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I’ll tell you the truth:

I don’t get nearly enough female interaction as it is.

I can no longer wait for Zuckerberg to complete constructing the Metaverse so that I may join the Matrix. Either go out and attend the local Tango lessons to meet new people, or play Skyrim.

We’re playing Skyrim, of course.

I’m not sure what to say. These are folks I know like the back of my hand.

I may ask Lydia to help me bear my loads – emotional or otherwise – or I can take Ysolda out on a date.

Even so, I’m constantly on the lookout for new people to bring into Skyrim.

Because there’s nothing like meeting new people to make you feel adventurous – and you can’t find much better company than these personalized female followers.


Cyril the Porter (number 20)

Cyril the Porter mod for Skyrim

Take a Look At This Mod

Trying out the Pets of Skyrim add-on was one of my favorite aspects of the Anniversary Edition. I really enjoyed purchasing Lydia a goat to assist her carry her belongings.

Cyril the Porter, a custom-voiced female follower who is Skyrim’s closest thing to a trade tanker, is another wonderful alternative that doesn’t involve handing Bethesda additional money.

That’s because Cyril can carry an almost unlimited amount of objects, regardless of their weight.

Cyril is also the greatest auto-loot mod for Skyrim.

She’ll hunt for treasures all the time and sell them the next time you go to Belethor’s or any other general goods shop.


Sylvanas Windrunner (19.)

Sylvanas Windrunner Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

World of Warcraft fans rejoice: the Horde’s most terrible Warchief has arrived in Skyrim, ready to satiate the ground’s hunger for blood.

Sylvanas is without a doubt the most powerful and influential lady in the history of World of Warcraft as well as one of the most chaotic.

She is a spirit of wrath at heart, and only pain surrounds her.

That is, at least, how it is in Azeroth.

Perhaps she can have a different life in Skyrim, based on your choices, which begin with whether you want her to be a banshee or a typical blood elf.


Add-On for Serana Dialogue

Serana Dialogue Add-On mod for Skyrim

Take a Look At This Mod

Serana is by far the most popular vanilla follower, and with a few improvement modifications, she may become even better.

The Dialogue Add-On is your major tool for making Serana the best she can be, since it expands her chitchat possibilities and gives her a lot more depth.

It’s a delight to talk to Serana about her experience returning to human form after hundreds of years and to listen to her intelligent remarks while you explore.

It adds a new level of immersion to Serana’s adventures.


17. Miri – Khajiit Hybrid

Miri – Hybrid Khajiit Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Vampires and werewolves are wonderful and good, but where do werecats fit in?

Miri is a hybrid Khajiit – often known as a catgirl – who specializes in “unarmed” warfare.

Her gauntlets are really encrusted with ebony daggers, but that’s beside the point.

She won’t say much, but glancing back and seeing this lovely fuzzy angel following you around like you’re a hero is the stuff of fantasies.

If you like setting unreasonable beauty standards for your followers, this is for you.


16. The Reclusive Philosopher, Aurlyn Dawnstone

Aurlyn Dawnstone – The Reclusive Philosopher mod for Skyrim

Take a Look At This Mod

I like to think of myself as a philosopher.

I listen to philosophy podcasts or re-read Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations when I’m not writing for you.

If you’re anything like me, having Aurlyn Dawnstone contemplate the meaning of existence as you bury Draugr in a crypt will be a blast.

Over a thousand lines of fully recorded conversation represent this reclusive Philosopher’s extensive understanding of Tamriel. She can provide useful information about practically every important area in the game and respond to your actions in a way that only a philosopher could.

This Aldmeri Dawn Sorceress is ready to pick a side and drive against evil once more after a lifetime of debating if good and evil were really real.


Caesia – Magical Birthplace

Caesia – Borne of Magic Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Caesia, a strong but arrogant mage who’ll undoubtedly make your excursions a lot more enjoyable, is a good choice for a more active and impulsive follower.

Caesia was created as part of the Borne of Magic quest mod’s ongoing development, although she is completely self-contained.

Still, she’ll make passing allusions to the mod’s happenings, giving her a mysterious air and making her personal life seem genuinely as hectic as yours.

She’s a lovely dark-skinned lady with the most adorable short hair I’ve ever seen in Skyrim.

And her clever banter will make your cold gaming heart laugh out loud.


14. Luna – Reincarnated Darkness

Luna – Darkness Reincarnated mod for Skyrim

Take a Look At This Mod

It’s simple to level up in Skyrim and become a powerful death soldier.

To become a one-man army, all you need are a few Daedric artifacts, some excellent armor, and some clever spells.

Almost every vanilla follower gets reduced to “sidekick” status as a result of this. The Dragonborn’s power level is far above 9000, regardless of how excellent a fighter you are.

Luna, on the other hand, isn’t a typical follower.

This overpowering warrior is descended from a race that predates even the Snow Elves and has a dark power equivalent to that of the Dragonborn.

Her dominion over the dead enables her to revive her slain opponents as thralls enslaved to her will, in addition to her spells being lethal.


Freya Gray-Mane (13), Freya Gray-Mane (13), Freya

Freya Gray-Mane Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

When I was originally asked, “Do you want to be Gray-mane or Battle-born?” I recall thinking to myself, “Do you want to be Gray-mane or Battle-born?”

I responded Battle-Born since I could see the name of Idolaf Battle-Born inquiring at the moment. I’ve been kicking myself ever since.

The Battle-Borns may be wealthy and powerful, but they’re jerks.

Stormcloak radicalization among Whiterun kids is mostly due to them. They’re basically a bunch of jerks.

The Gray-Mane, on the other hand, have a long history, a strong sense of honor, and, most recently, the most beautiful follower in the nation.

Freya Gray-Mane resembles Ciri from The Witcher in terms of appearance, and she’s just as vicious. This Stormcloak heroine is prepared to expel the Empire from the North.


Neisa – Definitive Edition (12.)

Neisa – <a href=Definitive Edition mod for Skyrim’ data-lazy-src=’’ src=’data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=’’%20viewBox=’0%200%200%200’%3E%3C/svg%3E’>

Take a Look At This Mod

Neisa is one of the prettiest people you could ever want to have as a follower.

She’s also a capable healer and an excellent tank.

Tanks aren’t generally petite, pretty ladies with skin as smooth and soft as a baby’s butt – but we’re talking about Skyrim modifications here. You’re intended to test the limits!

Neisa defies expectations in more ways than one. She’s also known for her anime-style cleavage, which shows off her plus-size figure.

Neisa is a must-have with a custom voice, some interesting missions, and loads of fanservice.


Celestine is a Healer Support Companion number eleven.

Celestine – Healer Support Companion Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Meet Celestine, the only healer you’ll ever need, when it comes to followers with amazing bodies.

Celestine is a “genuine Breton,” according to the mod’s history, although she appears like she came straight from the Vatican. Well, it’s a risqué take on the Vatican.

Her equipment’s white, crimson, and gold color scheme gives her the pristine and royal appearance of an angel. The beautiful emotions are enhanced by the floating wing-like embellishments on her back.

She can aid you in war, but she can also help you enhance your quality of life

She’ll illuminate your path through caverns, make you invisible while you’re sneaking, and even turn your ore into ingots while you’re on the go.


10. Mirai – The Dragon-Hearted Girl

Mirai – The Girl with a Dragon Heart mod for Skyrim

Take a Look At This Mod

Mirai is a fully spoken follower with fantastic conversation who will make you fall in love with her – but you must first gain her trust by exploring with her and finishing her own questline.

Unlike some of the other women on the list, she won’t use one hand to take down armies and the other to make you eternal.

She’s quick on her feet and can cast novice-level spells, but that’s all she has until you complete her mission and unlock more talents.

You may marry Mirai if you feel in love with her, and she even has an unique wedding gown.


9. TW3 Voiced Follower Yennefer of Vengerberg

Yennefer of Vengerberg – TW3 Voiced Follower Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Since Skyrim, The Witcher 3 has become the most popular open-world fantasy game.

It had the magic, dragons, conflicts, and great missions that, at times, put Skyrim to shame.

As long-time Skyrim fans began to experience Geralt’s quest, a slew of The Witcher-themed modifications, including weapons, armors, and followers, began to appear.

Yennefer of Vengerberg, a fully spoken bespoke follower based on Geralt’s true love, is one of the greatest (sorry, Triss).

Allow the scent of lilac and gooseberries to lead you to this sorceress, or take a risk on Triss Merigold.


8. Skyrim’s Vilja

Vilja in Skyrim mod for Skyrim

Take a Look At This Mod

Vilja, the oddest, most lovely custom follower for Oblivion, will be remembered by those of you who have spent so much time in Tamriel that your skeleton has naturally transformed into Bonemold.

Voiced followers are ubiquitous today, but they were a fantastic addition in Oblivion.

Vilja was a trailblazing follower in Cyrodiil, with significant dynamic speech, complete voice acting, and her own purpose.

Vilja is long gone by the time the Dragonborn emerge to confront Alduin, and it’s been 200 years since the Oblivion crisis — but her great-great-granddaughter is yearning for adventure in Skyrim.

She inherited the same endearing disposition that made Vilja famous in the first place. Her look isn’t very appealing at first, but Vilja Re-Imagined allows you to give her a makeover.


7. Ambriel – The Princess Who Got Away

Ambriel – The Lost Princess Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

The Dragonborn has crossed paths with some of Tamriel’s most powerful figures. If you follow the Dark Brotherhood plot, you’ll even find the Emperor!

Even though, until today, none of them had shown an interest in following you.

Ambriel is an ancient Tamriel princess who grew up in antiquity, around 280 years before Oblivion and 480 years before Skyrim.

She became immortal in some way, and now she needs your aid to safeguard the world and defeat the Thalmor.

Years of hiding and battling to preserve Tamriel have made her rather strong, making her an excellent partner for more tough challenges.


6. Fully Voiced Follower – Recorder

Recorder – Fully Voiced Follower mod for Skyrim

Take a Look At This Mod

Reading the Quest Log, I’ve always pictured the Dragonborn jotting down notes about their exploits in the hopes of compiling a book eventually.

If that n’t work we have Recorder.

This fully spoken custom follower is a member of an inter-dimensional journalistic group that follows heroes and records their exploits.

Recorder has a smart quip for every circumstance, some of which contain amusing connections to other games – or, more accurately, heroes she’s encountered in other realms.

She’ll also have a few amusing exchanges with Ambriel, which is particularly amusing given that they’re both played by PotasticPanda.


5. Auri – Song of the Green

Song of the Green – Auri Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

I’m a great admirer of Wood Elves since I’m an ecologically concerned person who loves nature and hopes he could relocate to a cottage in the woods.

Defending the forest with a bow and arrow and living a life in harmony with nature seems like a life worth living, particularly with someone like Auri by your side.

Over 900 completely spoken conversation lines span from idle casual chat to extensive insights into various facets of Bosmer culture in this Bosmer archer.

She’ll engage with natural fans such as Serana and Faendal, as well as modified fans such as Lucien and Inigo.

The author even went to the trouble of giving her a unique mount that she would summon if you ride a horse!

There will be no more waiting for Lydia, the marathon runner, to catch up.


4. Sofia – The Laugh-Out-Loud Follower

Sofia – The Funny Fully Voiced Follower mod for Skyrim

Take a Look At This Mod

Skyrim is a strange game in which immersion collides with hilarity.

The game will go to great measures to entice you, but certain people and circumstances are simply cartoonishly stupid – and that’s before you consider how comical ragdoll fatalities are.

One of my favorite aspects of Skyrim is the funny experiences that may be had.

And a devoted fan like Sofia has the potential to elevate this medieval fantasy comedy to new heights.

She’s a free spirit, a rebel without a cause, and a big fan of Honningbrew Mead. Trouble follows her everywhere she goes, but I suppose that also applies to the Dragonborn.


3. Heroines of Pandorable

Zusha Dark Elf Follower from Pandorable

Take a Look At This Mod

Pandorable’s Heroines — a set of eight diverse and attractive female companions to battle beside you on your journeys – is perfect for those who simply want to choose one mod and be done with it.

The mod has a wide range of followers from various classes and backgrounds.

There’s a Khajiit brawler, an Imperial mage, a Nord shieldmaiden, and even an Orc/Dunmer hybrid with a two-handed weapon who’s unrivaled.

For at least a full game, Pandorable’s Heroines can take care of your follower needs.


2. M’rissi’s Troubled Tails


Take a Look At This Mod

Those that I can truly get to know are my favorite sort of followers.

Some individuals in Skyrim will sacrifice their life for you just because you won a fistfight with them, but they will not reveal anything about their past, hobbies, or anything else noteworthy.

M’rissi is the antithesis of these fundamentalists.

She’s a sophisticated companion with a tragic background that you’ll discover as you go via her unique questline. It’s intense, and I wouldn’t suggest it to someone who is easily frightened.

This is one of the most comprehensive follower modifications ever developed, with over eight hours of information and over 2000 recorded voice lines.


Shirley is a Skyrim follower mod for Skyrim.

Shirley – A Skyrim Follower Mod for Skyrim

Take a Look At This Mod

I went out to discover the greatest female follower for Skyrim to mod.

It wasn’t about who was the most technically sophisticated, gorgeous, or powerful; it was simply about who was “the greatest.”

I think I’ve discovered the one, Akatosh.

Shirley Curry, dubbed “Skyrim Grandma” by many, came to prominence as a significant Skyrim content generator at the age of 80.

It was a little amazing to witness her embrace this strange new world, and it reminded us that age is only a number sometimes.

Although Bethesda has said that she would be honored as an NPC in TESVI, modders have already done so in Skyrim with Shirley, a custom follower spoken by the legend herself.

She has her own personalized residence, has a lot of intriguing talk, and she looks just like the actual thing!

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