three vinyl figurines will be hand-painted by Bungie employees and sent to winners in late spring.

*The reward is not automatically redeemed, as we must receive the donor’s information from CHSR before we can issue the reward. At the end of the event, at the latest on Friday 30. In April, donors will receive an email detailing how to redeem each prize. Some prices will be delivered after this date.

** There will be no secrets revealed. Bungie employees have the right to refuse to answer questions that cannot be answered.

The future of iron

It’s almost time for the Chosen One’s final Iron Banner of the season. This is your last chance to complete the Iron Sharpens Iron challenge, so come on down and knock some heads! And if you’re trying to boost your power to 1325 for the Nightfall Grandmaster, don’t forget the four weekly goodies Saladin offers.

The Iron Banner

Graduation: 13. April at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time

The end: 20. April at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time

Before we leave, we want to look ahead. The season is just a few weeks away, and Saladin has a few new items up his sleeve that you can earn when the new season starts in May.

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The hand gun and sniper rifle will return, but two new weapons will also make an appearance. Our goals for the future are to continue to release some of the Year 1 weapons with random releases, but also new rewards whenever possible. It always depends a bit on the resources we have available for a given season, but we look forward to new iron banners for your arsenal.

For the future, we are planning a new armor for the Iron Banner. These sets won’t be released for a few seasons, but we’ve heard your request for new builds. As soon as we have more information, we will keep you posted! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the new weapons.

Searching for infinite balance

As we get ready for the season, there are some changes coming to the Destiny sandbox. This week we’re focusing on things that are hot, so to speak. Weapons and archetypes that must be deployed to make other aspects of Destiny’s sandbox shine. We’re also planning a bunch of little-used power-ups, linear fusion guns, and more! The current plan is to cover bonuses and weapons enthusiasts at the next TWAB at the end of April as soon as they are fixed, but we wanted to get this information out earlier than usual to keep you all in the loop!

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Without further ado, Chris Proctor, a leading firearms expert, is here again to explain our goals for the upcoming changes and give you a brief overview.

Archetypes of weapons

  • Aggressive hand cannons (120 RPM) are very prevalent in PvP, and we’ve gotten enough feedback that we want to limit them a bit without completely eliminating their range advantages.
    • The damage and aiming ability of this weapon is now reduced from 2 to 4 meters, depending on the range.
    • That halves the space they have in Beyond the Light.
  • Whirling Frame Swords – Now that the Falling Guillotine is viable forever, we need to tweak it a bit because its damage output is simply higher than any other legendary sword. With this change, we let you keep a high damage value, but reduce the overall damage value by reducing the number of heavy attacks you can perform.
    • Full Power The cost of a heavy combat round has been increased from 4 to 6.
  • Shard Damage – Some weapons (Swords and Bastion) bypass shields to varying degrees, causing numerous problems with stasis-infected enemies, encounter mechanisms, and other content.
    • We’ve removed the damage to the sword and the bastion.


  • Quickdraw – This perk allows you to increase replacement speed, but also passively boosts processing to +100. This completely removes the disadvantages of using low-fire rate weapons (such as aggressive shotguns, sniper rifles, and handguns), which we do not want to encourage. These weapons have to have drawbacks, and crafting them only with bonuses is unhealthy. We also don’t like the ability to quickly switch to the undergun with the greatest range in one shot.
    • The handling bonus is cancelled one second after switching to this weapon or when aiming the crosshairs.
    • Replacing Quickdraw with a surplus of new and existing Felwinter Lies and Astral Horizon Drops.
  • Madness – This bonus has extremely high uptime in PvE, to the point where it’s clearly a better choice than most other bonuses. We like the high power and want to keep it, but we want it to do less damage than the hard to activate damage perks.
  • Tank Burst – now increases the charger in addition to other effects, reduces overall battery damage from 33% to 25%.
    • The upcoming content requires a revision to the power level of the damage bonus, which can be activated simply by having a full magazine.
    • Wink, nudge, nudge, say no more ….


  • Lament – This weapon is an obvious way to deal sword damage, so we’re scrapping it a bit for the health of the heavy weapon variant.
    • The damage from a spinning heavy attack is reduced by about 16%.
    • Note that despite the removal of the splinter damage, the handkerchief retains the standard seam.
  • Bastion – Because we’re removing chip damage, Bastion gets something else in its place. We’ve noticed an increase in Bastion efficiency and higher than normal PvP usage. Therefore, we are making a small change here and will return to the Bastion later.
    • Unstoppable champions stun.
    • 13% increase in beam angle.

With all balance changes, we will continue to monitor how they play once they are in the game, and look for further adjustments based on our observations and player feedback.


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Sometimes the only thing standing between the guards and a successful mission is the armor. This week’s new season’s challenge required very specific equipment. Our player support team explains why some of you have not been able to progress.

Here is his report.


This week we revealed the ninth week of challenges for the season. One of the challenges, titled Suitable for Combat, required players to defeat targets located throughout the system, but did not specify that it had to be Seasonal Praffect armor. Only the season of Praefecta in the armor of the Chosen One allows for progress in this challenge.


Since the introduction of Grandmaster Nightfall we have noticed that some players who cannot be revived are being excluded from activity due to inactivity. To fix this issue in future Grandmaster night drops, players will have to open the character or director screens and go through their menus to avoid being removed from the activity. We are looking to solve this problem for next season.


As of Season 14 (May 11), we are revamping our shader system and how shaders can be applied to armor. The redesign will make shadows permanent unlocks, and all shadows in player inventories will be removed. We encourage everyone to get their shaders out before the start of Season 14 to get some legendary shine.

More information about our new shader system can be found here: Meet Adelaide.


Players who purchased Twitch gifts to gain additional features in the official Destiny 2 Twitch expansion may not notice that the gifts appear immediately after purchase. Players should visit Amanda Holliday in the Tower to see if they have received any rewards before submitting a support ticket.

For those who continue to have problems receiving bonuses, we recommend checking out the Twitch extension support article.


As we continue to investigate the various known
releases, here’s a list of the latest releases reported to us on the

#Help :

  • Only the Praefectus armor set can be used to reach 9th level. Continue with the first week of the fight season challenge.
  • Enemies are teleported in a variety of activities.
  • Some players may still have hunting season milestones on their list after listening to Osiris’ broadcast in Zavala’s office.
  • Thanks to the City of Dreams, The Challenge: Shattered isn’t done yet after Tolan’s discovery in the Rapture challenge.
  • Destiny 1 reminders may display incorrect completion dates.
  • The Legat Mark Seasonal Titan ornament is easy to install.

For a full list of Destiny 2 emergency issues, players can visit

Article Known issues. Players who encounter other problems can report them in our forums


Falling asleep

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Some may think Movie of the Week is limited to crucible montages or live action films, but we also want to use this space to highlight the creators in our community who do their homework a little earlier. The Wordos are being recruited by Guardian Games as early as this week.

Movie of the Week: Witch propaganda starts early, doesn’t it?

Video link

Movie of the Week: Click to copy

Video link

If you want to be seen, upload your video to YouTube or another hosting service and submit it to the creation page on Always include your account in the description so we know where to send the emblem.


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Every week we have more and more fun looking into our eyes. The artists of this community never cease to amaze us. Attention to detail is always a given, no creative stone is left unturned.

Art of the Week: Related

Born Free // Woven – Ottota Fanart

Read the story: #destiny2art #destinythegame #bungie qXnIcy

– Seryozha Parshakov (@milkpack) April 6, 2021

Art of the Week: The season of elected officials on handheld computers

Season of console selected#destiny2art #Destiny2

– 又甜又圆太太 @ save the USPS (@adulture) April 7, 2021

Setting up a sandbox is always a fun topic to discuss with the team. Some of my favorite conversations with my peers are about feedback on the various Perks, their usefulness in different activities in Destiny 2, and how the team could make them more appealing to players in the future. Last week we talked about bottomless sadness and iron fist, perseverance, tirelessness, etc. We will have a full list and detailed changes ready for you in a few weeks.

But aside from the dizzying scoops from the sandbox, we have a lot going on in the coming weeks. The Guardians’ games are near. The Transmog is just around the corner. The glass vault is on its way. Shit, there’s a new season of content in a month …..

Are you excited? I know.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.


2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To be on the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a compelling reason for it to be released that year. Upcoming games that are only announced and do not have a major Release Date are therefore not eligible.

By 2020, there will be a ton of… in the world of video games Here are fifteen games to look forward to in the first half of 2020.

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