‘There’s no point in playing a big brand like IPL 2020 behind closed doors’

Former IPL President Rajeev Shukla has also stated that the fight against the pandemic is currently a priority.

Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoney. (Photo: Robert Cianflon/Getty Pictures) The persistent situation with the coronavirus in recent months is damaging to human existence. The spread of the new coronavirus has killed more than 90,000 people worldwide and the whole world has had to endure a blockade to fight the virus. In India, the country is currently in 21 days of isolation to fight the pandemic.

In India there are more than 6,000 positive cases of coronavirus and more than 206 deaths. In these difficult times, the feasibility of IPL 2020 seems very bleak. The long-awaited tournament was scheduled for the 29th. Early March. However, after the appearance of KOVID-19, the tournament was moved to 15th place. April postponed.

Given the current situation in the world, the possibility of launching an IPL seems insignificant. Several reports also suggest that the tournament could be cancelled this year or planned at a later date, the year before the T20 world cup in 2020.

Nobody takes a risk: Madan Lal

Meanwhile the Indian veteran Madan Lal has also spoken out about the usefulness of the tournament. He said no one in such a critical situation would dare take a risk. However, according to Lal, IPL is a great brand and it is useless to play games in empty booths. He believes that in addition to the players and fans of the tournament, people are also involved in activities such as travel, organization and broadcasting.

IPL is a great brand. But the Council cannot take a decision until the situation has improved and the coronavirus has disappeared. Right now he’s on the highest step. No one will take risks, Madan Lal of India is quoted today as saying.

There’s no point in playing IPL games for empty booths. This not only concerns players and fans, but also other people who are involved in the process during the trip, the organization, the broadcast, etc.

Former IPL president Rajeev Shukla also said that the fight against the pandemic is a priority right now. Given reports that the ban has been extended, the possibility of an IPL 2020 in the near future seems depressing.

I don’t see any preparation, our priority is to fight the coronavirus and save people. You see, it all depends on what the government decides. We’re going through a government decision. We have heard that in this situation the lockdown may continue if it is thought that the IPL will be terminated before the 15th anniversary of the IPL. April can happen, so it seems impossible, Shukla said.

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