The Walking Dead : Here Are All the Infos of Season 9 About Time Jumping

The ninth season of The Walking Dead will mark the beginning of a new era. Writers no longer have much choice and must start from scratch if they want to maintain a certain level of interest among spectators disappointed with the plots since the sixth season. We will thus be entitled to a real reboot, notably because the story will start again several years after the final of season 8, but especially because Andrew Lincoln, the star of the show, will very soon leave the series. While waiting for the first images that will be unveiled like every year at the Comic-Con in San Diego the new showrunner, Angela Kang, has done a series of interviews to explain the changes to come following the leap in time and what awaits our heroes in the next episodes. 

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A civilization to be rebuilt

Kang didn’t want to say whether we’ll go back to the story two years after the All Out Wararc like in the comics, but she made it clear that the time jump would be big enough for the world to have changed around our characters. 

With this leap in time, we will see new looks for our heroes and new atmospheres. There are more and more things built by man that will fall apart. Nature will clearly regain the upper hand. Survivors will also use more edged weapons, as there will simply not be enough ammunition left. This is a new chapter for them. We are now thinking more about how people evolve and how they will succeed in building a future. They’re really going to think about what it means to be a civilization.

Rick and his crew, like the public, will discover a whole new world to rebuild, where will put aside cars and technology in favour of horses and more primitivetools, as Angela Kang explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. The weekly took advantage of this interview to show a new image of Michonne in this archaic environment. 

We will explore what happens when resources become scarce. There is a rather fun western atmosphere that has emerged. We are entering a time when the things we have seen in previous seasons are broken, so they are riding horses and carriages instead of cars. They use oil lamps and different weapons. I think it will be fun and refreshing for the audience.

Where are Rick, Negan and Maggie?

Although Rick will be leaving the show during the season, the showrunner has indicated to TVLine that the former sheriff will use the loss of his son to create something positive. Contrary to previous seasons, the leader will become optimistic again to guide his community in the best possible way. 

He made an unexpected decision (saving Negan at the end of season 8). He has arrived in a place where the goal is no longer just survival. Today he wants to build the future that Carl has imagined, so he begins the season in a peaceful setting. But this is The Walking Dead there’s danger at every turn.

So Rick is preparing a future for himself and his companions, but we must not forget the terrible Negan either. The former leader of the Saviours will have a strong presence in the new season and should soon tire of his situation behind bars.

His incarceration will be part of history. Being locked up will be very boring for him, especially for someone like Negan who is used to being in a leadership position. We will see how things develop for him, as the community sees him as a kind of monster living in the basement. But I think Negan will surprise the fans!

Maggie’s life will be happier when we discover the new episodes (after two seasons, it’s time for her to have her baby). Nevertheless, she will still hold a certain resentment towards Rick for not eliminating Negan. The fact that Glenn’s killer was not killed weighs heavily on her. The young woman will have to figure out for herself what she needs to do to deal with this problem. As for the Whisperers, who are Rick’s next enemies in comics, Angela Kang preferred to remain evasive by just explaining that there would be of the fun stuff from the comics that should pleaseviewers. We may have more answers during the San Diego Comic Con from July 19 to 23, otherwise we will have to wait for the October broadcast on AMC.

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