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Horizons players can customize their islands in many ways.

If you are more of a city person, you can turn your island into a concrete jungle to suit your needs. Or, if you prefer to live in the suburbs, that’s also an option.

But there’s also a pretty popular aesthetic theme: Wood engraving.

This allows you to focus on the natural beauty and wilderness of your island. And if you want to throw yourself into your own ACNH forest core construction, we have a huge collection of ideas for you.

30. Peace house in the woods

Image source: @crossing.lorien

If you like peace and beautiful scenery, you will love this building.

Skilled terraforming makes the flow through these forests very natural.

And with a suspension bridge and telescope, it’s a great way to embrace nature without overdoing it.

I also don’t blame the player for making this place his home. It’s a great place. Can you imagine the fresh smell of the air in these woods?

29. Grouse

Image source by @toastie.crossing

Not to be confused with a cabin in the woods, this cabin in the woods is the perfect refuge from the dullness of everyday life.

And what does every good house need?

Chickens, of course!

Sadly, Animal Crossing has yet to grace us with farm animals (unless you count fences in rural areas…).

So this player got creative with duck figurines and Easter eggs.

Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

28. Camping Cuisine

Image source by @acnhxdiary

Camping is a great time, a great economy, and it lets you really enjoy the outdoors.

But the outdoors can make you very hungry. This hob is a fantastic solution!

With a stone oven, a stove and a blazing fire, you can prepare the same meals as at home. And if grilling hot dogs over an open fire isn’t your thing, make a pizza, or maybe sushi with fresh fish from the creek.

But either way, marshmallows on a fire are a must for this idea.

27. Small tree farm

Image source @dragoste.acnh

In reality, the forest has many entrances.

But Animal Crossing hasn’t really graced us with plants other than fruit trees and pumpkins.

Well, this building makes a nice little tree farm with these pumpkins.

With good parts like a water pump, a handle bag and a few barrels, this is a great little place to build outdoor wood storage (or even cottagecore). Give it a try!

26. Forest Museum

Image source: @valkyrie.acnh

What do you do with a museum on an island with a forest theme?

It’s a big stone building. And it’s kind of like a sore thumb.

This building made the best use of a building that could not be adapted and combined nature with the museum part of their island. And it really works!

By placing the exhibits on the rocks at the entrance to the museum, they made the partition even more natural.

Even Celeste agrees!

25. Happy Forest Road

Image source by @crossing.lorien

This lovely path also leads to the museum and is dotted with beautiful chrysanthemums, hyacinths and violets in shades of blue and purple.

And let me tell you, the terraforming of this building is really impressive.

Sometimes it is very difficult to make the stones look good (and not uncomfortable). But this user did a great job.

And with a few man-made elements, such as a wooden bench for seating, this natural spot will be a real hit with your villagers. Just be careful not to disturb the bees on the left. …..

24. Spring Daisy Way

Image source by @sagecosmos

This charming forest structure is now at its most beautiful in the spring:

Peaches, daisies and a tea room outside. The addition of these mushroom tables adds a bit of fairy tale fantasy.

And the umbrella, puddle and rain boots are cute little things! Very elastic.

Look at the open book on one of the trees: Someone has obviously found a reading spot!

23. Forest campsite

image source by @claudia_horizons

Here’s another fun woodland campsite, and probably one of the coolest ideas on this list.

This particular idea is located next to a small waterfall, has lots of mushrooms and muted colors for a decidedly green atmosphere.

New Horizons is already forcing villagers to pitch tents for visitors. Why not turn this tent into a real campsite?

This building emphasizes that you don’t need all the bells and whistles. You can use any natural element to accentuate them.

22. Picnic in the woods

CANH Picnic area Image source by @animalcrosserjenni

Whether you bring a sandwich, cheese and crackers, or something else, this lovely sunny spot is perfect for a picnic.

I hope the villagers come by to water the white hyacinths. Or maybe it’s a secret place just for you.

Anyway, it’s a nice idea. And an easy addition to your island if you decide to add a forest.

Plus, you don’t need a lot of hard-to-reach items. Just place a few small items like books, drinks or even the radio in the mat that suits you, and voila!

21. Log holding point

Image source by @ephhemere.acnh

For those sunny days when you just want to enjoy the sun’s rays, we have just what you need with this forest lounge.

If your island has a stark forest atmosphere, you don’t have to sacrifice this theme. We have these great log loungers!

Maybe your villagers can get together and relax with a glass of wine. If you’re not thirsty, apple juice tastes good too!

Maybe invite another friend via an online pass to have a chat.

Try not to think about the fact that the bark would be unpleasant.

20. Koi Forest Pond

photo source from @chrissyychuus.cross

Japanese woodcutting has its own niche – but it’s a great one!

Complete the basic stone pond with custom designs to make it even bigger.

With creative placement, you can use an idea like this to create springtime rain puddles, overflowing river sections, or whatever you want.

There’s no water control in the forest, sir.

Besides, the little frog is to die for.

19. Lullabies in the enchanted forest

image source by @popsie_land

As the sun sets, the mushroom lanterns begin to glow and light the way along this beautiful forest path.

You’ll find all kinds of treasures… like trees that grow money!

If only there was such a thing in real life….

This is a great starting idea for new islands because, like the others on this list, it doesn’t require many special or rare items.

When you open the slants, the world is at your feet! Uh… The island is your forest after all.

18. Grandma’s log cabin

Image source by @agaterose.cross

You better watch out for the big bad wolves when you visit Grandma in this charming cabin in the woods.

Wooden beams and cottages often go hand in hand, and this place is proof of that.

It’s crucial to have a fully functional outdoor space with a lounge, a library, and even outdoor clothing.

Ah, to live without the ever-increasing threat of material damage!

17. Musée de la Forêt Jolie

Image source by @annastasia.cross

If you’re like me, you’re struggling to do anything meaningful with the Animal Crossing museum.

It’s certainly a fun idea that offers a lot of fun (and a lot of stress for the finalists) because of the catch and release requirements.

But he’s also not customizable, and that sucks.

This player used flowers, a fountain and lots of trees to beautify the building. This is an excellent approach, but difficult to implement when the building is so large and grand.

Hiding behind some bamboo, part of the architecture is hidden, and even looks a bit abandoned, lost in the ever-growing forest.

16. Secret Aperitifs

image source from @cricket.isle

What’s better than snacks?

Secret appetizers, of course!

This adorable hidden baking tray is filled with the tastiest snacks, donuts and coffee. They also seem to be filled with raspberries, which is the only acceptable option.

With a few booths (which you can leave as they are or modify) and some personalized signs, you can build your own forest restaurant.

You can simplify it by limiting yourself to everyday objects, or add as much detail as you want!

Your residents like to come here for refreshment and coffee.

15. Forest Garden

Image source by @pios.acnh

Imagine that: It’s warm, there’s a good breeze, and you can’t see the stars.

What could be better than a high quality rock garden?

Many young trees grow in this beautiful building, and large Stonehenge-style rocks can be seen.

You can now enjoy a quiet and peaceful night in this beautiful place.

You could almost say they’re rocks. I’ll be fine.

14. Occupied logging road

Image source: @acnhsilverbay

There’s a lot going on in these mansions.

There is a fireplace with seating, a wood installation and a stone fountain for water.

And that player, with all those flowers, namely daisies, tulips and chrysanthemums, is someone I care about.

Do you feel lost?

Don’t worry, there is a sign that will lead you in the right direction. But don’t fall in the river! There are no dryers in the forest.

13. Snow cave

Image source: @acnhsilverbay

There is creativity and there is the invention of a whole new kind of item with an unconventional creative design.

Can you guess what it might be?

This charming wooden den features a convincing bear cave with a stone arch and custom panels to give the image of a sleeping bear.

The details are fantastic – the apple when the wizard wakes up, the tracks leading to the cave, and it’s even better in the snow!

I mean, what forest is complete without a sleeping bear?

Yes, Barb should move to my island soon ….

12. Fantasy wood

image source by @Crossing_Lorien

Remember what I said about the museum being the worst?

Here’s another building that makes the best of a bad situation.

In this bright and vibrant forest, the museum looks really welcoming and elegant.

Stone paths wind around trees and large bamboo trunks, with flowers, of course.

It has the perfect amount of parts, and the foliage looks trimmed, but not too meticulously handmade.

This fountain is also very chic. And that’s why I’m here. This place looks great with all those bright colors.

I bet the arrogant villagers will love it so much!

11. Tea Party in the woods

Image source: @goldenmirmy

This is a very bright building that would be incredible for a forest island.

Pillow racks and matching chairs give you and your friends plenty of room to sit and drink tea together.

And lots of snacks!

With all those flowers, it is a beautiful place that will attract many flying butterflies. Eat some cake, read a book or just sit back and relax!

A teal spot like that would make even Alice and her Wonderland jealous.

10. Forestry entrance

Image Source by @haslemere_acnh

This charming entry to this player’s island uses a custom path dotted with white flowers.

And it looks great.

Nice details are the towel around the panel, the clothesline to hang clothes to dry, the mushrooms and the small waterfall.

With all those white flowers, the butterflies should come too. And your villagers will love the walk!

This can be a great introduction to your island and will impress guests as soon as they step off the seaplane.

9. Nice forest

image source by @mellicrossing

It’s hard to have a master list of scaffolding without having scaffolding.

This one looks busy and lively, with flowers, trees and even a duck!

The use of shrubs instead of flowers gives the landscape a certain level. The pink, white and green colors go really well together.

There’s not much light here, but can you imagine this beautiful place on a meteor shower night? That’s great.

8. Clearance location

image source by @fesprocolor

This beautiful house now stands in a clearing in the woods. Ideal for the construction of wooden beams.

With the weedy grass (which I even like better than some of the flowers) and the wildflowers, this idea provides a nice rustic place to live the ACNH life.

Maybe even save the bees with some hives to help pollinate all those flowers.

With custom walkways, proper tree placement and small steps, you can truly make this area your own island. And you don’t even need much!

The villager who gets such a farm is very lucky!

7. Forest flea market

image source by @wolftorist

Hidden markets in the woods have something wonderful and whimsical….. and that’s exactly what this idea offers!

You can also walk or bike through the forest trails to find this little treasure trove where you can buy paintings, sculptures and other art supplies.

It’s like Redd’s, except you don’t accidentally buy a weird Mona Lisa with eyebrows…..

It would be the coolest place at night, with just the right amount of creepiness.

6. Other picnic area

image source: @eupohny

Honestly, there’s so much to do in the woods.

That’s why picnics are a popular choice.

Here is another fun design for a picnic area for all the forest lovers, with beautiful night lighting from the moon and stars.

Imagine this on a night with a meteor shower. Celeste wants to rest here until you find her crafting recipes.

And with the wishing well, it really is a magical place!

Maybe we should invite some friends over to hide out here. There are certainly enough trees for that.

5. Night wood

image source by @lilfuzzybrain

There is a wonderful silence in the forest, in the darkness.

And this dream forest design is a great example of that beautiful simplicity.

With a wishing well, a pile of leaves, and a small bag, he’s not exactly spared by… I mean, if it was just trees and flowers, it would be kind of boring.

Sometimes in Animal Crossing there is too much pressure to fill each drawing with as many items as you can physically cram into it.

And it’s a perfect example of how the simple can be better.

4. Rain forest basin

Image source @games_with_liz

This forest is so beautiful and peaceful in the rain.

And you can’t control the weather, but at least you can collect wood for it!

This player used a river irrigation tool to create a stream around a rocky pond that is absolutely beautiful.

And mixed with lots of pine, this woodsy texture uses beautiful white hyacinths to break up all the brown and green.

When it’s not raining, there are certainly a lot of butterflies enjoying the scenery…. probably just like you and your villagers!

3. Forest Bath

Image source by jxnnybxii88

Even if you don’t have a Japanese-themed island, you can still have outdoor hot springs!

This amazing structure uses a wooden tub, a kettle and lots of flowers to create a natural outdoor pool.

The custom sign is super cute too!

Relax in the warm water on cool spring days or sweat in the heat.

The sound of roaring waterfalls will enchant you even more.

Self service, here I come!

And the duck on the rock? That’s very good.

2. Forest Camping Pastel

image source with @chrase

With the forest battle theme, I find that players choose a lot of muted colors. Brown, white, grey and green.

Which totally and definitely works, but I’m a girl who really likes pink.

Come on in to this charming campsite. Through!

Easter items such as a bunny, eggs, chocolates and tulips add lots of detail and smiles to this beautiful campsite.

Have a cup of tea under the canopy, play a game of Switch (very meta!) or take a walk to see all the delicate tulips. I really like this configuration ~ tulip ~ !

1. Forest Registration Point

Image source: @mabelsapron

That’s right, folks: the best forestry facility.

This small, quiet writing space has all the essentials of a wooden bar: a relaxed atmosphere, an old-fashioned look and a good dose of nature.

And lots of trees.

Look at the beautiful living wood table and the different, but similar, chairs around it. And all the lace and vintage stuff really makes this place special.

Even if you’re not a writer, you can’t help but appreciate the effort it took to make this idea a reality.

It’s very hard to find what you need. But finding the right colors? Sometimes it’s almost impossible.

And if you really want to experience the forest, this is the perfect place to invite friends over and take some great photos. Highly recommended!

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