This is the best way to farm equipment after the update

Outriders have made some changes with the latest update. This includes an achievement that can provide players with many legendary weapons. For example, Nintendosmash shows you how to deal with loot farming outside of expeditions after a patch.

Where can I get the best of what Outrider can fly? At the end of the game, there’s no way to get around the shipments. Not only do you find more legendary gear, but you also get loot with a higher item level.

But until you get to the point where you can challenge these expeditions at a high level, you need at least one useful piece of equipment. They are ranked 15th in the world.

So here we show you how to now effectively loot a farm and get legendary gear after the patch in Outriders.

What are the expeditions, anyway? It’s an endgame for the underdogs. After completing the campaign, you unlock mission types. They are among the most difficult content in the game and reward you with the best loot if you complete them quickly.

There are 15 games in total, but you have to unlock them by completing 15 challenge ranks.

Hunting and mineral prospecting

What are these missions? Once you arrive in Trenchtown during the main story, you’ll unlock these types of missions.

  • Hunting missions send you on a hunt for monsters.
  • Wanted missions give you people as targets

You’ll find such missions in each zone, with a total of 10 hunting missions and 10 quest missions. Not only are they reliable sources of loot, but they also have the chance to be rewarded with a legendary item.

At this point, he’s not sure how big those chances are. Before patch 1.05, it was a guaranteed legendary item, but that has changed according to the patch notes.

Before the patch, you could get 10 legendary items per hour with the achievement. Now, according to YouTuber KhrazeGaming, there’s been a legendary feature for about 35 minutes. One thing to remember.

This is how you get things done efficiently: The rewards you get from these missions are scaled according to your world level. There’s no point in moving up when you’re getting an award.

But it’s enough if you complete one of the 10 missions at the highest world level for you. So here’s what you need to do:

  • Play the hunting missions, because they are generally shorter
  • Complete 9 of the 10 level 1 missions in the world as fast as possible.
  • Then complete the last remaining mission at the highest available world level.
  • If you complete all 10 missions, you will be rewarded.
  • After completing the 10 items, you get a legendary item.

But that’s not the only way to get guaranteed legendary material: Outriders are guaranteed to give out legendary weapons – here’s how to get 3 of them.

Follow these methods and unlock level 15 of the world before you start your expeditions.

Global level 15 prepares for higher levels of shipping

That’s why you have to do it: If you reach level 15 of the world, you can find equipment up to level 42. This gives you a great advantage at the beginning of the shipment.

Because they have their own progression system in the form of challenge ranks. Additionally, there are 15 levels, and each one allows you to obtain equipment of a certain item level.

The catch: While you can already find level 42 gear at level 15 of the world, you will have to play expeditions in level 8-9 to get the same powerful gear.

You can also find these tips summarized in a video by KhrazeGaming:

More tips:

  • The merchant offers a scale with the rank of your challenge.
    • So by the time you reach rank 9, dealers are already offering devices at rank 46. You can also purchase an essential titanium tool from your dealer.
  • To make money from scrap metal, you can simply sell the equipment you find.
    • So you can easily get enough coal at a certain level. You can find particularly interesting vendors in Trenchtown and in your warehouse.
  • Don’t blindly sell rare (blue) material.
    • First, find out if they have values that are useful to you and if the mods are useful to you. You can easily upgrade this gear to epic gear (purple). So it’s worth a closer look.

As mentioned above: In the long run, expeditions are a must. But you can approach the endgame itself by being well equipped.

What do you think of the method and advice? Do you have any other useful methods or tips? Feel free to put them in the comments.

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