The World of Narnia Resurrects Well With a Brand New Movie Coming Up!

The last time we heard about the World of Narnia and its future in film was last January. Rumours were then echoing‘a reboot of the franchise, while adapting the sixth volume of thesaga, the Silver Armchair. With no news for eight months, one might have thought that the project had fallen through, but in the end it didn’t! The project is well and truly underway, but before we talk about it, we remember the magic of the first opus with this trailer.

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TriStar Pictures at the controls

The producer Mark Gordon (Save Private Ryan, Steve Jobs…) and the TriStar Pictures studio (Hook, Jumanji…) have finally decided to join forces to finance the new film, confirming at the same time that it will be the adaptation of the Silver Armchair.

In this book, set 10 years after The Dawn Traveller’s Odyssey , we follow the adventures of Eustace, cousin of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. Transported to Narnia with his girlfriend, Jill Pole, he’s going…

have to find Rilian, a young prince who succeeded Caspian, who disappeared shortly after his mother’s death.


A total change of cast

If we don’t talk about reboot anymore but about suite, the decisions taken a few months ago still seem to be valid : no original actor should be present in the film, and the saga welcomes a new scriptwriter in the person of David Magee (The Odyssey of Pius, Neverland…). In short, we forget the first two films produced by Disney as well as the third one financed by Fox with brand new teams.

For the moment, no new names or even a director inview. We should still find Aslan, the most charismatic lion of the cinema (behind Mufasa of course).


Knowing that the script is not even written, we will have to be patient, but the project has the merit to be launched. Let us recall that if the first film, The Lion, the White Witch and the Magic Wardrobe, released in 2005, was a great success, and the two following films had a more mixed reception. The trilogy still brought in a total of $1.6 billion at the world box office

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