Therian Landorus Weaknesses and Raid Counters in Pokemon GO

The Pokemon GO community has been in a state of confusion recently as the game is plagued by major changes and glitches. One of these issues, therian Landorus Weaknesses and Raid Counters are some players’ favorite features that have been removed from the game.

The “when will landorus be back in raids 2022” is a question that has been asked a lot. Therian Landorus was released on October 17th, 2018 and it is currently the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon GO. It has weaknesses to some of the strongest Pokemon in the game.

Therian Landorus Weaknesses and Raid Counters in Pokemon GO

Landorus, as the de facto head of the Forces of Nature, embodies the Earth’s verdure and the power that comes with it. When Tornadus and Thundurus’ storms grow out of hand, it’s Landorus who arrives to bring them back into line. A primitive Pokemon like this shouldn’t be toyed with lightly, particularly when it’s in its beastial Therian form. In Pokemon GO, these are Therian Landorus’s vulnerabilities and Raid counters.

Resistances and Weaknesses of Therian Landorus

Landorus is a contradictory Ground/Flying type in both its Incarnate and Therian forms, giving it an odd resistant makeup. 

  • Electric, Fighting, Poison, and Bug Resistant
  • Ground and Water Resistant
  • Water is a strong opponent.
  • Ice has a double-weakness against it.

Therian Landorus is a very deadly Pokemon; although its basic defense and stamina aren’t very impressive at 179 and 205, its base attack is a whopping 289. With a maximum Raid CP of 2241 (2801 enhanced), Therian Landorus starts off hazardous and progressively becomes lethal. 

Landorus Makes a Move

Meanwhile, these are the techniques that Therian Landorus has in his arsenal. Take notice of the following, since they have altered since his previous visit:

Quick Actions

  • Shot in the Mud (Ground)
  • Extrasensory perception (Psychic)

The Most Important Steps

  • There was an earthquake (Ground)
  • the bulldozer (Ground)
  • Edge of the Stone (Rock)
  • It is a superpower (Fighting)

Counters for Therian Landorus

Given Therian Landorus’ considerable vulnerability to Ice type techniques, an Ice type is the obvious choice for a counter. However, there is a catch: Therian Landorus has the ability to employ Superpower. While Superpower is simply a mid-tier Fighting move, when paired with Therian Landorus’s strong attack, it becomes a major issue, particularly for Ice types that are vulnerable to Fighting moves.

List of Counters for Therian Landorus

  • Powder Snow/Avalanche Mamoswine
  • Glaceon – Avalanche/Frost Breath
  • Psycho Cut/Ice Beam – Mewtwo
  • Ice Fang/Avalanche – Avalugg
  • Frost Breath/Avalanche by Jynx
  • Powder Snow/Ice Punch by Beartic
  • Frost Breath/Blizzard by Vanilluxe
  • Frost Breath/Ice Beam — Articuno
  • Ice Shard/Ice Punch by Mr. Rime
  • Powder Snow/Weather Ball by Abomasnow

When fighting Therian Landorus, you’ll want to opt for stocky Ice types with excellent defense and a broad range of resistances. Mamoswine and Jynx are two strong choices for this. Mamoswine’s Ice/Ground type makes it immune to Rock and Ground attacks, and although its defense is decent, it is better than some of the more DPS-oriented alternatives. Its attack is almost as powerful as Therian Landorus’, thus it should be able to stand up to him. Therian Landorus’ stats are comparable to Jynx’s, but Jynx’s Ice/Psychic type eliminates the Fighting weakness. However, it is still vulnerable to Rock moves, so make sure its CP is high enough.

If you want to employ a Legendary, Ice Rider Calyrex and Black Kyurem are the finest choices. While they are both vulnerable to Rock moves, as well as Fighting moves in Kyurem’s case, their basic attack and defensive numbers are more than enough to deal with Therian Landorus, particularly when Ice moves are doubled.

The “when will landorus be in raids again 2021 ” is a question that many Pokemon GO players are asking. The answer to this question is unknown, but it’s likely that we’ll see Landorus in raids again soon.

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