The Walking Dead: Whisperers Are Coming in Season 7?

Currently, the situation is very complicated for Rick and his band in season 7 of The Walking Dead. Daryl is still in the clutches of Negan and the Saviours continue to spread terror among our heroes. However, the group led by Lucile’s owner may well have to put its ambitions aside with the arrival of a new community of survivors: the Whisperers. Potentially revealed in the teaser for episode 6, they have not yet been confirmed. 

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The following is full of spoilers for people who don’t read comics. Feel free to run away or Continue reading Sincerely, the Editorial Board.

In Season 7, several survivor communities have already been unveiled: The Sanctuary of Negan, the Kingdom of Ezekiel and Gregory Hill. Three new bands of humans whose sole purpose is survival. However, while some are trying to save the great beasts of the old world, others prefer to increase the hole in the ozone layer by burning mattresses. All four groups (including Alexandria) are in danger of a whole new danger: the Whisperers.


The Whisperers have a very special characteristic, their camouflage. In order to mingle among the surrounding undead, the community puts on masks made of zombie skins and whispers to communicate. Hidden among the marchers, these survivors move among the hordes and mark their territory with spikes. On these spikes are planted the heads of their victims, a charming decorative element. 


The teaser for episode 6 of this season’s episode may well have revealed this new community in a very brief way. For a split second, a few special walkers reveal themselves. So, are they really Whisperers or are they just the undead with the weirdest mugs? Assuming they are indeed members of the new community, it wouldn’t be the first time this comic book community is teased in the show. Season 3, Episode 12, Morgan informs the survivors that he encountered people wearing death masks.


However, the arrival of a new band of survivors would completely change the pattern of this season. An alliance will certainly have to be created between the groups already revealed. However, in an interview with, showrunner Scott M. Gimple announced that Negan should continue to enslave Rick and his gang for some time to come, at least in a less literal way:

If we’ve managed to get this far without revealing anything about them, it’s because I’d like our audience to discover this group on screen. I’ll tell you what, it’s not the Whisperers. I’ll also tell you, that it’s not impossible that the Whisperers are following or that some of their aspects will be revealed earlier than in the history of comics, but certainly not so soon.

In the Comic Books the Whisperers are only revealed several years after the misadventures between Negan and Rick’s gang. Even though this undead-faced group is not part of Season 7, some elements can be teased out so that the new group will be the focus of next season’s plot. 

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