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The Story of Android 21 in ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’

Dragon Ball FigtherZ‘s story is excess of a rehash of previous arcs. On prime of being a powerful preventing recreation, it supplies an extended, respectable story mode that justifies bringing collectively all of your favorite characters into one time and place. It additionally provides everybody a standard enemy: Android 21.

She’s fearsome each mentally and bodily. Android 21 can create different androids, and manipulate them. She possesses the scientific capability to dampen everybody’s powers, and graft an additional soul onto somebody’s physique. Maybe most scary is how reminiscent of Majin Buu she is, in that she will flip highly effective beings into tasty treats, consuming them and gaining their energy.

Apparently, we get three totally different variations of the Android 21 story. The means these are laid out is barely open to interpretation. They are often seen as separate tales, or maybe going again in time to get a greater end result. Every arc begins with a soul — in this case, the participant — being trapped inside somebody’s physique. First Goku, then Frieza, after which Android 18.

There are nevertheless connections between the three arcs. Motivations in one may justify actions in the opposite. That is why Android 21’s arc may be thought-about the ultimate and “true” arc. Learn to the underside for that model.

Warning: Under this line are spoilers for Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s Story Mode. Proceed at your personal danger.

Tremendous Warrior Arc

The first and shortest model of Dragon Ball FigherZ‘s story begins with Goku waking as much as realise his powers are gone. Beerus and Whis arrive to elucidate there are mysterious “waves” sapping the skills from highly effective fighters. Goku can’t fly or cost up. He’s nearly as good as a mortal human.

The subsequent realisation is that there are hostile clones of each fighter wandering the planet. They’ve the identical talents and energy of their likenesses. Every clone is a chance to defeat oneself, and Goku relishes the problem.

In a key second, Goku and Krillin come throughout a bruised and crushed Android 18. Dressed in a scientist’s garb, newly launched Android 21 is taking care of her, and says the close by villain Cell is liable for hurting her. That is sufficient for Krillin to launch right into a rage.

Later it’s revealed that Android 21 was cleverly pitting the 2 sides towards one another whereas she gained sufficient energy to tackle everybody. Android 18 was preventing Cell on Android 21’s orders.

We additionally study of Android 21’s capacity to eat fighters in the shape of sugary snacks. Whereas she tries to blame the Pink Ribbon Military for the clones, we discover out Android 21 created them as a meals supply to realize supremacy.

By the point she reveals her true type, it’s too late for some of probably the most highly effective characters.

Goku begins saving as many allies as attainable and preventing clones to extend the skills of the soul inside him. Whereas the Saiyans and their allies are out constructing a drive to cease her, Android 21 manages to eat Cell, Frieza and his lackeys.

Android 21 scientist donut

That was a warrior.

By this level, she’s eaten so many warriors she outclasses anybody individually.

After confronting her one final time, Goku makes use of Immediate Transmission to journey to the realm of the Elder Kai so Earth gained’t be broken in the struggle. Android 21 takes the bait.

After a tousle, it takes every hero’s iconic blast to take her down. Kamehameha is mixed with Destructo-disc, mixed with Masenko, and so forth. Even Majin Buu’s “turn into chocolate.” The mixture of energies is sufficient to dissolve Android 21 — at substantial injury to the planet they’re on.

In a last remark down the barrel of the digital camera, Whis hints that there is perhaps extra to the story and if the participant isn’t glad they need to search for solutions.

Enemy Warrior Arc

On this model of the story, the participant’s soul is inside Frieza — who’s none too glad to be sharing his physique.

Frieza’s main motivation is gaining energy. He has to defeat as many clones as attainable to “sync” with the soul inside of him, and defeat those that would subjugate (or eat) him. By some means, his rival villain Cell has managed to bend the soul inside him to his will. You — the participant — usually are not so simply dominated.

Frieza defeats Goku soul

Frieza tries commanding the soul to cooperate and kill Goku

All through the arc, we’re led to consider that Android 16 has betrayed Android 21, maybe as a result of of her energy. She’s conscious of this nevertheless, and is deliberately setting him as much as fail with suicide missions.

This arc can also be fascinating as a result of there are moments when Frieza has the higher hand, and will certainly destroy Goku — however for the conscience of the soul inside him. He wants the soul’s cooperation to make use of his powers. With out that, he simply stands there immobile. A frozen Frieza.

This creates a bit of a negotiation between him and the participant. As you’ll be able to think about, he detests each second of it and tries to border it as him “allowing” you to have some enter.

Frieza Android 21 Android 18 Krillin

Every arc has a unique model of Krillin discovering Android 18

Android 21 shortly turns into extra highly effective than any particular person villain can deal with although, so Frieza additionally must work along with Cell, and — heaven forbid — Vegeta. It takes an honest quantity of verbal sparring, however the two ultimately realise that united they stand, divided they fall.

It helps that Cell and Frieza witness first-hand what Android 21 can do to the clones. It’s easy for her to show them into sweet and begin munching.

In a ultimate showdown, Frieza and Cell attempt to blast Android 21. Curiously, the “betrayer” Android 16 jumps in the best way to save lots of her. He’s rewarded for his efforts by Android 21 smashing him to bits with an enormous orb. It’s deliberately complicated — this significance of this isn’t understood till the subsequent arc.

When it’s clear that Android 21’s regenerative powers are out of management, Bulma tries to technologically counter the debilitating waves affecting everybody. This has a unfavourable impact on most of the fighters, however Frieza, Cell and Goku all return to 100%.

Android 21 super dash Majin

Android 21 positive factors energy quicker than Frieza or Cell can consider

It takes a simultaneous blast from all three of them to take her down, and the three argue over whose blast had a much bigger impact. And of course, there’s no approach these heroes and villains in the identical spot are simply going to stroll away quietly.

The remaining fighters launch into an all-out battle that we don’t get to see, because the display fades to black.

Android 21 Arc

That is the arc that is perhaps interpreted as canon shifting ahead. It reveals the true motivations of Android 21, and fleshes out each her previous and future. We’re introduced with an Android 21 who’s genuinely involved about others, and the terrifying starvation inside herself.

On this model of the story, Android 18 is infused with the participant’s soul. For some purpose, the soul wouldn’t stay inside different candidates — Android 17 might solely maintain it for a minute or so.

Android 18 fights Cell but loses

Android 18 agrees to assist out

Android 18 is enlisted to assist Android 21 clear the planet of the clones and resurrected villains. Alongside the best way, Android 21 is clearly fighting one thing. Android 17 calls for solutions, and it’s revealed that she will barely include her starvation.

It’s solely in this arc that we truly see Android 21 try and cease herself consuming individuals. We study that the companions of Android 21 are serving to her to handle her urges and discover a remedy.

Android 21 hungry weak

Android 21 has a weak second in managing her starvation

When Cell provokes her, she defends herself and loses management in the method. It’s an excessive amount of for Android 16 to cease her, so the participant’s soul has to switch to Android 21 to assist her management her urges.

Whereas the participant’s soul is inside of Android 21, it witnesses the interior battle. There’s one other soul inside of her inflicting hassle. We realise there’s a tender and exhausting aspect to Android 21, and it’s the gentle aspect that created this model of Android 16 as a result of he is the same copy of her son.

Android 16

All of a sudden, it’s clear why Android 16 sacrificed himself in the Enemy Warrior Arc. Regardless of the evil inside Android 21, he’s making an attempt to save lots of what’s good.

The softer aspect is at present dominant — however not for lengthy.

The evil Android 21 shortly turns into extra highly effective

Afterward, this battle reaches a breaking level. When Android 16 tries to cease his “mother” from murdering Cell, she launches an orb at him, killing him immediately.

Android 21 is so torn over this she actually splits into two variations of herself. One is succesful of self management and mastering her starvation in the curiosity of decency. The different has utterly given into her urges, and seeks to eat the powers of everybody else.

The apparent drawback right here is that the evil Android 21 shortly turns into extra highly effective than the great model. Particularly after she eats Cell. Within the subsequent scene, she exhibits simply how extra highly effective she is than in the opposite arcs.

All of the remaining androids nook evil Android 21 in entrance of the machine creating the mysterious waves — who promptly swallows the distant succesful of switching the machine off. Goku and Krillin arrive simply in time to dam an assault for a weakened Android 18.

Goku has to shortly use Immediate Transmission to assist his associates, however doing so in entrance of Android 21 permits her to study the power immediately, simply as Buu did.

As soon as once more, Goku brings the struggle off-planet so Earth gained’t be broken. However this time, through the ultimate struggle, it turns into clear the one factor robust sufficient to beat evil Android 21 is a Spirit Bomb. The different fighters lend Goku their power, however the brand new villain can nonetheless barely maintain it off.

The good Android 21 tackles her evil doppleganger and each take the bomb’s full injury.

On this ultimate arc, the longer term of Android 21 is left open. The remaining fighters acknowledge that she sacrificed herself for them, and begin discussing how they might probably resurrect her. So it’s very attainable we’ll be seeing Android 21 once more.

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