The Witcher Has Become the Most Popular Series in the World Ahead of the Mandalorian.

Unloaded on Netflix on December 20th, the series The Witcher didn’t take long to find its audience. And once again, the press and spectator critics are separated by a real gap (59% versus 93% on Rotten Tomatoes). The general public is enjoying the show, making The Witcher the most popular series title in the world at the moment.

Much appreciated by many, the series The Witcher has succeeded in dethroning The Mandalorian to become the most popular series in the world according to data collected by the Parrot Analytics site. As reported by Business Insider, The Witcher is the most requested series of this year-end. A popularity that could have made it the most popular Netflix series of the year in the United States if season 3 of Stranger Things had not been released in 2019.

To measure the popularity of a series, Parrot Analytics does not only base its popularity on the number of spectators but also on the desire and commitment it generates. Thus, this popularity will also take the direction of social networks and search engines And for the week of December 22-28, The Witcher was the most popular series in the world, ahead of The Mandalorian. Of course, the Netflix series will soon be dethroned, certainly by another extremely popular work.

Despite mixed criticism of it from the press, The Witcher appealed to the general public. A season 2 of eight episodes has already been ordered and shooting is scheduled for next February. To top it all off, there were rumours that Netflix had contacted Mark Hamill to offer him the role of Vesimir, mentor to Geralt de Riv played on screen by actor Henry Cavill. If all this materializes, it goes without saying that The Witcher could well, once again, take first place on the podium of the most popular series of the moment.

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