The Ruthless Murder Tale Of Osmania Trainee Leader George Reddy-Beginning

“When many a head will tumble down beneath your ruthless sword.. Those who watch will lose their cool and dread the fatal stroke.. But we will stand undeterred despite the threat you hold.. Others might crouch and cringe before your menacing pose.. Blow us if you like to shreds, we will be firm and bold.”– Bahadur Shah Zafar

Those were the preferred lines of this most effective pupil leader of independent India, that was likewise a Physics research study scholar the same level quality those days as well as a rebel extraordinaire of his times.

Nevertheless, the life of this radical pupil leader was quickly stopped when he was extremely stabbed thirty 2 times, around his tender 25- years of age body, by a couple of callous tough guys coming from the Akhil Bharatiya Vidya Parishad (ABVP) Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as well as the Jan Sangh (previous name of Bharateeya Janata Celebration– BJP) celebrations, forty 4 years back on the 14 th of April, 1972.

This awful murder was devoted in wide daytime, that day, in the facilities of the Osmania College University Of Design Hostel 1 in Hyderabad.

All the pupils, all the employee as well as all the prisoners of that well-known Hostel, have actually stayed enjoying with concern, on that particular day, the harsh murder of one of the most appreciated as well as likewise one of the most preferred pupil of their college, from behind the Home windows of their areas.

All the police officers at work, that day, have actually simply stayed unmoved in their placements as they were advised to continue to be so. Every little thing on that particular most active day in the background of the well known Osmania College had actually gone according to the computing of the tough guys. ruling the College those days.

In a diabolic video game of terrific betrayal used that day, in which 2 of this most innocent pupil leader’s individual pals also were included, every person– right from those that made it as well as likewise those that performed it- have actually played their duties to excellence.

Because of this.

Independent India’s best pupil leader.

The ever before nimble.

The ever before dazzling.

The ever before caring.

The ever before energised.

The ever before pleasant.

The ever before caring.

The ever before safety.

As Well As.


The ever before polemicist.

Physics research study scholar.

Called George Reddy

Was mercilessly knocked senseless from this globe.

The Following Day Afterwards Ruthless Murder,

Eyes Full Of Tears

The gorgeous Osmania College university, which is constantly current for all the incorrect factors, also today, simply stayed shell stunned as well as heart damaged. Every living being, staying because university, those days, cried inconsolably that day.

All the universities as well as all the pupil hostels, in the extensively spread out Osmania university, were forever closed down. All the recurring examinations also were forever delayed. Trainees were by force shunted out of the university.

Authorities barriers were set up at every tactical factor of the college.

Authorities did whatever they could, that day, to recover tranquility in the university. Remarkably so, they likewise did all that they could, that day, the exact same they ought to have done a lot prior to the murder of George Reddy DURATION

They secured uncertain time limit around the Osmania College university as well as likewise in all the significant as well as small locations of the 400– years of age Hyderabad city. Life all over in the city had actually stopped, that day. Authorities have actually essentially taken control of every inch of room in Hyderabad.

Still not sure of the severe circumstance in his funding city, the after that Principal Preacher of Andhra Pradesh P V Narasimha Rao, had actually put a prompt order for marching of the para Armed Forces soldiers right into Hyderabad city.

And also in no time at all the soldiers have actually gone into. Life to claim the least had actually come to be terrible for the Hyderabadis. Concern was clutching the entire tranquility caring city, that day.

Other than the unique notices from the Radio collections, that were continuously reporting the murder of George Reddy, nothing else audio was distinct from any kind of edge of the city, that day.

Individuals were also scared to breath noisally.

All the institutions, all the universities, all the state as well as main federal government workplaces, all the stores as well as facilities also were asked to close down promptly, till more notification.

Individuals were alerted not to get in the roads.

Hefty para armed forces vehicles have actually begun going around the city.

There was a worried silence in Hyderabad that day.

All the 5 components of Nature also entered into a surprising silence after seeing the terrible murder of their most preferred youngster, George Reddy.

Nevertheless as well as nevertheless undoubtedly, none of the above discussed rigorous steps neither the authorities cautions might avoid countless pupils as well as resist fans of George Reddy, in Hyderabad city, from getting in the time limit secured roads that day.

They all simply appeared keeping up rage, with discomfort, with misery, with rips, with their damaged hearts as well as likewise with their tireless love for their cherished leader, George Reddy– that had actually lighted the eternal light of knowledge in their lives. DURATION

On That Particular Eventful Day,

Greater than 6 thousand completely flustered pupils have actually audaciously gone through the roads of Hyderabad city, increasing mottos like “George Reddy Amar Rahe” “Long Live George Reddy”.

They all marched in a procession, continuing their shoulders the completely injured cadaver of George Reddy, in the direction of the Narayan Guda burial ground, that is still there today, beside the preferred New Scientific research University in Hyderabad.

The roads of Hyderabad, that day, contained flustered pupils as well as crying women. The whole ambience in the historical city was unstable. Unstoppable physical violence had actually unexpectedly damaged down at several areas.

Regular life in the city was entirely disabled. In a couple of mins, the circumstance had actually gone entirely out of the control of authorities as well as para army pressures, safeguarding the city that day.

After concerning a hr, countless pupils, that were all entering a rally with the cadaver of their leader, George Reddy, might not regulate their rage while travelling through the “Keshava Nilayam” structure, situated in the Barkatpura location of Hyderabad.

This structure, right from those days to till today, is the core of all the Sangh parivar tasks in Hyderabad.

All those pupils, lugging George Reddy’s body in procession that day understand well that the 3 cutting edge protestors of the RSS as well as Congress– Lakhan Singh, Surdas Reddy as well as Narayan Das– were the offenders that eliminated George Reddy.

So, they transformed fierce considering that RSS office complex on their means as well as have actually begun assailing rocks at it, increasing mottos versus those 3 tough guys.

Authorities turned right into prompt activity as well as have actually brought the whole circumstance under their control, within no time at all, as well as repelled the pupils from that structure.

Later on, the procession got to the Narayan Guda Burial Ground where George Reddy’s last ceremonies were silently executed by his member of the family.

Pathetically so,

In simply a couple of hrs of time,

The brave voice of George Reddy- that had actually audaciously doubted every transgression as well as every harsh act of oppression devoted by those dishonest pressures spending time the Osmania College, those days– had actually gone for life quiet.

The bold hands that would certainly have shook the entire globe, today, were unfortunately restricted to a casket box, that day.

An intense light that would certainly have shed permanently, revealing light to all those searching in the darkness of lack of knowledge, those days, was postponed mercilessly by those effective winds of a diabolic nature, that day.

Altogether, the temporal remains of a wonderful pupil leader called, George Reddy, that might have been the face of India today, were unfortunately put to rest for life, that day.

And also what stayed with us today are George Reddy’s agonizing memories as well as his obscured pictures showing up shadily to our eyes in a monochrome tone.

After That,

Gloom And Sadness

Life was difficult for a number of George Reddy’s pals as George, with no previous notification, had actually unexpectedly left from their lives. A number of his buddies simply might not deal with that injury for a longtime. Actually, a number of them might not concern terms with life once again, afterwards.

Right here’s a psychological instance from the life of a woman by name, Mala Mirchandani. Mala belonged to George Reddy’s pals team, those days, in the Arts University of Osmania College, as well as was a large admirer of this terrific pupil leader.

She might not– still after forty 4 years of his fatality– approve the reality that George Reddy is none even more amongst us today. Also today, at the age of sixty 5, Mala Mirchandani, currently a lot more commonly referred to as the stylish Ms. Mala Pasha, often sees the Narayan Guda Burial ground as well as lights a couple of candle lights at George’s memorial.

Comparable is the problem of a number of George Reddy’s pals, today, any place they are all living worldwide. This is the influence George still carries the minds of all those that had actually carefully relocated with him throughout his quick scholastic job at the Osmania College.

Right here’s One Essential Occurrence

That informs you concerning the impact of George Reddy on the lives of his pals.

Eventually, a number of years after George Reddy had actually left from this globe, Cyril Reddy– George Reddy’s more youthful sibling– was travelling through a hectic road in Hyderabad. He unexpectedly saw George Reddy’s buddy, Dr.Marri Vijay Arjun Patel, standing in a city bus quit as well as waiting on a bus.

Given that it is constantly an enjoyment for any individual to welcome great old pals, a lot more so a person that’s close to a dead member of the family, Cyril Reddy also was delighted that day as well as quit his automobile as well as went going to that bus quit, to welcome Dr.Vijay.

After some preliminary conversations, Cyril asked Dr. Vijay, “Annaa. As I spoke with a number of our old pals, you are a reputed medical professional. So you need to be making well. After that just how is that you are standing, with numerous average individuals in a bus quit, as well as waiting on a bus.??. Do not you have a vehicle.??. “.

Bringing rips to Cyril’s eyes, this was what the renowned Dr. Vijay Arjun Patel had actually informed Cyril Reddy,

” Cyril. Am a friend of George. Also today, after numerous years of his fatality, the effective influence George had actually inscribed on my mind as well as my life is enduring. While I was a trainee at the Osmania Medical University, I offered George a word that I would certainly for life lead a Physician’s life loaded with simpleness, away from corruption.

I will certainly need to maintain that word, Cyril, as long as am active. Not due to the fact that it’s a word that I have actually provided to one of the most significant individual of my life however due to the fact that it’s a word that I have actually provided to the best human being I would certainly never ever be reuniting in 10 even more lives to come.

My papa has a vehicle as well as my kids will certainly acquire a vehicle in future when they can manage one. Consequently, there’s no requirement for me, Cyril, to transform my life neither my expectation in the direction of life.”. DURATION

Later on, as destiny would certainly have it, Dr.Vijay Arjun Patel, left this globe as well as entered search of his cherished close friend, George Reddy, to that obscure nation from whose bourn no tourist had actually ever before returned.

Might the young, endure as well as the worthy left heart of George Reddy– the Great– Relax In Tranquility. AMEN

Yet Why In The Very First Instance Was George Reddy Killed.???

George Reddy The Ever Before Grinning George Reddy While Researching At The Nizam University, Hyderabad

Due To The Fact That.

If active today. George Reddy would not have actually enabled any kind of among those anti social components, that had fun with the lives of a variety of pupils of Osmania College, in those days, to live as well as see today in their lives.

If active today. George Reddy would certainly have been a solid 68– years of age guy as well as would certainly have been one of the most dazzling amongst all the dazzling most researchers of India as well as likewise the best amongst all the best Indian leaders.

If active today. George Reddy, for certain, would certainly have been another Nobel Laureate from India.

If active today. George Reddy would certainly have actually made India a very power as well as a corruption cost-free country.

If active today. George Reddy would certainly have gotten rid of all the mischief-makers as well as criminals from this nation as well as would not have actually enabled Pakistan come this threateningly near to India.

If active today. George Reddy would not have actually enabled the Jihadi as well as various other Islamic terrorist teams get in India.

If active today. George Reddy would certainly have given sufficient security to all the females as well as kids of India as well as would certainly have made them stroll cost-free at at any moment of the day or evening throughout India.

If active today. George Reddy would certainly have had a lot more fans than what Narendra Modi has.

If active today. George Reddy would not have actually enabled exploitation for caste, creed, religious beliefs as well as sects.

If active today. George Reddy would certainly have had much more success to his credit scores than all those I have actually discussed over.

Luckily for them as well as regrettably for George Reddy, the pressures that eliminated George have actually anticipated all the above discussed accomplishments of George Reddy, several years ahead of time as well as as a result have actually removed him that day.

Most notably, they likewise have actually seen George as a prospective danger to their superiority in university, those days; to their presence in the culture, in their morrow; as well as to their desires as well as goals, in their future.

So, they really did not intend to take any kind of opportunities with the terrific future they have actually been fantasizing concerning for several years. Consequently, they reviewed their approaches with a couple of seniors in the culture that were sustaining them for different factors, those days.

The seniors silently responded their heads as well as removed the whole ground as well as maintained it all set for their children to play their video game of fatality with George Reddy. Every person, from the centre to the perimeter, was either acquired or endangered by those seniors.

Ultimately, the video game of fatality was played to a capacity on that particular day as well as George Reddy, whom the entire globe would certainly have understood as well as valued today, was beat because illegally played video game of fatality, on the night of 14 th April 1972, which was together the birthday celebration of an additional terrific leader of masses, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. TIME OUT

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