The Witcher Season 2 – Shooting Starts in Budapest

“Throw a penny to The Witch”! As Netflix unveiled last week the first season of The Witcher, we already know the date for the start of shooting of season 2. In Budapest, Hungary, the entire team will meet on 17 February to kick off the festivities.



Will you have a little more of this? Netflix, who created the event with The Witcher, is about to launch the shooting of season 2. The Lauren Schmidt Hissrich series will indeed be back for a second round of episodes, and that’s good news for fans of the universe. What’s on Netflix announced the shooting date on December 23rd. As in the first season, the shooting will take place in Eastern Europe. From February 17th in Hungary, the team will meet again to launch the production of this second season, which will include 8 episodes. London should also host the casting for some indoor scenes.

As far as casting is concerned, Netflix remains discreet and does not announce any other actors for the moment. We will obviously find Henry Cavill in the skin of the white wolf, while Yennefer will again be embodied by Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan will lend her features to Ciri. We should also get Joey Batey back as our favorite bard, Jaskier. No doubt the character will come to sing a song.


What can we expect from season 2?

This season 2 will certainly be an opportunity for Netflix to explore the past of the wizard. Briefly discussed in the first season flashbacks, the witch’s training should be revealed in this second salvo of episode. Geralt and Ciri, finally reunited, will go to Kaer Morhen, the fortress of wizards, to master the girl’s powers. This will certainly be an opportunity for Netflix to introduce a new character, Geralt’s Mentor, Vesemir. To embody the character, several names are announced such as that of the Jedi Master, Mark Hamill. It was in a Reddit post last year that showrunner Lauren Hissrich described her version of the character: “A wise, paternal and quick-witted man”. Very quickly, Luke Skywalker’s interpreter was mentioned by Internet users before the actor himself said “I have no idea what it is or even what it’s about, but I agree that it could/should be played by me”. Not sure Netflix can afford it, however, as the actor is one of the highest paid celebrities of 2019. Even so, we would love to see him once again slip into the shoes of a father figure, a sort of medieval Jedi master.

As for when this second season will be unveiled, we’ll have to wait a little. If production lasts as long as the first season, the series will not be available until spring 2021. So you will have time to read or reread Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels, whose series is adapted.




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