The Second Season of Daredevil is Coming Tomorrow on Netflix

The second season of Daredevil is coming tomorrow on Netflix! On the menu: mountains, the red devil, ninjas, but also the Punisher, a favourite character of many Marvel readers. Already played three times in films, he will make his debut tomorrow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead Fury).

On the occasion of Frank Castle’s big comeback on the screen, we met Jon Berthal to ask him five questions about his interpretation of the character.

The Geek Diary: Hello Jon. First question, how would you define your Punisher in this season 2 of Daredevil?

Jon Bernthal: My Punisher is very close to what the fans expect. He’s an extremely tortured, mature, complex and brutal character. In Daredevil, he pursues a quest for justice, in the same way as Matt Murdock, but in a more radical way. Their vision of the world is very different, which will lead them to an inevitable confrontation.

How did you approach a character that has already been played three times on screen by three different actors (Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson)?

I didn’t really feel the pressure, as my Punisher is very different from what we’ve seen so far. First of all, he’s not the main character. In addition, a series gives us the opportunity to explore the character’s psychology even further. It’s like a thirteen-hour film in which we can develop the character like never before on the screen. The Punisher is led to evolve over the course of the episodes, to grow. It’s something that’s never been done before.

Did you know The Punisher before you were hired for the role?

A little bit, like everyone else, I guess. But nothing more. When I got the part, I went to comic book stores and asked for advice from readers, who immediately referred me. I’ve been reading the Comic Books and I must say that the series Punisher Max by Garth Ennis totally captivated me. I guess you could say it’s been my biggest inspiration.

Tell us a little about the future. Is The Punisher doomed to return to the MCU?

Oh! No one told me. I’m already lucky to be in the Daredevil series, which I loved. Afterwards, I don’t know, but I’m open to anything!

Kevin Feige said that the worlds of series and movies would inevitably merge in the future. Similarly, the Russo brothers have indicated that 68 characters will be in the cast of Avengers 3. Will you be in the movie? Can you tell us that Marvel Studios forbids you to say anything about your presence in Avengers Infinity War?

(Laughs) Actually, I don’t know anything! It’s not that I’m not allowed to tell you. Really, I do. I just don’t know anything, that’s all. You know, we actors are always the last to know about these things. That might be cool, but I don’t do comet shots. Well, we’ll see.




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