The Tales From the Vault Will Return From the Dead Within a Few Months…

Nostalgic for the 90’s, here’s what you should be looking for!  We told you about it a while ago:The TNT channel will resurrect the famous horror/fantastic series Les Contes de la Crypte. And with the help of none other than the great M. Night Shyamalan! We now know when the cult series will be back: the TNT channel will broadcast it from 2017.

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Keeper of the Crypt, tell us a story!

For the youngest ones who have never skipped Les Contes de la Crypte, know that they have their origins in a comic book by William Gaines published in the 50s. First adapted into film in 1972, The Tales of the Crypt then became a TV series broadcast from 1989 to 1996 on HBO. In France you could have seen it on M6, Série Club, Cinéfaz, Ciné FX or Game One. The primary goal of the series? Giving the kids and teens a shock. All the episodes had a different story (a little ata Goosefleshfor those who situate this series better). Numerous stars of the time made appearances there, the time to have their heads cut off or to be buried alive. These include: Tom Hanks, Demi Moore Brad Pitt, Christopher Reeve or Micheal J Fox! Each episode was introduced by the Crypt Keeper, a skeleton with a dark sense of humour. He too should get a new look with this reboot but he will be there to introduce the 10 new episodes of Tales from the Crypt 2017.

A Hollywood director

The return of the 90’s program will be with a Hollywood director who has already made his mark in the fantasy/horror genre:M. Night Shyamalan to whom we owe Signs, Sixth Sense…The filmmaker will be the executive producer of the program.

To be part of a program like Tales From the Crypt, a series I grew up with and to have the chance to push the boundaries of the television genre is a great opportunity for me.”

The filmmaker will direct the pilot of this reboot (as he did for Wayward Pines, his series broadcast on Fox, which has been very well received and is about to launch a season 2 in May). It is not yet known if M. Night Shyamalan will be calling on other directors for the following episodes.

You know, I’m not 100% sure but at the moment it’s more of a Black Mirror individual format than anything else. If you ask me the same thing six months from now, I will have a different answer.


TNT and the collaboration of M. Night Shyamalan won’t stop there since the cable channel also ordered a pilot forTime of death, another horror series. The first season will follow a murderer who returns to the town where he grew up to take revenge on the people who he believes destroyed his life.

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