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seems to me that the thickening has become much more pronounced in recent years as even high school characters have suddenly gained enough “narrative” relevance to cause severe back pain.

But as men of culture, we must remember that roundness is only an approximation of the female form!

So today, we’re looking for the best and prettiest flat (uh, athletic) cartoon girls.

25. Nezuko Kamado

Anime: Demon Hunter

When it comes to Mo’s raw power, Nezuko is almost invincible.

When it fights, it looks like a ferocious demon, but in a good way. And when it’s in its basic form, you want to eat it right away.

And don’t tell me about the scene where Nezuko cringed and started running across the room with Zenitsu following her. I only survived that year because I had that scene looped in my head.

24. yuzuru nishimiya

Yuzuru Nishimiya in A Silent Voice

Anime: The Silent Voice

Shoko and Yuzuru are both too pure for this world, but probably because Yuzuru is better suited for this list. So we’re going to focus on her.

Being slightly younger, she even uses her looks to her advantage by acting like a boy and hunting bullies in disguise.

But when she lets her guard down, she becomes a workhorse, just like her sister.

It is also important to note how mature she is for her age. Honestly, she usually feels like a big sister in this regard.

23. Himeko Inaba

Himeko Inaba from Kokoro Connect anime

Anime: Kokoro Connect

And Himeko, the daughter of the anime who blew up thousands of heads around the world when she admitted to hitting. It was a milestone, that’s for sure.

And although she continued to fight to keep everyone happy and in line, I think I speak for all of us when I say that, ironically, she was the show’s greatest success.

I don’t usually like the dynamics of a love triangle. But given who was involved, I can certainly understand it.

22nd Akatsuki

Akatsuki from Log Horizon anime

Anime: Log Horizon

She’s a ninja and her name is Akatsuki? There’s a joke here somewhere about Naruto.

Akatsuki just had the perfect combination of stealth and warmth as she excellently fulfilled her duties as spy and assassin. But she knew so little about flirting that winter thawed my icy heart.

She has a very controlled Tsundere aura, and her special ability to inflict +5 damage on all opponents who talk about slips has proven to be very effective!

21. kyouka jirou

Kyouka Jirou in My Hero Academia

Anime: My Heroes Academy

Who doesn’t love rock and roll in Wyfu?

Chiru was quite popular from the moment he appeared on screen, but he fell off after a while because he didn’t attract much attention.

and then the cartoon god shared the sky and gave us a high school concert bow, and we all remembered how to make Jirou vibrate!

Not only does she sing like an angel, but her genuine passion for music is just inspiring. It’s time to download Fruity Loops, guys!

20. Hanako Honda

Hanako Honda from Asobi Asobase

Anime: Asobi Asobaza

Hanako is certainly not for everyone, I can admit.


Because I’m pretty sure she’s really crazy. She was so overwhelmed, she set the restaurant on fire with the push of a button. And her jealousy got her a Salem Witch trial for a misunderstanding.

And yet, somehow I find them fascinating.

Probably because she always makes me laugh. I mean, she’s also very rich, if you like that kind of thing.


Shiro from No <a href="">Game No Life </a> anime’ class=’wp-image-356374′ data-lazy-src=’’ src=’data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=’’%20viewBox=’0%200%200%200’%3E%3C/svg%3E’><noscript><img alt=Game No Life anime’ class=’wp-image-356374′ src=’’>

Anime: No Game No Life

In my heart, Shiro belongs to the same category as Nezuko, because she is so cute that all you want to do for the rest of your life is stroke her head.

But it can also be scary.

But unlike Nezuko, you won’t be afraid of Shiro’s fists, but you will be afraid of his intelligence. I mean, she’s part of the duo that defeated a god at chess. So God knows you’ll never win an argument in your life.

18. The bloodfalls of the tar of the soul

Shalltear Bloodfallen from Overlord

Anime: The Overlord

And we are in mortal danger again.

Although Shalltear looks like a pretty English girl who probably loves tea and scones, she is in fact a blood-sucking vampire. And one of the most powerful creatures in the entire series.

Even the scary skeleton had to do his best to take down the little lady of Armageddon.

It is also important to note that their temperament is not one of their strongest points, so be careful.

17 Beatrice

Beatrice from Re: Zero anime

Anime: Re: Zero

I’ll be honest: at first, I didn’t like Beatrice very much.

It made me laugh a few times, and his voice is a godsend, but it was largely overshadowed by the raw power of Ram Waifu.

But after a certain arc in history (and you know which arc I’m talking about if you’ve taken everything), well, then it came on my list.

She suddenly had a more sensitive and fragile side to her usual charming candor, and this oombo combination was too strong for me to overcome alone.

16. izumi konata

Izumi Konata from Lucky☆Star

Anime: Lucky☆Star

What makes Izumi so great is that she is literally one of us.

She is an otaku who spends her days watching anime, reading manga, or playing MMORPGs as she does with her teacher.

And unlike most girls with flat breasts in anime, Izumi has the confidence of an idol. Why is that?

Like I said, she’s an otaku, so it’s literally like she’s creating her own attraction because she knows that men like me exist.

Maybe she even predicted this article, who knows?

15. Kaede Kayano

Kaede Kayano in Assassination Classroom

Anime: Attack Class

Kaede began to become that very bubbly girl who didn’t have enough sugar in her body and hated the woman with the big breasts with the passion of an entire subreddit waifu.

But then the show went on tour, and we were reminded not to judge a book by its cover.

But it didn’t last long. And she quickly returned to her bubble state.

It was a roller coaster ride, and while the destination n’t change it did make you appreciate how nice and seedy Kaede really is.

And also, impeccable taste in men.

You are drooling over the bad boy here, while Cade is aiming for the real man.

14. shinomiya kaguya

Shinomiya Kaguya in Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Anime: Kaguya-sama: Love is War

If we’re talking about a complete level, Kaguya isn’t quite there yet,…. but compared to Chika, it really seems overcrowded.

Kaguya has also become an icon in the romantic comedy genre, because “a rich man who doesn’t know how feelings work” never gets old.

Add in some cute faces and the strangest romantic match I’ve seen in a long time and you get an extremely memorable character!

13. shinobu oshino

Shinobu Oshino in Monogatari Series

Anime: The Monogatari Series

It’s time to return to the land of thousand-year-old lollipops, boys!

Although Shinobu is no longer sad in its full form, we see it in a much greater volume as the series progresses. Especially as it becomes smaller, flatter and less frightening.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s still terrifying. And her presence alone has caused too many disasters to count.

But it’s much harder to blame her when she looks at you with those puppy dog eyes!

And because this time he and Araragi don’t kill each other without thinking, we can even see the connection between them. And that’s all I was hoping for.

12. Nana Hiragi

Nana Hiiragi from Talentless Nana anime

Anime: The talentless grandmother

Although Granny is the kind of con artist who constantly gets away with self-promotion and makes you feel like you’re on screen, you can’t really hate her.

I mean, you have to at least give him credit for GG, because killing a bunch of superpowered teenagers with pure intelligence (and a random needle) is no easy task.

And yet she does it so easily that even when cornered, she gets a W.

By the way, why is his hair so fluffy? And how did the feeling of wetness translate into the anime?

11. tatsumaki

Tatsumaki from One Punch Man

Anime: Man with a Fist

I’m not the only one who says I’ll definitely be watching the fallout around Tatsumaki. It’s that little bitch you can’t get enough of, and she really has the power to run the show.

I mean, she literally dropped an asteroid once because she thought it was the way to beat the dinosaur monster.

And let’s not forget their drunken episodes, which are just as hilarious and scary, depending on who gets stabbed repeatedly.

10th megumin

Megumin in KonoSuba anime

Anime: KonoSuba

Megumin could guide a child through a minefield, and I would still like her as a character.

I don’t know if it’s because of their iconic and cute troll faces, their stupidity and inability to understand that normal cats n’t Breathe fire, or maybe it’s just their pointy hats.

Whatever happened, Megumin caused an explosion in my heart!

And now I realize that if you haven’t seen the show, that last statement may sound weird or like a medical problem. Damn, man.

9. neferpitu

Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter

Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

I’m just begging for lighthearted responses with this post, aren’t I? But I don’t care.

Because when it comes to antagonistic women, few can stand in the ring with Neferpitu.

Before she saw her destructive power and bloodlust, she looked like the most adorable cat girl.

And if you’re not bothered by the few decapitated heads turning, you can still see them in this light.

In fact, I support this view because Neferpitu is objectively fascinating.

8. my .

Mine from Akame ga Kill! anime

Anime: Akame ga Kill!

Tantrums and a sniper rifle are usually not a good combination. But it does work for me.

Especially since her weapons react to the degree of danger she is in, so cornering her is actually a huge death wish.

Did I mention that Moya is a Tsundere?

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: a small, impactful, growling, flat-chested tsundera. Why isn’t that a good selling point?

7) Azusa Nakano

Azusa Nakano in K-On! anime

Anime: N-n!

Azusa is the person in the group project who wants to start in two weeks and get the most points right away.

But if you are in Rome, relax, because all Romans seem to be playing a game or taking a nap.

As a result, Azusa became a more relaxed member of the group, only occasionally thinking about his beliefs.

But don’t worry: if she gets ambitious and starts screaming, just give her some candy, maybe a pat on the head, and she’ll probably fall back asleep.

And in sleep mode, he blesses us with an incalculable level of mo.

6) Binboda-Momiji

Binboda Momiji from <a href="">Good luck </a> Girl anime’ class=’wp-image-356387′ data-lazy-src=’’ src=’data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=’’%20viewBox=’0%200%200%200’%3E%3C/svg%3E’><noscript><img alt=

Good luck, girls.

It can be hard to have an opponent. Especially when they are literally perfect in every way.

One look at Sakura and you see action, intelligence, money, charisma, status, everything.

She is so happy that she longs for the happiness of everyone around her!

And then there is Binboda, the goddess of poverty.

As you can imagine, she’s not exactly rich, financially or physically. And yet she looks more attractive. She sets herself on the ground and generally keeps her head straight, except when people insist on comparing her posture to Sakura’s.

But who doesn’t get tired of it after a while?

5. Yuki Nagato

Yuki Nagato in The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

If you like your daily dose of Couder spices, Yuki should definitely be on your list.

Since her sole purpose is to collect data, she acts as an observer of the program, rarely, if ever, directly influencing the outcome of a situation.

And you think that means she’s boring, don’t you?

Surprisingly, no. Her ironic comments and jokes when everyone is having a good time and she’s just cold stay fresh throughout the show!

4) Fuu Kasumi

Fuu Kasumi from Samurai Champloo anime

Anime: champlu samurai

Fuu is just the right dose of optimism the series needs. Because let’s face it, without them, Myugen and Jin would have made the show downright depressing.

It constantly reflects off the walls and gives the show a warm feeling.

Now she’s not really interested in heavy women, some might say it’s because Mugen likes her, and maybe Fuu was attracted to those sick ….dance moves and it’s really easy to provoke.

But even when she’s angry, she’s still very engaging. So I can’t blame her.

3. curl-tepes

Krul Tepes in Seraph of the End

Anime: End Seraphim

I know we’ve had a vampire here before, Loli, but I couldn’t help it.

Although Krul is not very showy, and although she absolutely must be, we do have a pretty good impression of her character.

She is terrible. And may God be on your side if you ever try to put her to the test.

Even though she is small, she has absolute control over everything and everyone. Shit, I was waiting for Michaela to call her mom. That sounded weird, so let’s move on to

2. Taiga Aisaka

Taiga Aisaka in Toradora! anime

Anime: Toradora!

Even though it’s been a few years since I watched this series, Tyga is still my favorite Tsundere character.

Her story and her character are dense enough for me to understand why she is usually sunny.

And when she’s not puffing, she’s cooking Class S material. Her relationship with Ryugi was wonderful from start to finish. And she seems like a really cool person to hang out with.

Ten times out of ten, she’ll cry again.

1. Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki from Nana anime

Anime: Nana

I paid a lot of attention to the loli characters on that list. Ao I wanted to end on a real rock and roll brothel, for those of you who prefer your bums mature and restless.

Nana was such an interesting character because she had that rock-solid confidence and charisma, but also that helpful vulnerability.

She was very ambitious and wanted to reach the top of the music charts. But she also remained humble and cared deeply about her bandmates and fans.

She may have flat tits, but she has more balls than anyone I know.

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