The Top Android Emulators of 2018

Due to one or other reason, people tend to emulate Android apps on their Windows PC. It maybe due to playing games or testing apps, the use of Android Emulators is gaining popularity with the passage of time. There are numerous Android emulators on the Internet and this is why people get confused on what emulator to use for a specific reason. In this post we will mention the best Android Emulators to use in 2018. Without further ado, let’s read about them and their specifications as well as compatibility with the different Android versions You can run apps like facetime for pc using these emulators for free.

1. Nox

Nox is undoubtedly one of the best Android emulators you can find on the web for free. There is no need to spend money to use this emulator and run various Android apps on your Windows PC. Nox App Player focuses on the better gaming experience of its users. You can easily run heavy games of 2 GB or more size on your PC without any disturbance or error. Though, its primary focus is gaming platform of Android, you can use it for various other tasks. It is designed really well to perform multiple functions and smooth play of many Android apps on your Windows. Also, it allows mapping of your keyboard, mouse, and gaming pad to enhance the quality of user experience.

2. BlueStacks

Next in our list of best Android emulators of 2018 is BlueStacks. Without any doubt, BlueStacks is the most popular and known Android Emulator of all time. If you ask anyone about Android Emulator, the person may suggest BlueStacks without any second thought. It has earned a solid reputation in the market because of its quality and performance. Also, they are of great assistance to the gamers and it provides a smooth gaming experience to the users. Those who wish to play games on the big screen BlueStacks is a great option to consider. Keyboard mapping is available in the latest edition of the BlueStacks. Moreover, it is compatible with every Android version which is there till date.

3. Genymotion

Most of the Android emulators mainly keep their focus on the Android games and give their users a better gaming experience. However, Genymotion is exceptional in this case. The primary focus of this Android emulator is the web developer. They simply target the app developers and the emulator is designed in that way only. It allows the users to test apps on multiple virtual devices with the latest Android versions. Genymotion runs well with Android SDK and it is also supported by Android Studio It was created to give users a healthy experience of using Android apps on the big screen with the help of combination of a mouse and a keyboard. It is a great option to consider if you are an app developer or related to this field. However, you may skip this app player if you are a gamer.

4. ARChon

You may not have heard of it as ARChon is not quite popular among the Internet users It is an underrated app player in this business and it is of great help to multiple users. The creation of ARChon comes from the idea of creating an app player to run the Android apps which are supported by Google Chrome on Windows. Few years ago when Google brought support for a few Android apps, ARChon was created by GitHub. It allows the users to play almost every Android app on the Google Chrome web browser. Also, it supports the hardcore gaming experience to the gamers while keeping in mind the app productivity.

5. KOPlayer

Next on our list is the free app player, KOPlayer. It is a well-known name when it comes to Android emulators. It was created by keeping in mind the better gaming experience of the users. It lets its users to run multiple instances at a single time. Currently, it has two modes: speed and compatibility. The main emphasis is on increasing the speed of the user while using the Android apps on the Windows and in case there is an error the compatibility option come into play. Furthermore, with the help of its Multi Manager tool, you can use more than two apps at once on your PC.

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