Therian Tornadus Weaknesses and Raid Counters in Pokemon GO

Tornadus is the Flying/Dragon-type Legendary Pokemon introduced in Generation 6. It has a Base Stat Total of 580 and an Individual Values total of 495. This means you will want to use Tornadus with a defensive team composition, or in other words, against teams that are not aggressive offensively.

Therian Tornadus Weaknesses and Raid Counters in Pokemon GO is a topic that discusses the weaknesses of Therian Tornadus, how to counter them, and what raid counters are. Read more in detail here: tornadus therian weakness pokemon go .

Therian Tornadus Weaknesses and Raid Counters in Pokemon GO

I have to admit, after following Tornauds through a series of icy slopes in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, I have a newfound respect for the valiant creature. Or, better still, what is the polar opposite of respect? Frustration and aversion? That’s correct. Tornadus and his brothers irritate me, which is why I welcome every chance to get even with them, whether they’re in their Incarnate or Therian forms. In regards to the latter, Therian Tornadus is in charge of Legendary Raids in Pokemon GO, so let’s show him some respect. In Pokemon GO, these are Therian Tornadus’ vulnerabilities and Raid counters.

Resistances and Weaknesses of Therian Tornadus in Pokemon GO

Therian Tornadus, like its Incarnate counterpart, is a pure Flying type, which means its resistances are broken down as follows:

  • Fighting, Bug, and Grass Resistant
  • Ground and Water Resistant
  • Weaknesses: Rock, Electric, and Ice

The basic stats and available moves are the main distinctions between Incarnate Tornadus and Therian Tornadus. Therian Tornadus has a 238 base attack, 189 base defense, and 188 base stamina. The CP range for this set of Raids is 1,756 to 1,837, or 2,196 to 2,296 when boosted. 

Pokemon GO Therian Tornadus Moves

Meanwhile, these are the techniques that Therian Tornadus has in his arsenal:

Quick Actions

  • Surprising (Ghost)
  • a strong wind (Flying)

The Most Important Steps

  • Hurricane Irma (Flying)
  • There is a Heat Wave (Fire)
  • Psychic abilities (Psychic)
  • Blast of Concentration (Fighting)

Counters for Therian Tornadus in Pokemon GO

Fighting Therian Tornadus is similar to fighting a regular Flying type; the best ways to deal with it are probably to zap, freeze, or toss a rock at it. While using the Ice or Rock pathways may provide you with greater DPS, it’s a hazardous strategy owing to Therian Tornadus’ ability to unleash Focus Blast, a powerful Fighting type move. As a result, you may wish to play it safe and choose an Electric type, for which Therian Tornadus has no reliable counters.

List of Therian Tornadus Counters

  • Thunder Shock/Wild Charge – Electivire
  • Charge Beam/Wild Charge – Zekrom
  • Thunder Shock/Wild Charge Raikou
  • Smack Down/Rock Slide – Rampardos
  • Smack Down/Rock Wrecker by Rhyperior
  • Spark/Wild Charge Magnezone
  • Powder Snow/Avalanche Mamoswine
  • Smack Down/Rock Slide Terrakion
  • Volt Switch/Thunder Bolt – Therian Thunderus
  • Confusion/Thunder Bolt – Shadow Mewtwo

When it comes to Electric kinds, Electivire is unquestionably the best, having stats that are nearly on par with Therian Tornadus’. Electivire will have a natural advantage against Therian Tornadus because to the typing advantage that comes from doubled-up Electric moves, and owing to its pure Electric type, it should be safe against majority of Therian Tornadus’ kit.

However, there are instances when you must battle a Legendary with a Legendary, and we have two outstanding alternatives in this regard: Zekrom and Therian Thundurus. Both of these Pokemon are innately immune to most of Therian Tornadus’ moves, plus they have far stronger base attacks than Therian Tornadus, so their Electric moves can rip right through his protections.

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