The Source |John Geiger Highlights Mexican Heritage in Limited-Edition Streetwear Collaboration with PATRÓN

On September 10th, John Geiger and PATRÓN announced an exclusive limited edition collection of the streetwear label’s signature tees, hoodies, and jackets. Featuring a special design of the Mexican flag on the back of each garment, the collection will be available at select retailers and online stores throughout the U.S. and Mexico on September 15th.

Streetwear brand Patrón has teamed up with Los Angeles based clothing designer John Geiger for a limited-edition collection that pays homage to Mexico’s cultural heritage.

The figures and objects on a car’s steering wheel have always been a source of fascination for artists and designers alike. The work of John Geiger, however, is more than just a fascination with the ways in which the steering wheel is used. For the LOS ANGELES based designer, the object has become an active part of the creative process. In fact, Geiger is so inspired by the wheel that he created his own limited-edition steering wheel—a modern take on the classic design—for the new PATRÓN brand.. Read more about streetwear fashion and let us know what you think.

PATRN has teamed up with renowned designer John Gieger to create a unique collection of streetwear inspired by the heritage of Mexican street art.

The PATRN x John Geiger collection, which drops just in time for National Tequila Day, is inspired by PATRN’s limited-edition 2021 Mexican Heritage Tin, which was created by Mexican street artist SENKOE. The new partnership highlights the painstaking dedication and expertise that goes into producing art, fashion, and tequila while telling the narrative of the fusion of streetwear and street art.

“I was inspired by the vivid and rich history of Mexican street art in SENKOE’s design for the Mexican Heritage Tin and the handmade heritage of PATRN while creating the PATRN x John Geiger streetwear line. I’ve admired SENKOE’s art and how passionate he is about his hometown, using his murals to reclaim and beautify public places, for many years.” John Geiger remarked. “Whether it’s a bottle of PATRN tequila or a one-of-a-kind painting, I wanted this collection to reflect the commitment that goes into craft. As a local artist, it is inspirational to watch SENKOE express so much devotion and character via his work. It’s essential to integrate all elements of cultural influences together in streetwear, and the PATRN x John Geiger collection represents that by paying tribute to the dedicated individuals who make PATRN tequila from start to finish.”

John Geiger emphasizes tequila manufacturing in a long sleeve shirt as a jimador harvests the Blue Weber agave from which PATRN is produced, as well as the collectable socks, which all have John’s characteristic bright-colored embellishments. Starting July 24, the PATRN x John Geiger streetwear collection will be available for purchase at The socks are $30 and the long sleeve shirts are $85. Both are limited edition.

“For the last five years, PATRN has produced a limited-edition Mexican Heritage Tin that graphically communicates Mexico’s history, customs, and culture via vibrant patterns made by local Mexican artists. With this year’s theme focusing on Mexican street art, we teamed up with fashion designer John Geiger to demonstrate how SENKOE’s street art and streetwear are linked.” According to Chloe Lloyd-Jones, Vice President of PATRON Tequila in North America, “We’re one of the few companies that still produces tequila the old-fashioned manner, by hand, with great care and accuracy. We are very pleased to be produced in Atotonilco el Alto, Mexico, at Hacienda PATRN. We’re thrilled to be collaborating with two extremely talented creators who share the same level of commitment and passion for their craft. “The Mexican Heritage Tin allows us to pay homage to our home and our Mexican roots while celebrating the craft and attention to detail that goes into developing our tequilas – we’re thrilled to be collaborating with two extremely talented creators who share the same level of commitment and passion for their craft.”

The collection is shown below.

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