The Ultimate Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Richmond, Virginia | Countdown to Friday

I have spent the last 4 months in Richmond with an intense, long and Serious mission: to find the best coffee in town.

And I’m finally ready to tell you about my findings.

I can tell you the road has been difficult. I mean, I don’t have a car, so I can go to all these places, including miles of hiking, with the RVA bike (it’s hot and humid on the mountain in this Virginia… I learned my lesson), begging my friends and family to pick me up and drop me off. But I’m not complaining. Frankly, was an amazing to explore this city further and support the local economy.

This place is for Richmond or RVA travelers who are looking for excellent coffee in a local place with a good atmosphere.

There are no national networks (although there are several companies with multiple branches in Richmond) and there is no coffee in the filling stations. You might not expect it, but Richmond has a great coffee scene. Whether you want to drink a cappuccino and learn in class, enjoy a nitro brew and read a book, or drink a latte, these are all great places to go.

P.S. This post is organized by Richmond Counties, and if you don’t know them, you can just go to the end of the post and try Google Map to see which ones are near you.

Captain Buzzie Beans

Coffee with ice cubes in a cafe.

Church Hill is a charming and historic part of Richmond, with tree-lined residential streets and many local shops such as Captain Buzzy’s factory. The factory has a strange and cheerful atmosphere, with many inappropriate decorations and many seats for the group. You can have a snack or something for lunch if you like.

And here’s something else: They use ice cubes in their coffee, so you never have to worry about what you drink. Why doesn’t everybody do that?!

Portion coffee

Richmond’s girlfriend, PaleoRVA blogger Sarah, shares one of his favorite cafes in Church Hill. Read their report below to learn more about what they do for Richmond.

Veranda Cafe

Friends! I’m so happy to tell you about my place in the next café – the one in the front yard! This place is special for many reasons, and their coffee game in ON POINT is special too! 

This café is part of the CHAT Work Leadership Institute and aims to hire local children to work there and learn valuable skills that will prepare them for a better future! 

Chris Whiting, the manager of the Front Porch Café, chose the name as an ode to the neighbourhood tradition that people on the porch actually talk to their neighbours! I know, it’s an insane concept, right? As you enter, you are surrounded by pictures of real families from the region, sitting on their porch. 

The food is very cheap, because they want to make sure that everyone in the neighborhood can afford to come here. But that doesn’t mean it lacks taste or creativity! You can find everything from quiches to fruit cocktails, wraps and daily breakfasts. 

Everyone here knows your name. Their motto is: Sit down with us, and I think you should, too!

-Sara from PaleoRwa


Whisk Cafe Storefront Bakery Showcase

Funny plate for coffee and cappuccinos

Since I live in Shockoe Bottom, it seems a bit biased to say that whips are my favourite product, but so many people who live all over town have told me the same thing! What makes him different? For me, they’re homemade syrups. In the summer we had lavender honey (LIFE CHANGING!) and now I have coconut almonds.

They have an excellent range of bakery products, and they even offer some of their products prepared in advance so you can take them home and bake them yourself. The coffee has a French charm (I like the pink plate inside), but it’s not very big, so it’s better suited for small groups and a mix of individuals.

Coffee makers of iron

Iced coffee in the Coffeeshop Café

If you want to impress someone with a luxurious atmosphere, take them to the Iron Rolled Coffee Roasters. Suede sofas, wooden tables, beautiful plants, it’s beautifully styled. And these people know coffee . When I came to visit, I saw that there were three different versions of iced coffee that I didn’t know the meaning of at all. Barista explained each of them to me, right down to the flavours, with words like chocolate, lively and deep. I still didn’t know what it meant, but the coffee was delicious, and I felt so good when I drank such a special kind of iced coffee.

As snobbish as this place may seem, it’s not, and they have enough room from top to bottom for all the work you want to do.

Pop Market on Grace

Superposition of the coffee

Salad and coffee with ice cubes

You should come to Pop’s Market on Grace Street for coffee and food. See this salad? It’s a blue salad with cheese and peaches, and it was divine. As the name suggests, you can also bring wine, freshly baked bread and other food while you’re here.

The room is spacious and cozy, with lots of light and tables and benches to sit on. I’d come here if you’d have to work hard and plan to be here for multiple meals.

Sefton Coffee


Sefton Co is a small but attractive downtown shop offering delicious coffee and fresh pastries from another small RVA company, Poor Georgie’s Bake Shoppe. My coffee with ice cubes was delicious, but I also came back to buy little presents for the deep lovers. They sell cups, coffee per pound and other handmade products.

In Sephton they make all their own syrups and do not charge extra for milk replacers. Almond milk lovers all over the world are happy!

Like I said, it’s a little smaller, so I don’t plan on bringing a large group here unless I’m ordered to do so.

Chocolate, espresso and roast

Mill Mountain Coffee at Shockoe Espresso and Roastery.

All the cool people invited me to Shockoe Espresso & Roastery for coffee dates. And I’m not crazy about it. This place is hidden in Shockoe Slip and offers cheap drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.

They serve coffee at Mill Mountain Coffee, a Virginia-based company founded by a Virginia Tech graduate.

I’ll come here if you want something unpretentious. There are enough places for groups and accommodation.

Lifting of coffee and homemade coffee

Coffee by hand with a colorful mural on the wings

Isn’t the fresco beautiful? It is located behind an elevator, a cafe and a cafeteria in the beautiful and large open courtyard.

The lift is a place to relax with many catering options (it even serves!) and a delicious coffee. They have fair trade and organic coffee, and all their food is freshly prepared to order.

It is undoubtedly a place to stay for a while, with a friendly atmosphere and good food, so you can continue to live during your studies or work. Or just hang him. Anything you want to do in a Coffee Shop

Urban farmer’s market and coffee (2 places)

This place is definitely a popular RVA. Urban Farmhouse Market & Cafe has several locations in Richmond, including one in Scott’s Addition. I often go to Choco Slip, where high French doors open when the weather is nice. There is good coffee, cocktails, snacks and lunch offers.

They also sell beer and wine, so you can really come here, no matter what your mood. Shockoe Slip has a lot of space and tables, so you can come with the group if you like.

Coffee makers (2 places)

Another COFFEE SHOP where they take their coffee seriously. Lamplighter coffee machines are the best beverage, and the mail order company Richmond Times voted them Richmond’s best coffee in 2017.

Do you see the coffee on the second picture on the top right? Barista trained for the latte art competition and gave this beautiful drawing to my girlfriend!

Besides the expertly brewed coffee, Lamplighter has trendy vibes and many breakfast options for vegans and vegetarians. They also have several places, including one in the Scott Addendum.

Alchemical laboratory

Coffee and flowers on the coffee table

You don’t have to be a student to enjoy the coffee in the chemistry lab. The laboratory is located directly on the campus of the Commonwealth University of Virginia and was originally designed as a mobile coffee trailer before moving to its current location.

Although the lab is located in a busy street, it is relaxing and ideal for studying or, for me, for keeping a blog. Give coffee and pasta and relax!

Sugar and thread

Fun fact: my boyfriend and I were in Caritown at night, we went to a few bars when we passed Sugar & Twine. We looked inside and said: We have to go tomorrow, at the opening. And we did, and we loved it.

On Sundays it is a popular place for RVA residents to get work while enjoying coffee. It was put together when we left! But it’s always worth it. You have a wide range of fresh bakery products with many variants without vegetarian and gluten-free baking.

Chair lift at the Brenner Pass

So, Scott’s check is District in Richmond, which I think is too cool for me. Numerous breweries, converted buildings and a chairlift over the Brenner Pass. It’s amazing how people let me in like I’m not cool. But I’m glad they did, because my cappuccino and vegetarian cuisine was excellent!

The chairlift has a European flavour and also spends nights with wine and cheese! Who can say no to European wine and cheese?

I love the feeling of clean and sublime space, and the waiters were very friendly. I don’t often go to Scott’s Addendum (ridiculous, remember?), but it’s mandatory when I’m there.

Keep in mind! Scott’s Addition also owns Urban Farmhouse and Lamplighter coffee roasters (see my reviews above), and they can be seen on the Google map below.

Are you ready for coffee now? I had no idea Richmond had such a fantastic selection of expertly prepared coffee around before I moved here.

When you visit the Richmond Café, you really get an idea of the different areas and details that make each of them unique. 

I hope you enjoy this post and that it will help you find a big cup next to you while you study at the AVR!

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