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Have you ever wanted to create the most comprehensive list of things to do in your life? Well, perhaps you want to get a checklist for your wedding, or maybe you just want to make a list of all your favorite TV shows to watch. Whatever the reason, we’ve got a list for you! This ultimate list is a list of things to do in your life. These are things that should be on your to-do list. If you think of something that should be on this list, then email us at [email protected] with your idea for a future article!

Ever wanted to be a game developer? Ever wanted to be a sports star? Ever wanted to be…confident? If your answer to any of those questions was yes, ’re in luck I’m going to make the case for why you should try your hand at any of the things I’ve listed below.

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can be beautiful, or it can be a slow poison.

That’s why some anime heroes get the girl and others are less fortunate, completely rejected and kept at bay – because friendships want to be cherished.

For some, this may be close to the truth.

In this ranking, we look at the unfortunate side of this romantic drama by examining some of the more sympathetic characters the anime has to offer.

15. Asta

Anime: Black Clover

In my opinion, Asta has always had the best motivation when it comes to shonen protagonists, because he literally just wants to go out with a nun.

The nun in question is definitely a material waifu, so I can understand his excitement much better than if he wanted to become a ninja president.

But Lily, whose name is Lily, is not happy about the success of the one she considers one of her children.

You lost this time, Freud.

Just as the call of the rooster announces the sunrise every day, Asta calls out Lily’s suggestions every day.

And that he was then beaten with a fist of water is just as common.

Asta also gets bonus points for not realizing that not one, but two other women are interested in him.

14. Nadeko Sengoku

Anime: Monogatari

This area of friendship went so bad that it almost killed everyone.

Nadeco had a classic little sister vibe, and she was madly in love with Araragi.

Araragi, however, had an unnoticed girlfriend. And only once showed interest in her sister’s archetype while brushing her teeth.

Nadeko then became a full-fledged villain and threatened to kill most of the cast.

A very r/nicegirls approach to rejection – but there are definitely some Yanders here.

The mind-control snakes also helped with the carnage.

13. Misa Amane

Anime: The Book of Death

This one was just a little sad, because Light Misa played like a clarinet.

He even agreed with the whole love story. But anyone with a pair of good eyes could see that he cared nothing for Misa and was only interested in the power she could give him.

So he dragged her along on his biblical missions to rid the world of evil, while having a much more romantic relationship with L than with Misa herself.

And while this has undoubtedly spawned at least a hundred pieces of yaoi/bar, we still have to press F in chat for our daughter Misa.

12. deleted

Anime: Re; Null.

This is one of the most well-known and simple areas of friendship we’ve seen in anime, for a number of reasons.

Especially since Rem is the best girl. Their defeat led to at least a dozen riots around the world.

Second, because it was the most direct confession (and subsequent rejection) ever seen in an anime.

Rem put his heart on the line and started crying with joy, but only got Emilia in return.

Honestly, I can’t say who was hurt the most by this decision: Remu or the viewers of the anime.

Needless to say, both parties were probably crying in a corner somewhere.

11. Boa Hancock

Anime: One piece

This case was just super unfortunate.

Boa didn’t trust most men, and not without reason, but she could seduce any man on the street if he had something she needed.

It makes sense that she fell in love with Luffy, as he is literally the beacon of hope and morality in this series.

But it also has a fatal flaw:

This guy is denser than cement and ignores romance more than most asexuals.

But the harm has already been done, and Boa must content himself with endlessly fantasizing about their life together while Luffy searches for his fifth meal.

10. Chrome

Anime: Dr. Stone.

This one was very subtle and very useful.

Chrome had known Ruri since she was a child and had always done everything he could to help her be happy and overcome her illness.

But Chrom is a man of science, not romance. That is, he couldn’t express his feelings when it came to saving his life.

Everyone knew his feelings for Ruri, but he always pretended to be a fool or changed the subject.

It’s sad because they would have been such a strong couple.

Even when Ruri temporarily marries Senka, Chrom doesn’t back down. Instead, he claims he just wants her to be happy.

9. Kazuma Satou

Anime: Konosuba

Given that the main cast consists of Kazuma and three women, there has to be some form of romance, right?

The film finally gave us some clarity – and our boy Kazuma certainly took the L.

He tried to curry favor with our favorite wizard, but his feelings were not reciprocated.

This was after she got permission from her parents and came up with a whole scenario for them to be together.

Note that I’m only talking about the anime here, as the manga is much more optimistic about the romance.

8. Akatsuki

Anime: Horizon Magazine

In the Log Horizon universe, wearing the glasses should give you +10 Charisma or something, since both Shiroe and Krusty seem corrupted.

Akatsuki fell in love with the first of the two white-haired husbands, but luck was not on her side.

Although she immediately looked for trouble and constantly addressed him as Mr., Shiroe never considered Akatsuki anything more than a dear and chosen friend.

Ninjas, on the other hand, were not known for their seduction skills – or their ability to speak from the heart. So we shouldn’t have expected much.

Speaking of ninjas…

7. Sakura

Anime: Naruto

The first Naruto was a celebration of friendship that touched us all to the core.

Sakura was friends with Naruto, Naruto was friends with Hinata, Sasuke was friends with Sakura and Naruto, yes, a lot.

And while the romance between Naruto and Sasuke was nothing more than a logical brainwave, the accident between Sakura and Sasuke was very real.

This is the best example of the worst thing a meme can say, as Sasuke starts calling her annoying and knocking her down, only to almost kill her.

But even that wasn’t a clear enough sign for Sakura.

I know we’re all Uchiha fans, but Sakura’s obsession has taken it to a whole new level.

6. Amatsuyu Kisaragi

Anime: Are you the only one who loves me?

This whole series is a great friend zone.

You see, our main character Amatsuyu decided that he could go through a metamorphosis in the anime and promote himself as a harem master.

But it doesn’t backfire right away, and all the girls are no longer in a relationship with him.

He quickly manages to build a relationship with the girls. But from now on, he can say goodbye to romance.

And even before that incident, all the girls he thought were falling for him really just wanted his help to go out with another guy.

Bench Coon is a formidable opponent and a true titan in the ranks of his friends.

5. Albedo

Anime: Overlord

I feel sorry for Albedo because she was literally programmed to be in love with Ainz.

Ain’t exactly a ladies’ man.

He spends most of his time trying to figure out what’s going on and how to maintain his godlike image. That’s why a relationship like this is out of his reach.

Albedo’s charm apparently works on him from time to time.

But it’s always a comedic moment, and never a case of Ainz returning Albedo’s feelings.

It would also be very weird to go out with one of your guards, especially if the other guards have a crush on you or idolize you.

4. Satoru Fujinuma


This movie was really weird from start to finish.

A grown man travels back in time to save those around him from death. That’s it.

But then he finds himself strangely attracted to one of the girls, Kayo. It’s going to foreign territory.

They become very close and Satoru eventually saves her, but falls into a coma in her presence.

Kayo goes ahead and gets married, not knowing if Satu will ever wake up.

It’s really L and it’s definitely a friendship zone.

But the worst part is that the killer was really waiting for him!

This man had more loyalty and conviction than the girl he saved (and probably loved).

It just sucks.

3. Kokomi Teruhashi

Anime: The unfortunate life of Saiki K.

It’s similar to the Boa Hancock situation, but somehow even more depressing.

Kokomi is the epitome of humanity and shows no weaknesses to the general public.

To say that all the men in the world are in love with her would be an understatement.

But Saiki can read her mind and knows how full of herself she is. She can’t see her real body, because usually she only sees muscles and bones.

The fact that he is the only man in the world who can resist her charms destabilizes Kokomi.

And so she falls in love with Saiki, who in turn couldn’t be more indifferent, even if she tried.

2. Rio Futaba

Anime: Rascal doesn’t dream of being a senpai bunny girl.

Rio’s history is too real to be ignored.

In the story, there is a man who helps her when she is young. And she’s starting to have feelings for him.

But Rio is consumed by insecurity and hatred of her own body, so she keeps everything to herself.

After all, the world is a cruel place. And soon she develops menopause syndrome and creates a Rio look-alike who likes to show off her body and have a boyfriend.

But even that n’t change the fact that the man already had a girlfriend and saw Rio as a friend. I just took a look at his story, there’s probably more to it than that. And believe me, you’ll shed a tear when you’ve seen it.

1. Ami Kawashima

When I was young, I was always too busy to play video games I was so focused on studies that I couldn’t stop to waste time playing games. My friends and I would always play the popular game like “Pokemon” and “Dragon Ball Z”, and I was so addicted to those games. I did not have a chance to play “Video Games” because I was too busy playing Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. Then, one day, I got a chance to play “Video Games” and I was so addicted to those games. Now, “Video Games” are my most favorite hobby. I play games like “Dragon Ball Z”, “Final Fantasy”, “Kingdom Hearts”, “Halo”, and “Tomb Raider” regularly. Read more about lil ultimate ideas and let us know what you think.

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