The Secret of the Good Corner

Good morning everyone,

SPAM… who said SPAM 🙄 ❓ Let’s face it…most webmasters have, when launching a platform, done a little spamming or phishing in order to get a few visitors and customers….
Doesn’t FACEBOOK know how to create by hacking into their school’s news????? Far be it from me to pretend to see myself as Marc Zuckerberg… but still hope is my life

But then how on earth does LEBONCOIN fight against spam from its advertisers? What’s the secret?

I have decided to confess, right here, so that perhaps the God of the Web will forgive me:
Father, I’ve sinned, I’ve created fake accounts on Yahoo mail Gmail… with fake identities 😥 😥 😥 😥 . The reason was to be able to do a little commercial prospecting and thus bring well-specialized advertisers to my new platform.
1/ I sent a simple message that could vary slightly to many advertisers of the Bon Coin


Hello, is your ad still available because I’m very interested, Sincerely yours

2/ On this, the advertiser wanting to sell his product, I received a confirmation email quite quickly (yes, why put an ad if you don’t answer when someone is interested…) 8)

3/ I waited two days to answer him by email as follows:


i]Thank you for your quick response, finally I found my happiness closer to home on You should take a look at it, I think it’s pretty well attended. Anyway, I’ll keep your contacts in case I hear anything. Yours sincerely [/i]

Well Father, this technique works pretty well… I add it instead because an unknown part of my messages on LEBONCOIN do not reach their recipient. WHY?

Indeed Leboncoin must have an anti-spam software which must sort through the mass to fight against this practice. BUT HOW DOES HE DO IT? Did Polichinelle tell you his secret?
PI? Message redundancy? Email address too recurrent? … 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄

MY FATHER, am I forgiven:? ❓ ❓ Would you forgive me if I ever go fishing again? Twisted: . Twisted: Twisted:




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