The return of John Cena

John Cena, the famous WWE wrestler, has made a comeback to the ring after his wife asked him to stop wrestling.

John Cena is returning to the WWE. He will be making an appearance on the 25th anniversary of Raw. Read more in detail here: john cena age .

We’re pleased to offer this guide to WWE SummerSlam at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas Nevada, as a service to fans who have a broad interest in WWE but haven’t seen a bout in months. The event will be aired on Peacock and will begin at 8 p.m. ET on Saturday.

Is it Vegas, baby?

Yes, absolutely! SummerSlam is the WWE’s first visit to Sin City, but the company has a long relationship with the city that can be summarized in three words: “championship match hijinks.”

It’s where, at WrestleMania IX, Bret Hart surrendered the world championship to Yokozuna, only for Hulk Hogan to come out, confront the new champion, and beat him in 22 seconds because “Hogan Must Pose.”

At Money In The Bank 2016, it was also the location where all three members of The Shield won the WWE world title on the same night; Seth Rollins won it from Roman Reigns in the planned main event and then Dean Ambrose cashed in his briefcase to win it from Rollins. (Can you tell me what happened to Ambrose? That’s a charismatic individual.)

SummerSlam is another major WWE event in Las Vegas this time featuring another Roman Reigns title defense versus John Cena!

What about John Cena? Who is the actor?



John Cena dons his Peacemaker costume with zeal and discusses his return to WWE.

You may recognize him from roles such as Peacemaker in “The Suicide Squad” and… Peacemaker in the forthcoming HBO Max series of the same name. In “F9,” the newest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise, he’s also a member of the family. Cena made a triumphant comeback to the WWE at Money In The Bank in July, continuing Dwayne Johnson’s great history of returning to the ring when he had a promotion to push. He said that he wants to beat Reigns for the Universal Championship, breaking his tie with Ric Flair for the most world championship victories in the WWE, since they both had 16 championships.

Why would Roman Reigns agree to fight against someone who hasn’t wrestled since WrestleMania 36?

He didn’t do it. Follow the bouncing plot: Reigns refused to give Cena a match, instead accepting Finn Balor’s challenge for a SummerSlam match; at a SmackDown contract signing (those things never end well, do they? ), a desperate Baron (no longer King) Corbin attacked Balor and attempted to sign the contract himself. Cena dashed out, pounded Corbin, and then signed the dotted line with his own name. While none of this is likely to pass contract law in the United States it does provide an excellent backdrop for this SummerSlam fight.

No one has ever been able to defeat Roman Reigns. Will it be a resurrected John Cena? WWE

For the uninitiated, Reigns continues to be the greatest thing in the WWE right now. He’s carved himself a name for himself as a charismatic heel, the “Tribal Chief,” accompanied by his cousins Jimmy and Jey Uso and coached by Paul Heyman. He’s found the ideal mix of physical dominance, snarky trash talk, and the odd moments of pusillanimity that a great wrestling villain should have. It’s a testament to Reigns that fans can cheer for his downfall while still enjoying the fact that his reign continues with the same zeal.

Due to the absence of Goldberg, this bout has a little more intrigue than our previous “returning veteran star receives illogical title opportunity” match.

Is Goldberg back? Again?

Yes, Bill Goldberg, 54, is battling Bobby Lashley for the WWE championship, which may indicate a lack of alternatives in the championship picture, Goldberg’s continuing appeal, or a combination of the two.

AN ALL-POWERFUL SPEAR. Gage likes it since @Goldberg recently rocked @fightbobby 5 nights before #SummerSlam! #WWERaw

August 17, 2021 — WWE (@WWE)

Please remember that during the Royal Rumble, Goldberg fought Drew McIntyre for the WWE title and lost in under three minutes. Lashley, like Reigns with Cena, originally rejected Goldberg’s request for a title bout. All it took was a huge spear from Goldberg to persuade him to alter his mind, rather than a complicated contract signing. Please note: Goldberg’s 15-year-old son has been heavily featured in the build-up to this bout; if this were still the Attitude Era, it would mean he’d turn on his father and work as an intern for a reconstituted Hurt Business. Unfortunately, that moment has gone. But he won’t be the only wrestler’s kid to make an appearance at SummerSlam.

What are the Mysterios’ foes?

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The Usos, who beat the father-and-son combination for the SmackDown tag-team titles at Money In The Bank last month, will face Rey Mysterio and his 24-year-old son Dominik Mysterio. Dominik Mysterio became a regular in-ring fighter for the WWE one year ago at SummerSlam, after losing to Seth Rollins in a street brawl at the previous SummerSlam.

What exactly is going on with Seth Rollins these days?

He’ll face Edge in a bout. It’s one of those WWE feuds when two excellent talkers pique your curiosity in a fight on the undercard. Sure, Rollins cost Edge his Money In The Bank bout against Reigns by distracting the referee for “reasons,” but their feud has mostly been personal and has been more heated.

The nickname “Edge Light” for Rollins was a particular favorite. Because these two can really go in the ring, this is one of the most anticipated matchups on the program, akin to Drew McIntyre vs. Jinder Mahal.

Stop. Drew McIntyre is in a bout with Jinder Mahal for what reason?

This question seems to have been submitted by a “Drew from Ayr, Scotland.” At the very least, there’s some backstory here, since the two were stablemates in “3MB” with Heath Slater, a name we didn’t expect to see in this teaser. Mahal was displeased with McIntyre’s success, and here we are.

Mahal’s allies Veer and Shanky were banned from ringside after McIntyre won a two-on-one bout against them. There’s also a sword to contend with. We’d be more thrilled about Drew’s 200th match versus Sheamus.

Is Sheamus listed on the roster?

Yes, as well as defending a title. Damian Priest, who was promoted from NXT earlier this year, had a lengthy rivalry with The Miz and John Morrison that involved zombies at one point, and then returned to rescue Humberto Carrillo from Sheamus. This set up a championship battle between one of WWE’s old standbys and one of the company’s few bright young stars… with the potential of the contest being determined by Drip Stick.

With Johnny Drip Drip and @mikethemiz, #MoistTV with America’s Moist Wanted was the most moist-see program! #WWERaw @TheRealMorrison

August 19, 2021 — WWE (@WWE)

What’s this, a drip stick?

Miz and Morrison, nicknamed “Johnny Drip Drip,” his self-assigned moniker back when the two were involved in rap fights with Bad Bunny, used a tiny, handheld water cannon. It has the potential to be catastrophic to opponents. Or they do something as Priest did lately, which was to wipe his face since it was only water.

Are there any more titles up for grabs at SummerSlam?

Absolutely! The Raw tag-team titles will be defended by AJ Styles and Omos — who are billed as 7-foot-3 and 400 pounds! — versus Riddle and Randy Orton, who are known as the “RK-Bros.” And there aren’t many things on Raw right now that combine the attraction of the WWE’s biggest dude-bro, scooter-riding clown with Randy Orton’s serpentine ferocity. Especially with Riddle’s puppy dog-like “try hard” to get Orton’s regard.

“You’ve gained my respect, kid.”

It really took place! @RandyOrton @SuperKingofBros @RandyOrton @RandyOrton @RandyOrton @RandyOrton @RandyOrton @RandyOrton @RandyOrton @R

August 18, 2021 — WWE (@WWE)

It operates on a human level in a way that many other perspectives do not. Anything featuring an evil doll, for example.

So Alexa Bliss is still portraying Harley Quinn in The Conjuring Cinematic Universe?

Yes, she is, since wrestling doesn’t have enough strange black ectoplasm and brief demonic possession of opponents. Bray Wyatt’s former protégé has focused her creepiness around a doll called Lilly, who does scary doll things like move on its own without the need for batteries, and whose name may well be shouted throughout this fight. At SummerSlam, Bliss will face Eva Marie. Marie has entrusted her own protégé, former NXT Piper Niven, with the terrible name of Doudrop, with attempting to take the doll.

We’re not suggesting that “The Demonic Possession of Doudrop” is the most likely outcome of this match, but it is.

What about the title bouts for women?

Sasha Banks takes against Bianca Belair, the SmackDown women’s champion. Please remember that these two wrestled in a fantastic main event battle on the first night of WrestleMania 37. Banks made his comeback just after Bayley, Belair’s planned championship opponent, suffered a severe leg injury. Banks reappeared as an ally for Belair, implying that she would flip on him. However, a planned preview from the Road To SummerSlam live (non-televised) tour was removed, causing considerable worry about the match taking place.

Finally, a superhero goes against a queen in a match for the Raw women’s title.

Is there such a thing as a superhero?

Will Charlotte Flair win the Raw women’s title for the second time at SummerSlam? In a triple threat match, she will face current champion Nikki A.S.H and Rhea Ripley. WWE

“Almost Super Hero,” to be precise. Nikki Cross has changed her name to Nikki A.S.H., and she now wears a mask and does the “you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero” routine. Charlotte Flair, who continues to perform her “I’m Charlotte Flair and my ultimate triumph is inevitable” character, paid in her Money In The Bank briefcase and won the title from her. To make this a triple-threat fight for the Raw championship, Rhea Ripley was added to the mix. It’s difficult to maintain a title on an underdog for an extended period of time. Also, Charlotte Flair is competing in the bout.

Is it worthwhile to watch SummerSlam?

Look, the WWE has had a strange couple of months. There have been roster cuts that have displeased many supporters. The events are just now resuming in front of live audiences. The quality of several of its weekly television shows has been wildly inconsistent. But if there’s one thing the WWE excels at, it’s nailing the landing on the majority of its marquee events.

This is a stadium event with a few intriguing matchups and a few surprises in store. So, just for Cena vs. Reigns, SummerSlam will be worth your time. As long as the Goldberg-Lashley bout doesn’t consume too much of it. And he isn’t going to. He’s 54 years old. As well as wrestling Lashley.

John Cena has made a return to WWE and is now on the best path in his career. He will be fighting for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34. Reference: john cena best returns .

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Why did Cena come back?

Cena came back because he is a professional wrestler and he has to come back.

Who returned at Money in the Bank 2021?

Braun Strowman

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